Saturday, March 31, 2012

tube girls


I have started yet another blog, titled SCI-FI WOMEN IN TUBES. This new blog features ONLY images of curvy women encased in glass tubes, and there are a LOT of 'em. All these images are from the Golden Age of the pulp magazine illustration. This was a favorite theme of the late Mac Tonnies. He seemed absolutely delighted that such a pattern even existed in these long ago images.

For best results, view in MOSAIC (a new blogger setting).

I am eager to find more, if anyone out there can add to this list of nutty imagery, please lemme know!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I have Rh Negative blood

Me and my 12 dollar home blood test card

I just did a home test to determine my blood type. I am A Negative. That means I am Rh Negative.

If anyone has been following what's going on the UFO abduction research circles, you'll know that blood type is now one of the questions that gets asked when interviewing a potential abductee. I just went to a UFO conference and everybody was asking each other about their blood type. The internet is a bottomless pit of confusing information, so I actual have no idea what it might actually mean.

The Rh Negative factor makes up approximately 15% of the worlds population. And, according to some researchers, 54% of UFO abductees have the Rh Negative factor. But, (according to ICAR) A Negative blood makes up 6% of the world population, yet A Negative is only 4.5% of the UFO abductees. This was from a pool of 1,400 that gave their information in the study. To me, this isn't a very large study and I don't know about the details.

My conclusion is (after minimal research) that there is a lot of buzz in among the UFO community, but I can't make out much from the on-line data.

Also, my father has O Negative blood, the universal donor.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

upcoming post

I plan on writing a post on how certain abductees will take on the role of communicator. They will share their experiences as if they simply don't have a choice, or perhaps as if they are impelled to do so from some outside force. And by outside force, I mean them.

I post this here as a reminder to myself. And by reminder I mean kick-in-the-pants.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Joe Montaldo gets interviewed

Joe is one intense dude!

I am going to recommend an audio interview with Joe Montaldo. He shares the microphone with host Robert Gutwrench Bradbury. Joe is a sort of a wild-card, and I suspect that side of him might drive some listeners crazy. I was in that boat for a while, but the more I follow him, the more I'm impressed.

[ interview linked HERE ]

Heads up, you can fast forward to the 10 minute mark and skip the interview.

Joe shares some of his own experiences in this interview, and they are extremely strange. He also talks about the Ancient Astronaut Theory and how it's all part of what's going on now.

I liked the way the host would need to chime in: "Woah, hold on Joe, you need to explain what you mean..." This helped clarify some of Joe's claims. This was something I tried to do last year when I interviewed Joe , that two-part show is linked HERE.

Just so y'know, this dialog is diametrically opposite from the one I did with Jason Horsley! To me, both Jason and Joe have a lot to add to this mystery.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

audio conversation with Jason Horsley

Author and thinker.

Jason Horsley is a writer, scholar, former podcaster and misadventurer. You might know him by his pseudonym Aeolus Kephas, or Jason Kephas, or just Jake. Who and what he might be is difficult to pin down. He wrote a book that I very much liked titled THE LUCID VIEW. And he wrote another that I've yet to read, but I suspect will be right up my alley titled THE SECRET LIFE OF MOVIES.

one-click audio download HERE

one hour / 53 minutes
There is a LONG intro, you can fast forward to the 9:40 time count,
where the interview starts.

Jason's preferred title for this episode is: "What the UFO wants from YOU!"

He hosted a podcast series known lovingly as STORMY WEATHER, linked HERE and HERE. I return to this amazing series again and again and I am continually struck by the depth of Jason’s thinking and bold ideas.

I do my best to keep up with Jason's mind, and hopefully there is plenty to chew on in this interview. We also talk about God, UFO abductions, unconscious filters, Jesus, Dr. Steven Greer, the ego and the metaphoric map. You might wanna follow this podcast up with the one he recently did with DIET SOAP.

Along with all that, her recently wrote a 39-page essay titled: Through a Fractured Glass, Darkly. It’s sub-titled: The Facts in the Strange Case of Whitley Strieber. This was penned under the name Aeolus Kephas. We spend some time on this essay during our conversation. You can read the two part essay at Realty Sandwich, here are Part ONE and Part TWO.

