Saturday, June 11, 2011

triangle+scar+left+arm searched on-line

Close up of a tiny set of three dots on my left arm. This curious scar has been there since I was in elementary school and it's faded in a way that the lower left dot is barely visible anymore..

There is a curious statistic on my side-bar. If you scroll down and look at the application titled MOST READ POSTS ON THIS SITE, EVER. The majority are audio interviews with popular authors, but there is one that seems out of place. It’s a post I did last summer titled: Tiny dots on my left arm. (linked HERE)

Why is that post so popular? It’s baffled me, until this morning.

I just recently looked at my stat-counter and found where I could check “Keyword Analysis” and found that the fourth most common way people arrive at my site is by searching out this phrase: “triangle scar left arm”

The implication is that people (from around the world) are using google as a tool to search out an answer about triangle scars on their left arms. Since last summer I’ve received a handful of comments (and emails) where people will say that they have the exact same scar, or something very similar.

The fact that this somewhat obscure post is so popular seems to indicate that there is a very pattern of people out there with odd triangle scars on their left arms, and they are seeking answers. The implications of this is extremely curious, at least to me.

A photoshop recreation that matches the memory form my youth. This shows the curious symmetry and definition of the dots. 3/8 of an in is pretty much 1 centimeter.


Red Pill Junkie said...

What if you asked people to send you photos of their scars, and you post them on the blog?

tommy t said...

I also have this but on the inner side of my right arm pointing down towards my hand

Paul said...

I thought I had found the answer to something that has bothered me for 20 years when I saw your post, but it's not quite the same as what I have.
This is going to sound like the rant of a mad man, but in the 1980's when I was 7 or 8 I had a strange experience one night when I went to bed. It seemed like all I did was blink and it was morning. It wasn't like those nights where you feel you've had hardly any sleep... it literally just felt like a blink. I instantly noticed 3 red spots on my left arm. They weren't in a triangle, but they were in a perfectly straight line and exactly the same distance apart. In a matter of days they turned into tiny 'craters' like your scars have and are still fairly visible today. It has always confused me more because of the 'blinking' experience combined with the dots rather than just the dots themselves.

Anonymous said...

I have the same exact scar on my right arm, inside of wrist. I remember having it in elementary school because I lied and told everyone it was from a snake bite. Can't be from an IV bc I never had one before adolescence.. never thought much about it, assuming it was from a vaccine, until I asked my mom recently and she seemed alarmed. she claims its definitely not from a vaccine. Hope this helps! I'm very intrigued with everyone's stories. This is kind of strange?

caladonia eubanks said...

I have this very same mark but on my left side (ribs) on the other side I've got freckles in the same shape. My right eye also has it. I've always had them. Always noticed the scar. I want to know why. Something in my gut tells me its something big. And I'm all sorts of marked up with the symbol.

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to caladonia eubanks :

You post came in at 11:11

Anonymous said...

Bed bug byte patterns are in the linear or triangular shapes like in the descriptions above. Scarring would be similar too. Kids like to pull scabs and it would cause deep puncture like scars.

Pedantic said...

Isn't every set of three points going to be in a linear or triangular pattern?

Vanessa van der Vliet said...

I too have a 3 dot scar this is on my left thigh I have had it at least 30 years and associate it with a UFO sighting at the time. I have had ufo experiences my whole life has ramped up recently since I have been talking to others about my expereinces

Fiona Bowe said...

Vaccine scar

Da De Di Dhodong said...

Hello! It was my first time to search on google about this triangular scar I have on my left arm. It happened like 5 years ago I just can't remember what year was it. The story was I was asleep in my bedroom when suddenly something itching on my left arm, all I thought is it's a cockroach but I didn't really saw it because at the moment it woke me up I feel so heavy that all I just did was forcefully shaking my left arm to wear off whatever that's itching. The morning I woke I didn't pay much attention about it as if it never happened and I'm not really sure when did I started to notice it but I think it took me so long. I have sent you an email with an image about this scar.

rolypolyblues said...

I discovered your site while researching the paranormal for a screenplay I'm writing, then ended up completely fascinated by yours and Christopher Knowles's blogs. This was a week or two ago. Two nights ago after reading a lot about UFO abduction it suddenly occurred to me that the only recurring dream I remember having as a kid involved me standing in a vessel or structure looking out a window at the earth down below, and I think it involved a girl there who I had never met but my impression was that she was like a soulmate or twin. I feel like we were in a cashew or banana shaped ship, with our rooms on each end and a meeting room in the middle, connected by hallways. For the last several years, since I had a sort of spiritual awakening, I believed the dream was my psyche showing me my alienated/suppressed anima, because I rememeber the dreams feeling profoundly spiritual or magical and they seemed to leave a powerful longing in me to return to this place.

Shortly after this I found the first triangle post on the sidebar of your blog. I can clearly remember finding these circles (I think they each had barely visible dots in the center as well) in a perfect on my left arm when I was younger, and being somewhat mystified but quickly dismissing it. Now I think I've found the faint impressions of them, but also maybe others as well - its hard to tell if I'm imagining this, possibly because I'm so worked up about it, but there seem to be other faint circle impressions running in a line up my inner arm with their origin near my elbow.

This then reminded me of a playground song we sang as kids. Specifically it'd often be sung by someone who simultaneously drew little circles in pen on the person's arm who they were singing it to. "Circle circle dot dot, now you've got your cooties shot, circle circle square square, now you've got it everywhere, circle circle line line, now you've got it all the time." I searched very briefly but couldn't find a known origin for this rhyme, maybe there is one that's totally normal, but in light of everything else it seems like it may be creepily relevant, ie perhaps it started as a "safe" expression of suppressed trauma.

Sorry for rambling. I'm now trying to figure out if I might be an "abductee" so I'm in a bit of an emotional whirlwind.