Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Christopher Knowles on Re-Enchantment

This lady needs to start a self-indulgent blog!

Christopher Knowles just posted an essay on THE SECRET SUN that I consider required reading. The post is titled The Re-Enchantment Dialogues, Part 2: Suggestion Box.

-------------------- Here's an excerpt --------------------

We all have a catalog of moments in our life in which we experienced magic, so a good place to begin to reconnect with enchantment is to write them all down. I think you'll find that many more will bubble up as you go poking around for them...

Synchronicity is going to be one of the jewels in the crown of your re-enchantment, so start writing your syncs down. I generally get annoyed when simple coincidence is mistaken for synchronicity, but in this case don't worry about the distinction. Pretend everything is a dispatch from Olympus.


Let me say that I've taken Christopher's advice to heart, and I did it on my own on March 3rd 2009. The need to do so welled up inside me as a sort of compulsion. Or maybe I was being impelled by my own higher self - or maybe an outside force.

I have been journaling my synchronicities, dreams, memories and odd life experiences right here in this blog. I feel that declaring these things so publicly adds to their power, and (no foolin') the volume knob gets turned up a few notches.

Also: Go to the photo of Mr. Knowles on the right side-bar and check out the quote below, added over a year ago.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, I exchanged e-mails with you about owls a while back. Since then I've got a working theory about all this.

"Or maybe I was being impelled by my own higher self ."

This is actually it in a nutshell. Synchronicities increase massively for those looking for this missing part of themselves and they get really complicated if you've ever had some sort of major dream or vision of this higher self and what it means. "Pretend everything is a dispath from Olympus," is very similar to "take everything that happens to you as a message from your higher self to you." The search for the higher self is a return to unity and in essence synchronicities that link unconnected events to each other are also in essence a way of demonstrating the unity of the universe. We tend to deal with any experience by projecting it back out into the world, synchronicities, I believe, are what happens when you have had a vision of the higher self and then project that outwards (often as a means of subconsciously dealing with the profundity of it).



Red Pill Junkie said...

Hmmm... I should start doing that. It kind of reminds me of CastaƱeda's practice of 'recapitulation'.

I also started writing about my dreams, but I haven't had much success lately —when I had a dream with those a-holes of Jersey Shore (and I don't even watch that show!) I was sure the Trickster was having a field day with my Oneiresphere ;)

muzuzuzus said...

Always be aware of the air

Anonymous said...

LOL at your image and the commentary to it here!!