Jason also has a blog; ARKANA ARKADIA.

During our almost two hour discussion, Jason doodled this exquisite work (pen on paper) and it seems to accurately reflect the depth of our existential conversation.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

all audio interviews [linked]

I just created a tidy series of direct links to all of my audio interview, the long list is in the right-hand side-bar. Now it's a lot easier to see 'em ALL in one swoop. There are 52 podcasts as of this posting, and it really surprised me that there were that many.

The layout needed some tweaking for visual clarity, so I added another sidebar to the left and moved a few things over to that side.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Jack Kirby and personal memories

Click on either image for a HI-rez view.

On the first day of spring I found that Christopher Knowles posted something that seemed odd to me. The SECRET SUN featured a series of Jack Kirby frames from Captian America comic books. These images were curiously similar to something I saw with a boyhood friend out a window in 1974. I was probably 11 years old at the time, and it still remains unexplained.

Jack Kirby was a driving force in comic book illustrations and super-hero themes. Christopher Knowles has worked tirelessly to peer into Kirby's mythic powers.

The number 74 as 1974?

This was listed on The Secret Sun site as the number of posts about Jack Kirby. I realized this when I linked to to his site. The number 74 seems particularly resonant.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Arthur C. Clarke said that he's seen lots of UFOs

Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick during the production of 2001: A Space Odyssey

This post is accompanied by a very short audio clip (only 6 minutes) that features both Arthur C.Clarke and Dr. Leo Sprinkle. What does it mean that Clarke claims to have seen lots of UFOs?

6 minutes long / DOWNLOAD MP3

The video store on my main street is going out of business, and they are selling their entire inventory. That said, I now own a copy of 2001: A Space Odyssey. In the special features there is an interview with Arthur C. Clarke who wrote the short story that was the basis for the film and he also worked closely with Kubrick throughout the production as co-screenwriter.

The 16mm movie footage shows Clarke giving a short talk in a bland looking banquet room with a small gathering of people. Then he answers questions from the attendees. This took place in the months before the release of 2001, and Clarke admits he hasn't yet seen the finished film.

One question and answer near the end caught my attention.
Question: Can I be pedestrian and ask about the unidentified flying objects?

Clarke: Well can I be pedestrian and give a brief reply?

One, if you've never seen an unidentified flying object you are very unobservant.

Two, if you've seen as many as I have you won' t believe in them. (awkward laughter from the room)

Three, they have nothing to do with visitors from space.

Four, it is impossible to prove three. (hearty laughter from the room)

When he says: "...if you've seen as many as I have you won' t believe in them," I think he is trying to say he has moved beyond believing and into knowing. To me, this is very interesting.

He is admitting he's seen a lot of UFOs. This is highly unusual, and if someone like Budd Hopkins heard him say this, I am quite certain his eyebrows would raise. Most abduction researchers will jump to the conclusion that anyone with more than a few UFO sightings is quite probably an abductee. Personally, I'm not sure what to think.

The interesting thing is that people who have experienced a UFO abduction will quite often be totally focused on the subject of UFOs and the contact experience, and this seems to neatly define Arthur C. Clarke.

The audio download (linked HERE) also includes Dr. Leo Sprinkle sharing a story about meeting Clarke and having him tell about seeing a flying saucer the very night he and Kubrick agreed to do the movie 2001.

All this said, I actually don't know too much about Clarke (except that I read Rendezvous with Rama in high school) so if anyone can help me out here, I'd be grateful.

Text and video added March 19th 2012:
I found a documentary I remember seeing in 1980. In the opening sequence, Clarke states that he has seen six very clear UFOs in the sky, he adds that he has seen others that weren't as impactful. This film looks into the mysteries surrounding witness reports. He was quite a rational skeptic, being cautious not to jump to extraordinary conclusions. The transcript below starts at the 15:15 time count.
Clarke: (after discussing the challenges of sighting reports) And that of course is the trouble with long range sightings, we can never be absolutely sure what they were, and even if it was a visitor form outer-space, we couldn't prove it.

