Wednesday, May 9, 2012

UFO podcast hosts share an odd experiences

I met Mel Fabregas this last February at a UFO conference in Arizona. We seem to have a lot in common with each other. He is the host of the internet radio VERITAS. Both he and I interview guests on the UFO phenomenon and associated paranormal topics, we have both had extremely odd synchronicities and an experience with a psychic that was the genesis of our shows.

Here's an odd coincidence. We both were diagnosed with the dangerous heart condition pericarditis a few days after attending a UFO conference.

Mel Fabregas wrote me:
This happened just a few days after the 2010 IUFOC (in Laughlin, NV). There were two young guys that wanted to hang out with me and they gave me a bad vibe. I essentially shook their hands goodbye and a number [of people] in my group got sick immediately after with bronchitis. I didn't.
But just a few days later I couldn't sleep because my chest would hurt. I would wake up every time I would breath. Two nights later I decided to call my insurance company's nurse. She said "Hang up the phone and call 911." Long story short; paramedics came, ambulance, nitro under my tongue. I thought I was having heartburn.
The doctor said, "No, it's your heart. You have pericarditis." I spend a couple of days in the hospital. That's the story.

My experience is written out in a long blog post (HERE), but here's my short version.

In October of 2009 I attended a conference in Joshua Tree California, it was hosted by Whitley Strieber. A few days after the conference while traveling in Utah I started feeling chest pains. Later that same day I found out that my friend Mac Tonnies had died at the very young age of 34. A few months before this, I had spoken to Mac about an overnight stay in a hospital after he had fainted. The doctors were focused on his heart, but they never had an answer to why he fainted.

I assumed I was having some sort of emotional empathic reaction to Mac's death. Later I was diagnosed with pericarditis.

Mel talks about his experience in THIS podcast.


Trish said...

A very weird synch, this one, Mike. It seems that a number of experiencers have health issues. But why?

Zen Benefiel said...

I've had weird heart stuff go on for many years, nothing ever caused me to visit the doctor or emergency room. I'm sure multiple NDEs have something to do with that. I did have something really bizarre happen on Good Friday last year, though.

With your permission, I'll share what I wrote on Facebook...

I had this intense wave of energy pass through me as I was preparing breakfast. It was so intense that it caused a pause in my entire being and drew notice accordingly. It followed a moment of feeling alone and empty, quiet and evidently unobservable.

I wasn't gone but I sure knew I was headed out for a bit, needing to completely let go and trust - even beyond life. I've had similar sensations, but never this intense. Well, there was on similar many years ago when I entered the Light after being asked if I was willing to die for what I believed in. Google Messianic Complex and you'll find the story.

As I continued the preparations in silence and observation, I began to feel my body become unmanageable. I was fully conscious and aware, although my body was beginning to detach from conscious volition... maintaining bipedal locomotion. :~) I managed to let my beloved know she needed to finish cooking (I'd put the eggs and lox into the skillet with the sauteed onions) and stumbled into the bedroom.

I'm sure it frighten her because I was literally bouncing off the walls as I went. I could see, but wanted to just close my eyes and leave. Her father had passed last October, but his decline was observed and a transition imminent. It was only because we'd been discussing my sensations of 'phasing' for several months.

Once I hit the bed, spread eagle and face down, I just relaxed and went with the sensation of releasing my body. Wow, it felt soooooo good. Being fully conscious and looking from within now (eyes closed of course) I could see a thin circle of light on an blue/indigo background. I watched as the circle pulsed, like it was breathing only not to the rhythm of my own breath. It condensed into a large point and then expanded to about 2/3 of my field of vision several times before I was summoned to respond to my beloved's concern.

I was still able to observe the circle for a bit while offering my initial response that I was fine and just enjoying the ride. It was quite a ride indeed. Now this happened the morning of April 22, a little after 10am Arizona time (I'd say 10:10 to be stylish, but I'm not really sure). Sometimes these things happen as part of a wave of conscious adjustment that many participate in their own way, yet rarely do we check in to find out. I tend to look for those things, as some of you already know, in order to understand my own experience better.

There was no debilitating after affects, so it appears to be part of my growth in awareness and service (whatever that may be soon), although it felt like my cup just got emptied big time. If I'm at least close to garnering some understanding, then this wave was felt by many. If not, then I'm a little weirder than I thought.

Mike Clelland! said...

Thanks Zen! Hope you are well down there in AZ.

Lisa Romanek said...

Hi, Lisa Romanek here. Strange, I and my friend Mark got the same symptoms after the IUFOC. We were sick with it for about a month. Stan didn't get sick. I hope you are well now!

Diana Manister said...

This doesn't inspire me to attend conferences!