Monday, October 31, 2011

audio conversation with Alan Caviness

Researcher, astronomer and experiencer.

I found Alan's website (linked HERE) when I googled Owls & UFOs, and this took me to a fascinating report titled The Owl & Deer Incidents. This report was written in such a careful and thorough way, that it intrigued me to dig deeper into his site.

As I read more, I realized that Alan is more than just a researcher, he's also an abductee. This combination is fascinating to me, and I realized I needed to interview him.

One-click audio down-load HERE
One-hour / 59 minutes

We cover a wealth of subjects including: UFOs, owls, the abduction phenomenon, synchronicities, military involvement, the term "compelled" and it's implications, and trying to remain objective as a researcher.

Here are a series of links that we address during our conversation:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mac Tonnies two years gone

Some of Mac Tonnies’ best friends and people who continue to be influenced by him got together on RADIO MYSTERIOSO on October 23rd to reminisce about his life, personality and work. Mac died in his sleep two years ago on the night of October 18th. He was a reluctant iconoclast and advanced thinker and theorist. He was respected as a fortean and transhumanist. He was also a friend.

Aaron Gulyas, Tony Morrill, Nick Redfern, Paul Kimball and Mike Clelland joined Greg Bishop for over two hours as we discussed how we were influenced by Mac and what his legacy might be. We all still miss him terribly and our thoughts go out to his family and other friends.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Jeff Kripal articulates the impossible

Video teaser for an upcoming documentary.

Author Jeff Kripal just said yes to an interview.

I have two of his books, AUTHORS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE and MUTANTS AND MYSTICS. Both these books are thick, and (sadly) I won't be able to read them in their entirety before we talk. But from what I've gleaned so far, I am deeply impressed. This guy is tapping into something that I have been struggling with, and he is articulating what I'm seeing - and sometimes experiencing.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

audio conversation with Fred Burks

Hard worker.

Fred Burks is a very dedicated researcher who is trying to make known horrors of mind control. He has been working hard to share reliable verifiable information on this challenging subject. He has a web-site called WANT TO KNOW, where he has been cataloging a wealth of substantiated documentation.

One-click audio down-load HERE.
one hour / 39 minutes

The focus of our conversation was mind control and how it seems to overlap with divergent topics. We went into the deep waters, and looked at UFOs, alternate realms, time travel, 2012, occult rituals, Dr. Steven Greer and Luciferian agendas. Somehow, these concepts are interwoven int the claims of the people who report trauma based mind-control.

Fred is quite the fascinating fellow, he was a an insider at the state department and worked as a translator for the department of state speaking Indonesian. He spent time in high level meetings translating for Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr., Condolisa Rice and Dick Cheney. He left his job after going public with some of the dirty deeds of the Bush administration after 9/11.

Fred references a link on his site, DEEP INSIDER REVEALS ALL, and the text is the link.

Here's an excellent audio interview that also gives some good insights into Fred and his life, both professionally and spiritually. And here's a good video where Fred tells about his role as a whistle blower (12 minutes long).

And, here's another of his web-sites, one with a focus on spiritual evolution titled TRANSFORMATION TEAM.

And more - This interview with Fred had it's own funny synchronicity, linked HERE.

Here's a really great video presentation where Fred gives a good introduction to the Mind control issues. Plus, he tells about his role as a government whistle blower in a post 9/11 world. One hour, 40 minutes long.

The Layered Language of Crop Circles

Lines on a map, and an attempt to define deep mysteries.
Crop circles, UFOs, and synchronicities are clues to our connection with a largely-unseen web of reality. Interactions with these phenomena show us that we aren’t isolated packets of consciousness; rather, we are transmitters and receivers of meaning through language. 
We find that where these extraordinary phenomena occur in conjunction with one another and are then plotted on a map, a brilliant and always-evolving syntax emerges. As we wish, we are given to explore a language that has nothing to do with the describing the mundane and everything to do with navigating the fringes of reality.
The above quote is an excerpt from The Layered Language of Crop Circles.

The author, Stace Tussel Colligan, is a comrade of mine.

We've repeatedly tossed ideas back and forth between each other and she's helped me widen my view of reality. She posted a video on a a very curious crop circle synchronicity, and that was the genesis of my very strange set of map posts from March of last year.

Those posts (and my use of google-maps) played a role in her recent post on her blog, Inter-Intelligence-Communications. She's come up with some very odd synchronistic lines concerning her North American crop circle research.