For this reason I am no longer interested in UFO sightings.

But what does intrigue me, what is very mysterious, are the so called close encounters.
The documentary then goes on to dig into a series of entity experiences. I posted one of the witness reports previously because I was impressed by Mrs. Jesse Roestenburg's credibility (linked HERE), although it's a different interview. And the other story is deeply impressive if only for the witnesses beautiful Scottish accent.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mac Tonnies gets noted in a series of podcasts

Mac Tonnies gets referenced twice this week in on-line podcasts. His work comes up in William Henry's series REVELATIONS, and also in Jeff Ritzmann's and Jeremy Vaeni's podcast PARATOPIA.

On the Wednesday March 14th (2012) episode of Revelations, William Henry interviews Jay Weidner about his research into the Archons. Weidner references Mac's book The Cryptoterrestrials and shares his belief that the Archons represent a non-human presence that has shared the earth along side of us, matching some of Mac's theorizing in his posthumous book.

But, the text in the page that hosts the podcast makes some troublesome claims:

The Archons, Masters of the World

If Archons exist, who and what are they? Like Mac Tonnies and Bill Schneider, Jay Weidner is getting close to understanding this mystery, and how to identify the ones that may live among us. Just after announcing that he was close to being able to identify them, Mac died in his sleep at the age of 34. Bill Schneider has also died.

But Jay is still with us, and in this interview he tells us all he knows about the Archons. As the Nag Hammadi text warns, the Archons walk among us. They like violence and destruction. They are hungry for our suffering.

Who are they? What do they look like? WHY do they hate us so, these ancient and terrible beings who legend says live among us? Jay is far down the dangerous road of understanding the secrets of the Archons, and how to break their power over the deeply hypnotized human species...

There is an implication that I want to address in this blurb. It strongly insinuates that Mac died because he was researching the Archons. I feel this simply isn't true, I have his book The Cryptoterrestrials as a PDF, and it was easy to search. He never uses the word "Archon" in this text. I spoke to him at length about the content of this book and he wasn't truly wed to the core ideas, he wrote it as a sort of thought experiment.

The implication that Mac's death was caused by these mythic beings strikes me as exploitative.

Mac's death was a tragedy, and as far as I, or anyone in the family could tell, there wasn't anything criminal (or paranormal) involved in his passing. He had a pre-existing heart condition and he died peacefully in his own bed.

Now, despite these flaws, I quite liked the audio interview, and I recommend it highly. Jay Weidner and William Henry make for a lively interview on subjects I find fascinating.

My overall concern here isn't to be nit-picky. We (and I include myself in this) are all peering into the unknown, and there is a very real need to be as accurate and level-headed when sharing our research.

But more than that, I am concerned that Mac's work and identity remain accurate in the public's mind.

There was another incorrect point in the text that accompanied the podcast, it stated that Mac had actually seen an Archon like entity, and his sighting was the basis for the cover. I emailed both William Henry and Jay Weidner and pointed out the mistakes in the text. William replied, thanked me and corrected the sentence in question about the origin of the cover.

Jay Weidner replied too, recognized the mistakes and then he presented me with a question; I wonder what Mac would think about the Archons? I feel like I can guess, I suspect he would have been greatly intrigued by Jay Weidner's ideas. If he disagreed with anything Weidner said, he would have engaged his claims in a spirited way. Mac was, more than anything, a lively and open-minded conversationalist. Weidner is now using the term The Cryptoterrestrials in his lectures as a way to articulate a non-human presence among us, and I'm all for adding this new vocabulary to our language.

This episode of REVELATIONS is free to the public for just a few weeks, after that time you'll need to be a paying member to access this and a wealth of other audio interviews.


Also in the podcast realm this week, Jeff Ritzmann and Jeremy Vaeni conclude their weekly PARATOPIA interview with a somewhat sensitive after-chat. They tell of a UFO sighting in Baltimore from October 25th, 2009 just a few days after Mac Tonnies' death. They had spoken about some of the details of this sighting publicly shortly after the event. But they add more details now, two and a half years later.

