Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Audio interview with Melinda Leslie

Melinda Leslie has been public with her own abduction experiences for over 20 years. For the last 18 years she has been actively researching the involvement of a clandestine group in the lives of abductees.

MILAB is an acronym for Military Abduction, and RE-ABS is an acronym for Re-Abductions. There is an important difference, and it is addressed in this audio interview.

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2 hours and 39 minutes long

This research into the covert-operations of alien abductees is re-defining both the UFO cover-up and abduction paradigms. She has uncovered an ongoing program of monitoring, harassment and re-abduction of very vulnerable people.

Her years of investigation has meant the accumulation of a lot of data and detailed experiences, including her own. The covert-operations that invade the lives of the abductees be the best evidence for both the reality and importance of UFO abduction experiences.
More resources:

This is a long interview, but there is still a lot more important info out there, and I strongly recommend visiting the links below.

Tim Binnall’s excellent interview from 2006. Melinda share a lot of her personal experiences.

Coast to Coast with Melinda and Niara Isley.

Coast to Coast with Melinda and Whitley Strieber.

Coast to Coast with Melinda and Joe Montaldo.

I also want to direct you to an excellent report from Melinda titled: RE-ABS: Not MILABS, and subtitled; How the Covert-Ops' Reverse Engineering of Extraterrestrial Abductees Shifts the Abduction Paradigm.
If anyone has difficulty downloading this podcast, please visit the PODBEAN site HERE. And if you feel it would be easier if this large file was re-published as two smaller sized files, please let me know. Thanks, Mike C!


musingegret said...

Interesting synchro, Mike. Just yesterday after reading all the entries in the Spiral's End livejournal that your post of 11/01 prompted me to read, I dropped a line to Trish MacGregor to forward that exact same article by Melinda Leslie whose link was on the Spiral's End site (http://www.alienexperiences.com/MelindaLeslie03.html).

I thought that the MacGregors' friend "CJ" would be interested in Ms. Leslie's research and terminology.

Well, I'm off to listen to the Leslie interview now. Thank you for providing.

Red Pill Junkie said...

I admit I'm not too versed into the whole MILAB aspect of the abduction experience; the whole concept raises such a plethora of intriguing questions.

For example, I'm not so sure just how productive is to try to figure out the statistics of the percentage of experiencers reporting harrassment, and/or surveillance by these allegedly military types; this considering that the abduction experience seems to occur (most of the time) in some form or another of an altered state of consciousness. I guess that in the end trying to draw figures into these reports can at least show that these MILABs experiences are not as marginal as some would think, but further than that, I'm uncertain.

Another thing that comes to mind is trying to find some sort of link between these experiences and more widely consensual events. For example, the prisoners in Guantanamo and the kind of torture and interrogations they are subject to in order to extract information.

So according to experiencers the military types have the technological means (pharmacological or not) to manipulate the evocative capacity of their victims —i.e. they can make them remember or forget specific things. So, if this type of manipulation is indeed possible, then why doesn't the CIA use them to erase the memory of the "enemy combatants" held in Gitmo, so the public can never find out the level of abuse they suffered while held in detention?

I guess this argument is pretty similar to others questioning the absence of the purported exotic avionics technology —derived from reverse-engineering of alien tech— in contemporary battlefields. Just what are they waiting for, if they already have machines with anti-gravity, or such selective mind-manipulating drugs? Why keep using conventional jets and water-boarding?

Anya said...

Hi, Red Pill, thanks for the comments, you raised many interesting points. This is strictly subjective, and I have no way of proving this definitively, but there is a strong pattern of repeatability in deep black projects that seems to have little if anything less than distain for the mainstream military and it's avionics tech. The whole point of deep black projects seems to (pardon the pun) fly in the face of these little geopolitical "conflicts" (largely manufactured to distract from the real matter at hand). What I am uncovering more and more in my research is that there is an entirely separate community of people participating in something so huge and distinct from the regular military protocol that you and I can't even fathom the depths it goes to. This has to do (from what I am gathering, and again, I could be wrong or not entirely correct here) with a secret space agenda funded and started by the Nazis and goes back to ancient Sumeria with whom some would say are the real "masters" over us. These little incidents in Somalia, Sierra Leone, North Korea, Guantanamo, etc etc etc-- all distractions. I don't mean to belittle the pain of child soldiers, detainees, and starving North Koreans, but this is all orchestrated (from what I can gather in my research) to distract, distract, distract from the real matter at hand. If you really want to go there, research the puppet masters who govern all of this "divide and conquer" nonsense and then you will start to realize that a hidden hand guides it all to keep us continually putting out fires and scratching our heads "why?" all the while as they get to go to Mars, Jupiter, and beyond for shits and giggles, if you'll pardon the expression. Research the real handlers of all of this, the Committee of 300, the Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome, The Trilateral Commission, etc etc-- read the book "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man", research the Illuminati- then you will start to see that reality is even far stranger and designed to keep you preoccupied with other things so that they can keep on letting us unwittingly participate in a dark ritual that's been going on for thousands of years. They've been laughing at you, me, all of us all the while, they don't really care if you ever get beyond nuclear energy and the laws of physics. The Powers That Be don't like us is why we are being kept from the exotic avionics. The Powers That Be want us to just keep on watching the magician's right hand while the left hand keeps doing the same thing it's always been doing: tricking us for centuries.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Hey, Anya, thanks for your comment.

