Thursday, March 1, 2012

researchers who claim the direct contact experience

Dr. Leo Sprinkle

I've started a list of UFO abduction researchers who also claim life events that can be called contact experiences. Not just seeing a funny light in the sky, I'm talkin' alien abduction! These are sorted in no particular order and suspect there are many more beyond the 18 listed below. Some of these folks are controversial and I’m not trying to support the veracity of their claims. I am just trying to look at the overall pattern.
~ Dr. Leo Sprinkle - Pioneering UFO researcher, psychologist and author of Soul Samples. He also claims to channel.
~ Raymond Fowler - Author of the Andreasson series, the Allagash Abductions and a book on synchronicity.
~ Barbara Lamb - Family therapist, licensed hypnotherapist, abduction researcher and author of Alien Experiences.
~ Dr. Karla Turner - Author of a series of books including Taken and Into the Fringe. Died in 1996 at 48 years old.
Joe Montaldo - Researcher and director of ICAR, a group focused on the UFO abduction phenomenon.
Melinda Leslie - Researcher with a focus on the Military Abduction reports (MIL-ABS).
~ Suzanne Hansen - Resident of New Zealand, therapist and grief counsellor. Created the group UFOCUS NZ in 2000.
~ Darryl Simms - Author and abduction researcher.
~ Collin Andrews - Crop circle researcher and author.
~ Lynne Kitei, M.D. - Author, documentary film-maker and witness to the Phoenix Lights event in 1997. She also tells of channeling.
~ Dr. Steven Greer - Outspoken author and wanna-be cult leader.
~ David Sereda - Author, documentary film maker and researcher.
~ Jordan Maxwell - Author and researcher.
~ Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy - This is the team behind Project Camelot. Both claim contact experiences.
~ Sesh Heri - Author and researcher. Author of The Handprint of Atlas. He writes about an event in his youth that involves meeting a small being in his yard.
~ Michelle LaVinge Wedel - Author and channeler. She (and her husband Paul) wrote a series of books including The Alien Abduction Reference Guide.
~ Geroge Filer - UFO researcher. 
~ Carl Munck is a researcher of ancient pyramids. He tells a story of being shocked by a story told to him by his daughter. She tells of waking up late at night and seeing a bright light outside. She walked out of her room and found her father in conversation with a set of aliens. She told him this recently, and he was shocked to hear her claims. He has no memory at all of this meeting.
Cherry Hinkle - UFO researcher. Interview with Cherry HERE. 
~ Robert Stanley - UFO researcher. Author of UFOs Over the Capital
~ Eve Lorgan - Author of Alien Love Bites and The Dark Side of Cupid.

I am absolutely positive that this list is a LOT longer than what's noted. 

Entering these waters is loaded with challenges. The vocabulary alone is problematic. Alien abductee, experiencer and contactee are loaded terms. These words might seem interchangeable, but in the end it's an inadequate attempt to define something elusive.

There are a few more authors and researchers that I know of (or suspect strongly) that have their own first hand experiences, but are understandably not sharing their experiences publicly. There a lot of researchers who will tell of experiences that make my ears perk up. For instance, Brad Steiger has had a Near Death Experience (and so has his wife Sherry) and that has it's own iniatory power.

The number of authors who tell their first-person abduction experiences is too long to even attempt to list here. The bookshelves sag under the weight of these autobiographies focused on alien contact. Many of these people have played the role of researcher as part of their story, and some are quite dedicated to the advancement of these elusive reports. The list includes: Whitley Strieber, Katrina Wilson, Leah Hailey, Kim Carlsberg, Lisette Larkins and Ida Kannenburg.

If anyone can add to this list, I would appreciate it greatly.
Please lemme know.

Also: I've linked the interviews I've done with the folks on this list.

And, I wanted to add Adam Gorightly, even though he says "probably not," he's had enought weirdness to make me wonder.

Not quite in the same pool as the researchers above, but...

Lyn Buchanan, the remote viewer who was portrayed by George Clooney (in that Goat movie), has recently come forward and shared his Alien Abduction experiences.



Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

You forgot Jim Moseley of Saucer Smear. I'll hate to see the passing of that rag and it's 80+ year old self-debunking editor.

Mike Clelland! said...

Trish & Rob,

What?!?! Does Jim Moseley claim an abduction experience? Or any kind of direct contact???

If so, I'l add him to the list.

Mike C!

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Mike - I don't think the aliens want Moseley. The Grays tend to be quite humorless from most accounts.

BTW, later this month we will begin a series of posts about a quite sensational sighting-abduction scenario coming out of rural Quebec. Our informant does not speak or write English well so we are taking our time with the translation. It involves a family caught in a series of encounters beginning last March. - R

Red Pill Junkie said...

What kind of contact experience are we talking about here? would a CE of the 1st type count?

Grant Cameron started his investigation after being witness to the famous Charlie Red Star UFO in the 70s.

Jacques Vallee started to be interested in UFOs when he was working in an astronomy observatory, and watched how tapes where a UFO had been tracked were destroyed. He also has claimed some UFO sightings, although nothing too dramatic it seems.

Allen Greenfield, who researched the famous Pascagoula 1973 abduction case, has also claimed to have seen UFOs a couple of times.

Now, as for more interesting experiences...

Spanish Ufologist Juan José Benítez has also claimed many interesting experiences. In some of his books he has gone as far as suggesting he is what you might call a "star seed". This would probably be a good addition to your list.

And of course, John Keel claimed a lot of weird s#%t of his own, too ;)

Mike Clelland! said...

I added a little bit of text to clarify the post. I am using ALIEN ABDUCTION as the baseline phenomenon.

tinyjunco said...

Valle does not claim abduction (as far as i know). But he does relate a story from his early teens, where his mother calls to him from the backyard. He ran out to see a large, glowing, structured 3-D 'flying saucer' hovering quite close to their house. (It's detailed in his first book of diary excerpts). Much more than a light in the sky, and enough for most "skeptics" to blow him off.

Jenny Randles claims more than abduction in her book "Star Children: The True Story of Alien Offspring Among Us" She investigates a number of her own experiences, including missing time, using her journalistic background as well as hypnosis. In the end she doesn't come to any cut and dried conclusions, but does feel she has had some kind of contact and may in fact have some type of genetic relationship with the 'aliens'. steph

Red Pill Junkie said...

This is completely unrelated but --does anyone know how to make Blogger notify you of new comments via e-mail with this new cleaner (and lamer) format? >_<