The sighting involved a bright light in the nighttime sky that would repeatedly blink on and off without any pattern. Mac had been on Ritzmann's mind in the previous days and he asked: "Mac, if that's you, can you wink the thing on again?" And instantly the unknown light in the sky seemed to respond by winking back on. Ritzmann isn't exactly sure why he made that comment, he says that something just correlated in that instant.

Both the hosts review this event in great detail, and they do NOT think that Mac was aboard any UFO above Baltimore. They speculate that the phenomenon was reacting to their emotions and mindset in that moment in a decidedly trickster like retort.

You need to be a paying member to listen to the after-chat to hear their re-telling of this sighting. Or, you can pay a one-time $1.25 fee for the single episode.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mac Tonnies, philosophy and high school classrooms

Mac Tonnies' mother just sent me a link to a fascinating article (linked HERE).

It's a heart-warming synchro-magical experience written by Sarah Multiverse, a friend of Mac's. Here's a quote from the article:
The guest teacher explained to me that Mac’s story raised a number of issues that students loved discussing. In particular, it could be used to discuss all sorts of metaphysical issues such as the nature of life and the nature of reality, as well as more concrete topics such as the nature of friendship...

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Probe

Weird glass tubes, a Science-Fiction essential as well as something commonly reported by UFO abductees. Note the pyramid.

The Outer Limits continues to haunt me. Last night I watched a dreamlike episode titled The Probe. It was first aired on January 16th 1965.

This unsettling episode begins with an airplane crash into the pacific and its crew awaken in a weird vacant room. The sequence where this small team tries to figure out where they are is wonderfully creepy. All of it done on a sparse set with minimal special effects. I feel strongly that modern film-makers (with giant budgets and computer generated special effects) simply couldn't capture the eerie mood in this modest teleplay.

But more than anything, I just loved that this episode had spooky glass tubes. This corn-ball imagery of women trapped in glass tubes was something Mac Tonnies dearly loved! The definitive collection HERE.

A pulp fiction standard image, the beautiful woman trapped in a glass tube.

This is a drawing done by an abductee in 1978.

What struck me was how many plot point in this episode mirror what gets reported in the UFO abduction literature. I'll simply list them in bulleted points.
  • A weird empty room with rounded walls.
  • View screens with an odd set of symbols.
  • Another view screen: " 4 or 5 dimensions."
  • A Betty Hill type star map (implied in the dialog, but not seen visually).
  • Distorted memories.
  • A craft with a sterilized antiseptic interior.
  • The alien presence is taking ocean samples and analyzing them.
  • The abductees being trapped in a chamber and washed with a strange liquid.
  • The woman in the episode gets a strange glowing tube pushed up against her belly button area. This sequence is overtly sexual, and seems to mimic some of what gets reported by female abductees.
  • The episode is titled The Probe, and when the craft is shown rising above the ocean it looks a lot like what gets reported as a "probe" by present day witnesses.
  • Abducttees will occasionally tell of walking unattended within a craft, these stories seem to have a claustrophobic nightmare quality.
Christopher Knowles wrote a 3-part set of posts about the mystical insights of THE OUTER LIMITS and Bruce Rux does a 3-part interview on the same subject. Both these geniuses have better skills at this, but its fun to try and tap into this meme.

The screen writers, Seeleg Lester and Sam Neuman wrote The Probe as well as the only two-part Outer Limits episode, The Inheritors with Robert Duvall. This episode deserves it's own post with the aliens abducting mind-controlled children as the government tries helplessly to stop whats happening.

The full episode of The Probe.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Christopher Knowles interviews Paul Weston

Christopher Knowles at The Secret Sun does his second audio interview with author Paul Weston. The content is a wide range of esoteric topics with a focus on the sacred landscapes of Briton.

(Linked HERE)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Can you find the Fairy?

Click on this image for a HI-rez view.

A few days after the interview with Rosemary Ellen Guiley, a friend posted an image (see above) on my Hidden Experience facebook page.

Her name is Kim, and she simply asked: Can you find the Fairy?

I replied: “There is a girl's face, mostly just her chin and lips, peering thru the branches in the upper right portion of the frame. Is this one of your daughters?”

