Sunday, September 9, 2012

a competent telling of contact experiences

Chris Augustin presents at a UFO conference

This one hour video is a static camera pointing at a guy at a podium, but I found it really engrossing. This is a good presentation. A lot of things on the reoccurring checklist get checked off, and lots more. Chris Augustin has a really pragmatic and centered presence, and sometimes that feels rare within this phenomenon.

I found Chris on facebook as i was looking at some photos from a recent UFO conference in Maine. I saw his face on a few photos, and I read a few complimentary comments about his approach to the subject. So, I searched out his site, and found a link to this video (posted above).

This all happened last night, and as I was watching the video I thought to myself, I need to friend this guy on facebook. Within minutes I checked my email to see that I had received a friend request from Chris himself! I feel like I can take synchronicities in stride, but this one was pretty cool.

Please know, I will be bugging him to do an audio interview.


Anonymous said...

~Lucretia here:

A great, personable presentation!

When he spoke about how he just knew "they" were in his house and curled up into a ball from the fear of it-? I know exactly what he means. Several alien races are telepathic and seem to project a presence. For some reason, the greys at least give off an aura that we humans react to with what my husband likens to "dragon fear" in various fantasy novels. Even if they have no hostile intent, their mental touch is SO, well, ALIEN that its very difficult to face them and not be afraid without being in an altered state of consciousness.

Of course, I take some exception to the "put out positive energy and have positive experiences" notion, likewise with negative. I see his point about projecting our own attitudes towards events that happen to us of course, but what he's saying really only holds true when you have very few memories to determine how positive and negative encounters can be.

I've had negative experiences with the aliens, and positive, and many neutral. It has nothing to do with my attitude. But I don't want to sound like a broken record on that score. I should label it Alien Abduction Rant #7 and say, "Really, Mike-- Rant #7 here!!" LOL!

Rant #9 would be regarding the claim that people can entice aliens to kidnap them by asking or 'putting their desire out there.' Um, no-- I don't think so. It seems more likely to me that either his interest put him around someone who was undergoing abductions and he got picked up via 'contamination' (like my friend Wacita who slept near me at camp, got taken, and then thereafter was taken regularly.) Or, alternatively, he may have been a lifelong abductee who was off schedule for a while and just got put on, and his interest in the first place came from the unconscious knowledge he was involved already.

SO many people have WANTED to have contact and most never get it-- so wishing alone and even with deep spiritual work just isn't enough.

But-- he's fairly new to this as far as remembering and processing his experiences, and many people entertain a lot of ideas that they later change their mind about. Its all a part of the journey of discovery regarding this subject.

However, regardless, I like his overall practical and matter-of-fact open approach and I'm definitely checking his website. I find Chris to be a very likable and sincere person, and I appreciate his presence in the community. Thanks for posting this, Mike!

Different Mike said...

Thanks for posting another excellent find, Mike.

I agree with Lecretia. If I remember correctly, Chris mentioned John Mack with reference to his positive/negative theory. The way I heard Mack, he tried to shape the way a person experiences a thing - ie, constructively cope.

I'm not an abductee. So I'm speaking from the outside. But as a human being with a certain nervous disposition, having worked with many people with a variety of psychological disorders, I reject the "we create it" dogma. I would modify it and suggest, it is POSSIBLE for us to modify our emotional responses to a thing. Yes, we can learn to lessen our startle response. We can become familiar with things. We can develop strategies of action to even muster courage.

To the extent our predisposition for fear might "attract" negative encounters, well, don't some predators "smell" the fear of their prey? Aren't the weaker members of society often victimized by the predators even within our own species? I don't see this is CREATING the situation, unless we have the undiscovered power to shrink the structures of our own midbrain, and I think that's absurd. Not to mention, a slap in the face to the fearful.

I tried to find more from Chris on the matter of his soul potentially leaving his body. I was intrigued by the story with the chip and the Reiki, etc. No luck.

(PS-Why do Reiki people call themselves 'Masters'? Nobody else does that. I'm trained in the stuff. But I don't label myself 'master'. No Reiki practitioner I've ever met has the power and ability of the Shamans I've worked with, and thy don't call themselves 'masters'. Same said for Qi Gong teachers. I think it's a byproduct of what amounts to a brilliant marketing system laid out by the founders, or so I have deduced from researching its origins.)

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to both Lucretia & Different Mike:

I was impressed with Chris and his outlook and centered approach. He did say that he went thru a period of turmoil. His story is interesting.

He says he didn't start having UFO contact experiences until he looked into the subject. This might be one of those chicken-and-egg things, I mean, did he look into the subject because he was subconsciously drawn to it? And that subconscious attraction could have been from some sort of deeply buried connection to the overall phenomenon? And it "might" have been an event in childhood that was erased from his conscious memory. But, it "might" be a connection at some soul level that is entirely separate from this waking existence.

The more I look into this stuff, the more elastic reality becomes.

Mike C

Mike Clelland! said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Mike! This is probably not a relevant comment, just a quick way to get in contact with you, please delete. Anyway, I found this yesterday on Youtube, I haven't even watched the whole of part one, and I don't know if you're familiar with it, but if you're not, I'm quite sure you'll find it very interesting:

There's even a gray that transforms into an owl :) .
Watching this apparently rational and quite well-spoken man deliver such a strange, ludicrous and elaborate tale in such a matter-of-fact way is one huge WTF moment. Is this guy a fake? (he's got a book, mmmmh...) If he is not, and neither is he a lunatic (he doesn't seem like one), the only way I can possibly reconcile his story with any semblance of my own reality (I'm not an experiencer; yes, we exist :) ) is by assuming these are hypnosis-induced memories: I find it strange that a 3 and 1/2 years old child would retain the phrases "viral infection" and "human enforcement" (particularly this last one). Even so, this material would still be very interesting and illustrative, a must-see.
Oh, and his drawing are strangely childish (and what kind of relationship must he have had with his mother? You'll see what I mean...).

Chris Augustin said...

Thanks for your feedback, I'm scheduled to conduct an interview with Mike next week and am very excited.

In the interim, feel free to check out my site where all of my experiences are cataloged.

Different Mike said...


Thanks so much for sharing as you have. I can't wait to hear your conversation with Mike. He has a real nice way of gently unpacking the narrative. I'm eager to learn more about the "out of body" aspect of your experiences, as this theme has become troublesome in my own personal life.

I might listen to the interview before reading more on your website (I tend to get headaches when I read online - my glasses are broken and I can't afford new ones just now).

Anyhow. Can't wait. Thanks for sharing as you do. Wonderful stuff from a strong, clear voice.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Anyone noticed those weird bumps that start around 43:53?

The analog version of Skype interference, perhaps ;)