Monday, September 10, 2012

excellent interview with Grant Cameron

Skeptiko is a podcast series with a focus on consciousness. Series host Alex Tsakiris interviews UFO researcher and author, Grant Cameron. During the interview Cameron explains how his research led him to uncover the connection between ESP, telepathy and the UFO phenomena.

Highly recommended.

Direct link to the audio HERE


golf clubs said...

How nice the interview was.

Anonymous said...

I I liked that both Tsakiris and Cameron don't make assumptions beyond what seems obvious. I've made the same connection regarding the ufo and consciousness, colored by my personal experiences.

I've never had a near death experience, but I had my world view altered radically over twenty years ago. Once that happened, I was able to enter very easily what I've deemed the hypnogogic state just because I feel like I have one foot in this world and one in another I can't describe.

But back then, I had several experiences I called downloads at the time. My shoulders would rise up and my head would brace for impact as I sat and received information suited to my new perspective. I felt these downloads physically and it's as though I was given information deemed truthful as opposed to what seemed truth before my epiphany. There were several instances like this before they stopped altogether and I felt that some of the information I was given was indiscernible at the time, sort of like hidden code that might become relevant later.

I haven't heard much about people receiving downloads in the ensuing years, but I'm hearing it more and more often now. I do wonder at the timing and if the same phenomenon is at work.

I hope Cameron finds a wider audience for his theory. In my opinion, it's time to consider a much broader aspect to the ufo enigma.

Tim Brosnan said...

Not to mention great interviews with Jeff Kripal (scientific materialism) and Stanton Friedman (echoing Cameron's comments about the psychic component of the UFO phenomenon)!