Kim came back with: Well yes and no, my daughter was standing behind me, when I took the picture. Yet she showed up in the picture when we looked at it later. Just before I took it I was goofing around with my little nieces and telling them this was the part of the woods I saw the fairies when I was a girl. Then we heard a noise of giggling in the brush, they went silent with big eyes and I said,Shhhh I'm going to get a picture of the fairies.

So I took the shot. However when we got back to the cottage later that night we realized that this image was in the photograph.

Close-up of the face within the branches

This began a back and forth bunch of questions and answers about this picture.

Here’s what Kim had to say about this photo and the curious circumstances that surround it:

My family would spend summers at the cottage with my Grandparents. I was the first grandchild and my Grandfather and I were very close.

My Grandfather was born in Canada I think moved to the states, to Detroit, as a young man. He was a first generation Scots and very proud of our Scottish heritage. (Note: this is the same as my father who was born in Ontario and moved to Detroit when he was 6 years old. I wonder if my father knew Kim’s family?)

He would tell me stories about the fairies and other Celtic myths. As a little girl, he would show me the fairy rings on the property and in the woods nearby. He would tell me about how they gathered there and that if I was quiet and waited they would appear or they would be nearby and I could catch a glimpse of them. The other adults would go along with him as he told these tales to me, but I remember sensing that he really believed in them.

I recall seeing and playing with fairies as a child when we would be there for the summer. When I told my family that I had been playing with the fairies they would laugh and say that was fun to make believe. But I always remember my Grandfather winking and telling me he believed in them too.

The cottage was within walking distance of Lake Huron. This was in Ipperwash Ontario Canada. The photo was taken in the woods near the cottage in the early summer of 2005.

Here’s what lead up to the photo being taken. The mood was very relaxed, we had already had spent a week or more at the cottage so we were all in vacation mode.

I had shown the kids the fairy ring on the back of the cottage property and then we all headed for the beach via the trail, along the way I was telling them about the fairies, just as my Grandfather had done for me.

I was in a very playful mood, had a sense of being very much like I was as a child tromping in that same forest. I was indulging my nieces and their friend in this play pretend world I had experienced as a child. I was joking about the fairies in the forest. We were in that magical space that kids get into when they pretend.

My mood was one of recalling how it felt to be a kid and full of wonder. The kids seemed to be in the same mood, very happy and playful, all talking about the fairies. (see this video from just before the photo was taken) My sister and I spoke about this today and we both recall it being very surreal in the woods that day.

So when I actually heard the "giggling" in the brush I was a bit jarred.

I stopped looked behind me to do a kid head-count and they were all there. I asked them to be quiet and we heard the giggle again. That’s when I aimed the camera in that direction and took the picture. My oldest niece and daughter ran towards the area afterwards because they thought they would find someone - but nothing.

It was only later that the picture revealed the image. It almost went unnoticed until I zoomed in on it with the camera. Since we were at the cottage I didn't have the ability to upload this photo onto a computer to see a larger version, that didn’t happen until we got back home.

I spoke to my sister and daughter about this today. On the trail that day it was my sister, my two nieces and the neighbor boy. My youngest daughter was not with us, she had stayed behind at the cottage with my mother. [NOTE: this is different than her initial comment on facebook]

After we heard the giggles along the trail and took the picture it was my nieces that ran into the woods (off the trial) to see if they could find anyone. My nieces are mixed-race so they could not have been even remotely the image in the picture.

My daughter recalls the others and I asking her if she and my nephew had somehow snuck into the woods to play a joke on us by hiding in the woods and giggling. They said they hadn't and she remembers to this day how I kept at her to admit that she had, because it was so odd to see this in the picture. That coupled with the fact that this would have been virtually impossible due to the time frame and the conditions in the woods. This was also backed up by my Mother who said that they had all gone to the store a few minutes after we left. After hearing all this, I finally believed her.

So the event as my sister remembers it is the same as I stated earlier, however my daughter was not with us. That and she also said that she remembers not being able to find us on the trail for a period of time and that it was disconcerting.