This post is absolutely fascinating, but I don't know what it means, all I know for sure is that I am going to pay very close attention.

One thing I do notice is that one line passes through the Pryor Mountains in Montana. I have just barely hinted at this location as important in my own blog, but this location has been a sort of synchro-beacon as I proceed down this path.

The dark area is The Pryor Mountains, the home of the "little people" in the lore of the Crow Nation.

rectangular UFO and odd memory problems

Reference drawn by the witness of a 40 to 60-yard-long, rectangular-shaped object floating silently less than 600 feet off the ground.

There was an extremely curious UFO sighting on Oct 16th in Oregon. The witness and his daughter both claim "strange memory" problems after watching an oddly shaped rectangle object while driving in their car. The report is fascinating, linked HERE.

I am struck by it's similarity to a recent post on UFO's shaped like buildings (see below), linked HERE.

Illustration of a flying object seen in England by three people for approximately 20 minutes

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

12345 sych! (well, almost)

Ooooh, so close!

I am editing the audio for an interview I just did with researcher Fred Burks. We are focused mostly on mind control, but our conversation roams to other topics as well. During the editing I had an issue that I couldn't solve, so I called apple support, I spent some time on hold and when the service person came on the phone I paused the audio.

Now, anyone who's followed this blog knows that the number 123 shows up in my life in odd ways, but I am WAY more intrigued when it's the number 12345.

So, the paused time count read 01:23:44.984, and that is ridiculously close to being a very tidy 12345. Below is the audio text, with the time count noted:

FRED: What many of these people are being lead to believe is there is going to be some great harvest on 2012.


MIKE: Yep, I've heard that too...

FRED: Where all the good people are going to be taken off to another dimension ad all the bad people are going to be sent off to live of another cycle of incarnation to learn that it's about love, and I don't buy into that.

So, the number (or the almost number) 12345 coincides exactly with the spoken word: "2012" - whatever that means. Chris Knowles says to keep a synchronicity log, and I've taken his advice to heart, and I'm documenting 'em right here in this blog.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Radio Mystery Theater predicts UFO abductions

During my youth I was absolutely fascinated with the nightly show, The CBS Radio Mystery Theater. It was on AM radio at 11:07 each weeknight, and I would lie in bed and listen to the drama on my clock radio. There were stories of the paranormal, ghosts and monsters. The show was hosted by E.G. Marshall, who had a hauntingly beautiful voice.

This story is a fictional re-telling of a series of UFO abductions. The original air-date was November 25, 1974, well before the proliferation in the media of abduction accounts. The set of plot points closely matches many of the elements of the typical UFO abduction account (including mind control, telepathy and implants) and I find this fascinating.

I had a missing time event in the fall of 1974, (I don't know the exact date) and this story was first aired shortly after that experience, potentially only a few weeks later.

Episode title: The Sighting

Plot: A husband and wife witness the landing of a UFO. The husband wants to pretend it didn't happen, but the wife begins getting extraterresial visits from these mysterious aliens. The wife is played by Kim Hunter, the sympathetic ape from the original PLANET OF THE APES.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chris Holly writes about personal memories

The title of her post is: Why I Write About the UFO Alien Subject

This is an excellent essay where researcher Chris Holly shares a personal experience when she was 14 years old. Note that she tells of her parents being angry with her for being out so late, I have a similar memory. Also, she uses the term "compelled" to describe why she is writing about these issues now. I've also used that very same term to describe my own need to write this on-line blog.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dr. John Mack on Oprah

John Mack and a very thoughtful Experiencer named Peter.

A compassionate set of interviews with Oprah (as per usual) with Dr. Mack and a few very brave Experincers. There are three video segments in this series, here's a link to PART 2 and PART 3.

Hopkins and Mack side by side

One hour of discussion and deep specutlation.

Budd Hopkins and Dr. John Mack share their findings, and their differences. John deals with the multi-dimensional and spiritual aspects, in contrast Budd sees the experience as something more sinister. Video-taped in Boston in 1997.

This busy title graphic doesn't reflect the sparse and level-headed tone of the content.

I am going to editorialize on the state of UFO information and it's visual tone. I need to express my deepest abhorrence to the imagery used to promote videos like this one here, and the one in the post below. I loath the sensationalistic portrayal on DVD boxes, book covers and video title graphics. These slapped together photoshop constructions make my heart sink. I feel a deep "mission" of sorts to try to get this very real subject to be taken seriously, and shabby visuals like these are a pathetic step backwards.

