Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Alien Abduction Diaries

documentary from 2002

On November of 2002, the Sci-Fi Channel is aired THE ALIEN ABDUCTION DIARIES, an a documentary on alien encounters and the unexpected impact on human lives. This 43-minute show was produced as part of the launch of Steven Spielberg’s miniseries, TAKEN, which aired the following month, also on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Below is another documentary with the exact same title from a decade later. This one is much more raw, featuring some extensive interviews with people who have had the direct contact experience. Researcher Preston Dennett is a main player in this show. We spoke together a few years back and I like the guy enormously.

Both of these documentaries are recommended.

documentary from 2013


John Burke said...

Mike --

I watched the 2013 documentary and I was impressed with the work by the Cousins Brothers. Here in the South, when you see such quality work by the Cousins Brothers, you immediately assume that the Uncle Dads must have made some better stuff.

Anyway, be sure to watch the YouTube video that the Cousins Brothers made about UFOs in Hawaii. There was an interview with an M.D. who camped out under the stars on Maui. Good story! The other stuff seemed to be military drones, such as twirling quad-copters, which should be available on Amazon in time for Christmas.

-- John

Eva said...

The women in the second video talked about blood lines, did they mean Rh- 0?

Mike Clelland! said...


Bloodlines is a term used in some of this. It is more like *The Davinci Code* than the Rh thing.

The implication is that some entities are monitoring and arranging blood lines, possibly tracing back to ancient Egypt. It might be that aliens bred with humans long ago, and someone (or someTHING) wants to keep that DNA from frittering away.

Mike C

Beyond Being Human said...

Wow, so glad you posted these 2 similar documentaries. As you know I too am looking to do something along these lines. Hope to talk further with you soon about all that - when you have a moment :-)

Beyond Being Human said...

AND another one - Alien Encounters - with Whitley Strieber and others telling their stories.

Jonathan said...

Hi - I can't watch the first of the two videos you embedded.

As for the second one, I've always had a problem with the 3rd phase of moon guys. They post so many supposed UFO videos that are clearly, obvious fakes, with childish, overly sensational titles. My impression of them has always been that they manufacture click bait that gives the field a bad name.

I'm only halfway through their documentary, and so far I have to say it again seems quite sensationalist, with lots of leading questions. They don't let the witnesses tell their story in their own way.

However, the fact that you seem to have some respect for their work makes me think I should give them a second chance, so I will.

Mike Clelland! said...

The first video is now "private" an was shut down due to ownership issues.

I didn't realize the other one was from the third phase of the moon guys. I agree, those guys are notorious for sensationalizing. That said, the video is mostly just people talking.

I sense the experincers are genuine, though the filmmakers might have an agenda.

Mike C

Jonathan said...

Hi again - understand re the first video. Pity, I love listening to the accounts of experiencers.

I'm leaning towards agreeing with you about the subjects of the second video. However, there is a seed of doubt; I wouldn't be blown away if the truth was that one or more of them were attention seeking. Just a seed. I wish I could speak to them myself!