Thursday, May 10, 2012

sketch from a dream

sketch from a dream, drawn the next morning

On December 17th of 2011 I sent an email to Kim Carlsberg and asked if this sketch (above) meant anything to her.

She replied with a very short answer:
 incubation chamber

Here’s the genesis of this sketch. I drew this after having a very vivid dream memory. It was vivid in a way that seemed important. The sketch was an attempt to show a sort of shelf system with little glass windows. Probably about waist high or a little higher. I drew this image the morning after my one and only hypnotic regression with Budd Hopkins. I remember quickly scribbling it in a sketchbook the very next morning; Oct 24th, 2007.

In the dream this shelf system was garishly colored with electrically intense yellows, greens and reds. It felt like everything was painted in day-glow paint.

Kim is an outspoken contactee who spoke did an interview with me on this site (linked HERE). She also published the coffee table book: The Art of Close Encounters. She pointed me to page 141 in her book (see below), this shows something somewhat similar to the sketch I sent to her. In a way, I sent that sketch to her because I knew what her response would be, and in a way, it confirmed what I suspected.

Illustration by Chuck Chroma

I’ve met Kim a few times at conferences, and she will laugh in my face when I say that I’m not sure if I’m actually an abductee. This isn't mean, she has a point.

The term "incubation chamber" shows up in the abduction lore. People will report seeing walls of aquarium like boxes with tiny hybrid fetuses floating in some sort of liquid. The implication is that these aliens are involved in some sort of program involving genetics and breeding.


Damien said...

My first impression was that of an Automat. Sorry :) I don't mean to be flippant. But it really does look like an Automat..

Mike Clelland! said...

Yes - it absolutely looks like an automat. That didn't escape me. The morning of the dream, I thought as much too.

I also felt that it was something connected to my meeting with Budd Hopkins. I knew enough about the abduction phenomenon to know that it was probably exactly what Kim eventually said, that they were some sort of incubation chambers.

Red Pill Junkie said...

You say you drew this sketch in 2007. Had it been done in 2008, I might imagine you were influenced by the movie Dark Knight, seeing how your sketch resembles a videowall more than Kim's, which seems more like a collection of aquarium tanks.

Re. the automat, it's funny that one of those appears in the movie Dark City, one of my faves :)

Ward said...

The first thing i thought of when i saw it was The power monitoring of the advanced Alien civilization of the Krell from forbidden planet. Granted those were circular, but the curve and layout is very reminiscent of it to me. BTW i 'm glad your a fan of the original outer limits series, those episodes are exceedingly good and spooky!

Mike Clelland! said...

From Anya Briggs:

Was having trouble posting on your blog so here it is:

Mike- I had a dream in the late 90s/early 2000s about that very same structure you drew- it looked *exactly* like your drawing- except in the dream I was at an "aquarium" and it was connected to a ramp that behind it was an indoor giant structure where whales and fish and I guess dolphins were as well, swimming around in this vertical massive chamber. I hadn't thought about this structure until I saw your drawing, but I remember waking up and being profoundly, intensely focused on that dream all day. It haunted me.

I have no idea what an "incubation chamber" is but I do recognize that structure immediately. It has a profound resonance for me.

Trish said...

I sent this post to a friend, an abductee, and I'll have to send you her response. She, too, has been to that nursery.

Ellis said...

Hi Mike,
In 1996, while in what appeared to be, a craft, I came across a bank of white cupboards and drawers. It looked a bit like a multi-compartmented fridge. It was very long and at least 8 foot tall. A drawer at the bottom was was full of human body parts. As I looked in horror I heard the words,"The body parts were all used in 1939".
I've not heard of other people seeing these cubicle things before but then I don't really follow 'abduction' stories that much.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Well, there's the part in Strieber's Transformation, when one of the blue dwarfish 'workers' shows him a large drawer-like cabinet full of alien bodies wrapped in thin transparent film like cellophane. The entity looked to Strieber as if it was very proud of this.

I've always wondered if the most economic way to travel huge distances in space would be not with a spaceship, but just 'faxing' the instructions needed to assemble what you require on the other side with the available materials —and that would even mean suitable bodies for the crew.

Ellis said...

RPJ, that is an interesting take on it. I hadn't considered that, thanks. I don't have any memories of anything that felt so horrific, so perhaps it was as innocent as what you suggest.