Extreme close-up of the curious face

I emailed my psychic pal Anya Briggs and asked her to look at the photo. Here is part of her excited response:
OMG! That's an awesome picture! Kim. that's an honest-to-God elemental you caught! No lyin'! Straight up fairy person, a wraith fairy who stirs up energy! WOW! She's an inter-dimensional and looks a lot like some models I know- very pixie-ish, Pictish is more correct my guides are saying- they interbred with humans eons ago my guides are saying - WOW WOW WOW this is the real deal, how beautiful! That's really special and rare, most elementals do things in private away from the "humans beings" They are attracted to us but also fearful so she must have exhibited a lot of trust to make that picture happen the way it did! Wow!
There's a hyper-clarity that is the outline of her that is interesting as well- hyper-real almost- yep, that has the look and feel of a paranormal experience for me.

Funny- my guides are calling her a "hyper-dimensional shape shifter" and she is well known to the Native American spirits as well as the "white woman who walks among them" from time to time.

She doesn't seem to have the rest of a body! I just see a head and the faint inkling of a torso fading off into air. Definitely a shape shifter - of what origin beyond what I described, however, I really don't know!

Right on for you, Kim for taking that completely awesome photo! Wow! I am really impressed! I’d heard about the fairy people but really didn't resonate with it too much- this makes a lot more sense for me about how they could exist and how they choose to appear and so forth- all that info is my guides, btw, I don't pour over books about fairies

So right on for my guides with that very beautiful explanation as well!

Click on image for a HI-rez view. There are details and colors
that show up in this photo that are exetrmely curious.

This is Mike again, with a summation. Now, if I wanted to fake this photo, I would take a magazine image of a smiling girl, cut it out, a hang it in the trees, take 50 photos, and pick the most mysterious looking one. My gut tells me to trust that Kim didn’t do anything like this.

Oddly, this photo matches other images I've seen taken by other "experiencers" - that same "magazine cut-out" look. I get the feeling that whoever (or whatever) is feeding us these clues, they are doing it in a way that is purposefully elusive. I mean, they are staging these photos so they look mysterious, but not TOO mysterious.

Stan Romanek and Robbert van den Broeke have both taken photos that seem to have the same mood as this photo. I cannot vouch for the validity any of these photos, Kim’s included. All I can say it it’s quite interesting.

size comparison

I was curious about the potential height of the fairy image. I pasted two stock photos of girls next to the fairy image in among the branches. I tried to match the size of the fairy girl's head to the other two images. Nothing exact here, just an estimation.

The younger girl (far left) is as small as I suspect the hidden image might be. The older girl in the center is as large as the hidden image might be. The white line is positioned to show the height of the hidden girl's mouth, the only detail that can be easily used to gauge the height.

Please note:
Much of this dialog was posted on facebook or was sent to me via email. I have edited the text slightly for clarity and continuity.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

audio conversation with Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Rosemary is one of the rare experts on wide range of paranormal phenomena. She's authored more than 50 books on wide range of occult, spiritual, and mystical topics. She has been a full-time researcher since 1983, and her present focus has been inter-dimensional entity contact experiences (including UFO abduction accounts), problem hauntings, Shadow People, the Djinn and portals or geographic areas of intense paranormal activity.

one-click download HERE
one-hour / 21 minutes long

During our conversation we attempt to avoid the tiny boxes that confine too much of the research, instead we speculate about the meta-phenomena that could be at the core of the many divergent experiences. We jump from the Djinn to UFO abduction to owls and faeries.

As I stepped into this interview I knew very little about Rosemary, and I ended up deeply impressed with her open mind and wide-ranging research.

You can find out more at her two web-sites: Djinn Universe and Visionary Living.

Please NOTE:
I did a follow-up post (linked below) with extra insights and visuals that cover some of the details from this interview. Shadow people, synchronicities and Faeries.

Rosemary worked on a book with Phil Imbrogno titled THE VENGEFUL DJINN. Phil has since left the research field after some of his academic credentials came into question. I spoke with Rosemary about this in person and she was quite candid with me about her feelings. I chose not to ask about this during the interview because I found her own research much more interesting than talking about personalities.