Your thoughts on this matter seem to converge with the conclusions of Richard Dolan's "breakaway civilization", as well as some of the hypotheses proposed by Jacques Vallee on his book "Messengers of Deception."

I suppose that, like any thinking individual living in the early XXIst century, I'm not completely opposed to the possibility of very powerful cabals of individuals adamant to guide the shape of global events to maintain the status quo favoring them. Clearly there have been many uncoverings of secret deals and ties between people in the highest offices of public service, and those groups like the Council on Foreign Relations, etc.

But where I cast my doubts is in attributing them such a level of power and foresight so above the capacity of us mortal men, as to link them with any event we can think of. Was the oil spill caused by BP a terrible accident then, or was it carefully orchestrated? How about Chernobyl? or the current cholera epidemics in Haiti? My problem with conspiracy theories (of which I'm very interested in) is that they have the tendency to be used to explain away everything that happens!

All I'm saying is that we shouldn't underestimate the capacity for incompetence in both private and public departments.

But getting back to the matter at hand. Perhaps there is indeed a "rogue" group of humans who work completely outside any legal or governmental regulations. Perhaps that constitutes a more powerful deterrent to disclosure than the actual existence of a non-human intelligence out there...

Anonymous said...

I've just listened to the 2hr plus audio with Leslie, and if anything I'm critical about how the UFO community handles itself.

1. Repeating inane points, i.e. being monitored and the fundamentals of the monitoring process.

2. Thin or soft on details.

What drew my attention of the Betty and Barney Hill's abduction/ encounter wasn't the overall story, it was the details embedded in the story i.e. a) Barney's dentures falling out, which spooked the abductors, b) the decision to awaken Betty to the experience and the type of communication used, indicative of something unique they'd assessed about her, c) the amniocentesis process she was exposed to, freely explained to her - even though this technology and procedure was beyond the actual invention on earth and d) the discussion surrounding the star map.

Ms. Leslie over emphasized the monitoring process. At times I wanted to say "Yes, I get it.. move on.." The interview needs to be tighter.. the interviewer needed to create a better frame, however as I assumed this wasn't Ms. Leslie's first interview, I'd assume she'd have an information delivery or structure in mind, and flow with it.

Often Ms. Leslie glimmered with aspects of facts, however only a small fraction of this surfaced. If the context was the monitoring of abductions, then 2hrs was too long. If however it was about the analysis and possible conclusions, then it was very light.

Why would anyone research this field of Ufology, if it wasn't to harvest information. The agents involvement in abductions is geared towards this type of analysis; the interactions with the ETs and weighted towards their technology, as well as their application.

I understand the whole notion of how traumatic an abduction can be, however when the trauma can be sidestepped; a functional analysis can begin - a design can take shape.

Melinda has done some analysis, she's made some conclusions, yet if she intends to speak on this, it needs to be delivered with clarity and structure. What isn't generally realized by Ufology researches is that what they can't parse is often a goldmine to someone who's connected to that angle.

The ETs aren't too worried about their technology and are heavily invested in their genetic program. This is what they keep closest to their vest. It appears that they have a poker face in dealing with those they've abducted, yet Betty Hill indicated their real demeanor and how personable it can get, others have stated as much.. Leslie can build upon this data and compile it, build upon their technological prowess, build upon their genetics program, which they've commented about.

Ms. Leslie has sufficient data to draw a meaningful conclusion yet like many Ufology researches, she's sounding out the overview and not the heart of the story.

BTW. If this advice is taken, it'll also escalate the intelligence observation. The last thing they need is someone reaching probable conclusions, or worse endgame angles.

Anonymous said...

There's something that doesn't fit right with Melinda. Three things stand out the most:

1. Why would 6 government agents, who're apparently keeping tabs on her, announce themselves?

2. Her abductions lack reason - what happened to her by both Aliens and Government Agents?

3. The threats made to her by government agents doesn't make sense - she's allowed to explore and develop the research, with impunity.

4. With all the surveillance, black helicopters etc, why aren't these photos made available? Why would illustrating the NRO weapon observed at China Lake not be published?

After listening to Melinda, I've concluded that she doesn't reflect the trauma seen in other abductees. Maybe she's *really* accepting of her experiences, yet the whole picture doesn't quite fit.

Why would 6 government agents approach her; one to reveal the name of the base she was taken to (China Lake) and confirm the NRO weapon she observed used by the security team? If Melinda's work was educating the abduction audience on this and the government information gathering - why would they feed that fire?

The interview with Joe Montaldo was telling. Joe had reviewed significantly more cases, identifying patterns - yet she disagreed with him on what was a proper conclusion he'd reached.

Something about Melinda doesn't fit. She's not a great public speaker; is she 'placed' for people to approach her with experiences, so they can be referred to the government agents, for assessment?

Bayareamom said...


Obviously, your comment is dated February/2011, but you've brought up some extremely cogent arguments/statements regarding your analysis of Melinda's interview. I find your statements very insightful.

Perhaps, should Mike ever read through some of these comments, he might consider doing a follow-up interview with Melinda and bring some of these questions up with her.