Monday, October 10, 2011

a serious documentary on UFO abduction

This busy title graphic doesn't reflect the sparse and level-headed tone of the film-making.

UFOs: The Secret History is a very serious documentary created for Canadian television. It is shot almost entirely with just a stationary camera and people speaking about the issues surrounding the phenomenon. This is entirely engaging, and a welcome relief compare to the frenetic pace of cable TV documentaries designed for zero attention span.

Budd Hopkins shares his insight from his time researching the phenomenon.

What is most impressive is that there is over 2 hours and 23 minutes of bonus interviews as part of the DVD package, and that's what I've included above. This extra footage features a series of interviews focused entirely on the UFO abduction phenomenon. The video features Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs, Jerome Clark, Dr. Janet Elizabeth Colli, Travis Walton, mythologists, psychologists, and a series of abductees sharing their personal experiences.

I haven't watched the documentary in it's entirety, nor have I watched all of the bonus interviews. But I feel I've seen enough to recommend this long set of conversations. I deeply respect the filmmaker, David Cherniack, for treating the viewer as an grown-up.

The video is available for purchase in three discs, with a total of 290 minutes in length.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

DMT and the realms beyond our human experience

"I was gone for 15 minutes, a thousand years of experience in 15 minutes! Well, to say the least - it was profound!"

This is an 11 minute clip from a documentary on DMT and it's profound effects on the person experiencing it's psychadelic power. I am posting this as an interesting addition to the UFO abduction videos (above), as a way to try and wrap my own mind around the muti-dimmensional claims of some abduction reports.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Christopher Knowles on Re-Enchantment

This lady needs to start a self-indulgent blog!

Christopher Knowles just posted an essay on THE SECRET SUN that I consider required reading. The post is titled The Re-Enchantment Dialogues, Part 2: Suggestion Box.

-------------------- Here's an excerpt --------------------

We all have a catalog of moments in our life in which we experienced magic, so a good place to begin to reconnect with enchantment is to write them all down. I think you'll find that many more will bubble up as you go poking around for them...

Synchronicity is going to be one of the jewels in the crown of your re-enchantment, so start writing your syncs down. I generally get annoyed when simple coincidence is mistaken for synchronicity, but in this case don't worry about the distinction. Pretend everything is a dispatch from Olympus.


Let me say that I've taken Christopher's advice to heart, and I did it on my own on March 3rd 2009. The need to do so welled up inside me as a sort of compulsion. Or maybe I was being impelled by my own higher self - or maybe an outside force.

I have been journaling my synchronicities, dreams, memories and odd life experiences right here in this blog. I feel that declaring these things so publicly adds to their power, and (no foolin') the volume knob gets turned up a few notches.

Also: Go to the photo of Mr. Knowles on the right side-bar and check out the quote below, added over a year ago.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

audio conversation with authors Walter Bosley and Richard Spence

Espionage, the occult and murder in southern California.

The book EMPIRE OF THE WHEEL is a true crime mystery, but within it’s pages, more questions are raised than answered.

Murder, espionage and occult rituals are all intertwined in the narrative of this book. It doesn’t end there, because synchronicities, odd coincidences and un-answered questions were all part of the process of researching this eerie case. To make things even stranger, it has connections to the Zodiac killer from the 1960's.

One-click down-load HERE
one hour / 41-minutes long

Greg Bishop of RADIO MYSTERIOSO did an excellent interview (linked HERE) with both the authors, and that podcast makes for a tidy sister interview to this one. That episode is focused more on the content of the book, while this interview deals mostly with the process of researching and writing the book.

Order the book HERE.

WALTER BOSLEY is a former counterintelligence specialist with the FBI, served as a Special Agent AFOSI for five years after earning his USAF commission, traveled the world as a counter-terrorism consultant from 2000 to 2005 and is now a licensed private investigator.

RICHARD B SPENCE, PhD is a Professor of History at the University of Idaho. He’s written a series of books on espionage including SECRET AGENT 666 about Aleister Crowley and his work with the British Secret Service.

Walter was interviewed by me on this site a year ago, simply click HERE to access that excellent conversation. And he has a BLOG too! Plus, Sesh Heri played a role in the creation of this haunting book.