At the very end I chime in and talk a little bit about my memories of Budd Hopkins. He is often accused of avoiding out-lying data that doesn't fit his conclusions. While there may be some truth to that, my personal interactions were with someone who was remarkably open-minded and aware of the conflicting reports within the abduction phenomena.

The short time spent with him left me deeply impressed at the thoughtful way he would share his insights. I am honored to have known him, and to call him a friend.

Monday, March 5, 2012

follow-up info from the Rosemary Ellen Guiley interview

I am adding this post as a compendium to the audio interview with Rosemary Ellen Guiley. We touched on a LOT of divergent subjects, and it felt important to include some visuals and extra info as a follow-up to that interview.

audio player with the full interview

Shadow People from the creative pen of Jack Kirby. This image was forwarded to me from Christoph Knowles of THE SECRET SUN. Mr. Knowles has made quite a case that Kirby was a kind of modern mystic and foretold deep truths within the pages of his comics. Click HERE and be prepared to have you mind re-wired.

The pulp crime fighting anti-hero, THE SHADOW has a costume and linage that matches the Shadow People, as well as The Djinn.

He is a practitioner of an ancient form of ritual magic from the orient. He has psychic powers that cast a shadow in the mind of people - and he can hide in plane sight because of it. His super hero power is terrorizing his foe. His costume was a long draping cape like coat and a over-sized fedora. I am amazed at how closely this matched the shadow lore.

Christophe Knowles points out that creator of The Shadow, Walter Gibson, was deeply immersed in mysticism and the occult. This is covered in the book: Our Gods Wear Spandex.

Robert Monroe, of THE MONROE INSTITUTE produced the early radio shows of THE SHADOW. Monroe explored the edge of human consciousness, and wrote the book Journeys Out of the Body. (this from Jeffery Kripal's book MUTANTS AN MYSTICS)

This video is a first person encounter with a Faery. This is curiously similar to the description given by Rosemary during our interview. The woman in the video says it had "wings that looked like autumn leaves." Please note, she was also thinking about faeries right before having her sighting. This was also one of the things Rosemary and I discussed together.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

three year anniversary

As of yesterday, I've been doing this blog for three years.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

seeing repeating numbers

I was just at a week long UFO conference in Arizona. Each morning they had an experiencer support group meeting. Imagine an AA meeting with chairs in a circle. One morning the moderator, Yvonne Smith, asked the group if they ever see any reoccurring numbers. Pretty much EVERYBODY raised their hand, including me.

Most said they were seeing 11:11 and 3:33. Both of these number sequences are part of the overall paranormal lore. There are books about 11:11 and 3:33 is reported again and again by UFO abductees in their reports.

It is so interesting that seeing numbers in a repeating pattern is part of this phenomenon. Even the channeler Darryl Anka said he sees the numbers 10:10 repeatedly.

I sense that this number thing is just a small ingredient that is intertwined within a much larger phenomenon. I don't really know how much weight to give these reports. I think it's important to pay attention, but I feel it would be unhealthy to treat them as something too powerful. I worry that shouldn't react in a way where I give certain synchronicities too much power, but maybe they deserve that power, at least sometimes.

My reoccurring and resonant number sequence has been 1-2-3, 1-2-3-4 or 1-2-3-4-5. I've tired to document each and every time I get that number and post it here in this blog. I suspect that some of these are just run-of-the-mill coincidences. But I am quite convinced that others are profoundly resonant, I would go so far as to say they are magic.

By documenting my on-going synchronicities in this very public format I think that these meaningful coincidences have increased. Or maybe I've changed, and I am co-creating them in some way.

