Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jason Moss shares an emotional experience


Author and experiencer Jason Moss speaks about a set of events which is believed to have taken place in 1992. He describes some extremely strange and emotional experiences with a female hybrid entity that radiated a kind of intense kind of love. There is a frightening military and mind-control aspect to this story that shows up as a very real pattern in the overall phenomenon.

Jason, a self described starseed, has written a series of children's books; The Kind Fairy Adventures. He writes under the name J.P. Moss. These are a set of fantasy stories with a theme of magical adventure and the importance of love. I can't help but think his personal experiences have directly influenced his writing.

Curiously, Bashar gets mentioned in the first video, this is the entity channeled by Darryl Anka.

NOTE: As of Sept. 8th, I've just added PART FOUR in this series. I checked Jason's site on a whim, and I was the very first viewer of this most recent video.  I added PART FIVE on Sept. 12th, and PART SIX on Sept. 14th.



Different Mike said...

The scene in "V" when Anna blisses out the humans automatically comes to mind when I witness the emotional impact in his very candid testimony.

My own encounters with the Weird have been of a different nature, but they have this in common. Any student of behaviorism will tell you that positive reinforcers are much more effective at shaping behavior than are punishments.

And the authoritative tone at the outset reminds me Derren Brown establishing control over one of his subjects. I don't disbelieve the man. But I distrust the information. Just as I distrust my own enigmatic messengers of hope.

It's not just the potentially frightful encounters that require us to discern authenticity from guile, but perhaps even more, it is the experiences that dissolve our defense mechanisms we need to consider most carefully.

Who knows? The whole thing just strikes me as manipulative.

Anonymous said...

I think I have to agree, Different Mike.

You don’t say, Mike, but I’m assuming you believe Jason’s story as what really went down that day when you mention mind control. That maybe he was made to forget and now remembers. He sounds as though that’s what happened But I’m having the opposite reaction to Jason’s story. Though he is distraught and involved emotionally in the event, I can’t trust that his event went down as he remembers it.

If the military were present, who is to say that the whole episode weren’t simply a mind control event, that this hybrid weren’t a figment of suggestion and the events surrounding her suggestion as well? I can’t confuse his sincerity with the story as he remembers it.

Every week we read about new inroads into mind control and this week I read something about dream control experimentation. It may be that through the years devoted to this sort of thing, the military has its hands on mind bending technology or intense drug treatments today. The stories smack of disinformation to me.

I’m not suggesting everyone who has had a contact experience is deluded, but I am suggesting that if one remembers military involvement, he or she should place every single contact experience into serious doubt as to its authenticity. I’d see what shakes out when I begin to doubt my memory instead.

His ending with so many new ageisms is something odd too. None of it makes much sense to me, but I do believe Jason is sincere in his belief.

Mike Clelland! said...

The alien contact experiences are fraught with challenges, and the ability for the unknown entities to cloud the mind with deceptive images is a consistent theme. One must always ask where realty ends and where the implanted memories begin.

But, he tells of other equally strange experiences in his other videos.

I cannot make any claims to the ultimate truths that lay behind his claims, anyone entering these waters must proceed with caution.

But, I impressed that he is so open and emotional about his experiences. And the fact that he is writing children's books about fairies is another puzzle piece to the overall mystery.

At present, i can make no real judgments of what is behind it all. The only thing I can do is to pay attention.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I've just read that a movie called "Dark Skies"

is being made about -
"A thriller centered on an alien disguised as a human and a boy tagged for abduction."

Might be interesting ?

Different Mike said...

Ineed, Mike. I watched all of his videos. His authenticity is palpable. And the fairy piece... something that also features into my own collage of experiences. I still don't know what to make of 'them'. I found them playful. They toyed with me. Scared the crap outta me - mainly just on account of being there. They played tricks on me, creating noises behind me. I'd look, see nothing, turn back, and they would have advanced a bit in my direction. It was strange. It's like they knew the boundaries of my fears, and they skillfully massaged them like a well meaning comic with a cutting wit.

I haven't seen them in a while but I'm planning to return to the woods where I met them in the near future. Same place I saw a very human 'ghost', that oddly, I heard before I saw.

Thanks for sharing this with us, and same to JP, if you come across this. Takes a lot of brass and heart to share this stuff so openly.

Mike Clelland! said...

To Different Mike:

You said that they: "It's like they knew the boundaries of my fears, and they skillfully massaged them like a well meaning comic with a cutting wit."

My reply:

I honestly don't know what I have interacted with, but the memories came back with a low and steady march, as if *they* knew my limits - if things had come back to me any faster - I think I would have snapped.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Man, I really loathe that term, 'starseed.'

It's like the 'new Atheists' who wanted to call themselves 'Brights', as implying that the rest of us are 'darks', dull and not endowed with the illumination of the great insight that there's no God, and all of us are nothing but a cosmic accident.

Similarly, the 'starseed' term implies the rest of humanity are what, 'mudseed'? Here's a little insight for all of you New Agers: ALL OF US are made of star stuff. Our bodies are the result of ancient supernovas who made possible the creation of the complex chemistry which makes carbon-based organisms like ourselves possible.

Sorry for the trolling. It's one of those Fridays...

Dahami said...

Starseed may sound pretentious, but it's just a word denoting a connection with UFO occupants or "star beings". Jason's message is more important than the language he uses to convey it. Of course, if it doesn't resonate with you, then it isn't meant for you.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Well, words do matter. And people in this field should be more aware than most that words carry a power of their own. They literally affect how we absorb the reality surrounding us.

If it's just a word, why not change 'Starseed' for 'Infiltrators' then? Functionally they are the same, yet the 2 convey quite a different emotional meaning, do they not?

Dahami said...

One of the five themes identified by MUFON's Abduction Transcription Project was the subject's "alien connection". In many cases, the aliens told the abductees things like, "You are one of us," or "You have another name." It has been suggested that this could be a ruse, to gain the abductee's compliance, but if you look more deeply, you will discover that this experience of dual human/alien identity goes much deeper than being simply told something. Some abductees have recollections of being in an alien body. Many feel that the aliens are family, hence the term "star family". To date, it has been rare for abductees to have detailed conscious memories of life as an alien. Most abductees are clueless about their alien connection until something happens to awaken them to it. Importantly, it is morally reprehensible for abductees to be targeted simply for having been born with some kind of alien connection that they themselves are not even aware of.

In Jason Moss'es experience, however, it appears that this covert military unit was there to sever his connection with the aliens. If true, he was targeted for something that, at age 20, he was not consciously aware of. There is also the larger debate about MILABs or RE-ABs, in which individuals appear to be targeted for abduction by human agencies simply because they happen to be UFO abductees or to have an alien connection. This gets to the difference between the idea of a "starseed", which sounds like a good thing, if a bit pretentious, and the idea of an "infiltrator", which is xenophobic way of looking at abductees, experiencers, contactees or starseeds.

There are so many terms that are used in the discussion of this phenomenon. As long as I understand what is being referred to, I 'm not going to be too pedantic about which terms should be used. Everyone has their own perspective and beliefs, and I'm not going to spend my time arguing over whether we should call the beings aliens, visitors, UFO occupants, extraterrestrials, or star family, for example, even though each term has its own connotation and associated assumptions.