Dan Mitchell at LUMINOSITY writes more eloquently than I do about seeing repeating numbers in a way that seems to defy logic. He even notes me in the opening of his latest post (linked HERE), pointing out my obsession with 1-2-3-4. Then he goes on to share his own experience:
For me the constant presence has been seeing the palindrome as well as the number 322. This happens so often now that I find it impossible to believe it's simply a matter of chance. For me the palindrome is a symbolic representation of an individual and its Seraph, a kind of mirrored reflection of the bi-unity nature of the individual. It is occurring likely because this has now become the focus of my own metaphysical understanding.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

researchers who claim the direct contact experience

Dr. Leo Sprinkle

I've started a list of UFO abduction researchers who also claim life events that can be called contact experiences. Not just seeing a funny light in the sky, I'm talkin' alien abduction! These are sorted in no particular order and suspect there are many more beyond the 18 listed below. Some of these folks are controversial and I’m not trying to support the veracity of their claims. I am just trying to look at the overall pattern.
~ Dr. Leo Sprinkle - Pioneering UFO researcher, psychologist and author of Soul Samples. He also claims to channel.
~ Raymond Fowler - Author of the Andreasson series, the Allagash Abductions and a book on synchronicity.
~ Barbara Lamb - Family therapist, licensed hypnotherapist, abduction researcher and author of Alien Experiences.
~ Dr. Karla Turner - Author of a series of books including Taken and Into the Fringe. Died in 1996 at 48 years old.
Joe Montaldo - Researcher and director of ICAR, a group focused on the UFO abduction phenomenon.
Melinda Leslie - Researcher with a focus on the Military Abduction reports (MIL-ABS).
~ Suzanne Hansen - Resident of New Zealand, therapist and grief counsellor. Created the group UFOCUS NZ in 2000.
~ Darryl Simms - Author and abduction researcher.
~ Collin Andrews - Crop circle researcher and author.
~ Lynne Kitei, M.D. - Author, documentary film-maker and witness to the Phoenix Lights event in 1997. She also tells of channeling.
~ Dr. Steven Greer - Outspoken author and wanna-be cult leader.
~ David Sereda - Author, documentary film maker and researcher.
~ Jordan Maxwell - Author and researcher.
~ Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy - This is the team behind Project Camelot. Both claim contact experiences.
~ Sesh Heri - Author and researcher. Author of The Handprint of Atlas. He writes about an event in his youth that involves meeting a small being in his yard.
~ Michelle LaVinge Wedel - Author and channeler. She (and her husband Paul) wrote a series of books including The Alien Abduction Reference Guide.
~ Geroge Filer - UFO researcher. 
~ Carl Munck is a researcher of ancient pyramids. He tells a story of being shocked by a story told to him by his daughter. She tells of waking up late at night and seeing a bright light outside. She walked out of her room and found her father in conversation with a set of aliens. She told him this recently, and he was shocked to hear her claims. He has no memory at all of this meeting.
Cherry Hinkle - UFO researcher. Interview with Cherry HERE. 
~ Robert Stanley - UFO researcher. Author of UFOs Over the Capital
~ Eve Lorgan - Author of Alien Love Bites and The Dark Side of Cupid.

I am absolutely positive that this list is a LOT longer than what's noted. 

Entering these waters is loaded with challenges. The vocabulary alone is problematic. Alien abductee, experiencer and contactee are loaded terms. These words might seem interchangeable, but in the end it's an inadequate attempt to define something elusive.

There are a few more authors and researchers that I know of (or suspect strongly) that have their own first hand experiences, but are understandably not sharing their experiences publicly. There a lot of researchers who will tell of experiences that make my ears perk up. For instance, Brad Steiger has had a Near Death Experience (and so has his wife Sherry) and that has it's own iniatory power.

The number of authors who tell their first-person abduction experiences is too long to even attempt to list here. The bookshelves sag under the weight of these autobiographies focused on alien contact. Many of these people have played the role of researcher as part of their story, and some are quite dedicated to the advancement of these elusive reports. The list includes: Whitley Strieber, Katrina Wilson, Leah Hailey, Kim Carlsberg, Lisette Larkins and Ida Kannenburg.

If anyone can add to this list, I would appreciate it greatly.
Please lemme know.

Also: I've linked the interviews I've done with the folks on this list.

And, I wanted to add Adam Gorightly, even though he says "probably not," he's had enought weirdness to make me wonder.

Not quite in the same pool as the researchers above, but...

Lyn Buchanan, the remote viewer who was portrayed by George Clooney (in that Goat movie), has recently come forward and shared his Alien Abduction experiences.