Tuesday, September 29, 2009

audio conversation with Miriam Delicado

Miriam and I spoke yesterday, and the conversation was a sincere sharing of life experiences. She spoke about a series of first-hand contact incidents, and she articulated some deep insights from her memories. What emerged from our discussion was something deeply personal and heartfelt. The informal dialog is posted below.

I met Miriam at the Laughlin UFO congress in February of 2009. At that point I was awash in insecurities and anxiety, and at the same time I felt this very real urgency to try and make sense of my memories. We sat together for a short time, and she patiently listened to my story. The advice she gave me was that I should come forward with my experiences, and in a very real way, this blog is the result of her guidance.

Her presentation was simply a heartfelt re-telling of the events in the book, ans well as a sincere plea that we, all of us, need to make a collective choice on how we will proceed in the upcoming years. I was impressed, and she made quite a splash at the conference.

In 2007 she published a book about her experiences titled BLUE STAR. I read the book when I returned from Nevada, and I found it immensely engaging. It struck a chord in me that I would find hard to articulate. She tells about a life of intermittent contact with alien beings.

There is an extremely dramatic event when she was just 22 years old. It took place along a lonely Canadian highway in 1988. She was stopped by a giant saucer shaped craft and she was escorted on-board. For the next three hours the tall beings shared important insights about the upcoming chapter of humanity.

She was told that when the time was right, she would be asked to come forward and share her story. And in 2007 she had that message, and from that point on she was unwittingly thrust into the role of prophet.

Miriam has a web site, www.bluestarprophecy.com

During our conversation, a lot comes up. Including a reference to a web-site with a collection of of UFO related illustrations by actual witnesses called Out There Zone.

Also, during the conversation I got a phone call from Marla Frees, and I thought that was strangely synchronistic. She is a gifted psychic, more on her soon.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

meeting Whitley Strieber

There are few personalities that can compare to Whitley Strieber. He is (for good or for bad) an intense dude! And he brings out strong opinions in other people.

I met him and he was nice to me.

I'll add that he's a big guy, over 6 feet tall and an impressive presence in a room. When I met him (at Chet Snow's SECRETS conference in 2007) he had on a suit and tie in a room full of flowery new-age people at a UFO conference, making him even more imposing.

He was standing in a line for coffee and I introduced myself. Without any niceties, I jumped right to the issue that was deeply troubling me. I spoke about how I was trying to come to terms with my own set of experiences, which seemed to point to a series of ongoing abductions.

I said, "Looking into this, I'm really - well - really freaked out."

Whitley said, "I should say so!"

Here's what he told me next:

"You know how when you look at a lake at that moment of a beautiful sunset, and the light is reflecting off the surface of the water. What you are seeing is the color of the sky, and the dazzling display of the sunset."

He made a melodramatic hand gesture to visually describe the flat surface of a lake out in front of him, and then he continued.

"But at the same time you may get a glimpse what's under the surface of the water, but you can only see a distorted refraction. I feel that's what's going on here. We see something that we can't quite perceive, it's hidden from us - and what we DO see is distorted and refracted. There is a LOT going on under the water."

That is as good a definition as I've ever heard about this entire mixed-up quandary.

Monday, September 21, 2009

more owls

Two nights ago, I (again) sat in a meadow at sunset, and saw three owls circle around me. I was with a small team of students, and we all basically said: "Golly, this is cool!" This time there was nothing (that I know of) that might have been a trigger. No talk of God or my mother's mortality.

For reasons unknown, I have seen a lot of owls this summer. I spend a lot of time outside in terrain with owls, and this undoubtedly adds to my ability to see owls - but SO many?Am I making too much out of something that might be perfectly mundane?

My question to anyone out there: Has anyone ever seen adult owls in groups of three (or five)?

More owl stories here & here.

One more story: About 5 years ago I saw two Barred owls in the mountains near my house. They followed me at sun set as I walked along a trail. They would fly to a tree, watch me pass by, and then fly to the next tree and continue watching me as I walked along my path.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

David Huggins calls me, right on time

I'm back from my field work teaching mountain skills, and - sure enough - David Huggins calls me on the phone. That's three times he's managed to catch me just a few hours after I am officially done with my outdoor work.

He has a book out, and typical of any artist, he's not entirely happy with the end results (I know the feeling). The book is filled with paintings and the stories that were the inspiration. David's story is at the extreme edge of an already unbelievable subject. But, as bizarre as they are, I simply cannot dismiss his experiences. I've spoken with him at length, and I can't understand why he would be lying. Plus, he has eagerly encouraged me to pursue my creative impulses.

The book is available now, authored by Farah Yurdoza.

five owls

A bunch more owls have shown up in my life.

Here's what happened. I just got out of the mountains in Southern Montana near Yellowstone.

I was on a 7-day trip teaching lightweight camping skills. As twilight approached, myself and a student named Peter did a water run to a nearby spring. It was a beautiful walk, and it probably took less than 20 minutes. We were talking about our lives, and the curious paranormal events that seem to flavor some of our personal experiences.

We got back to camp, and we both lay down to watch the sky. Now, this is unusual, it's something I would never do. But we both did it that evening.

Both of us were on our backs, looking up from a small meadow surrounded by dens trees. Peter is a psychiatrist and the conversation seemed to get deeper and deeper, as the sky got darker and darker.

At one point, there was a noise in the trees above us, and suddenly the small opening in the trees was filled with FIVE OWLS. Yes - FIVE OWLS!

All adult owls, approx 2 feet long, beak to tail, probably common Barred Owls.

It lasted about 10 minutes, and we were both a little bit in shock at the intensity of the sighting. At some point, as we watched them swoop above us, I asked Peter what I was talking about when the owls appeared.

He said I spoke about my mother.

I said, "Really?"

He said, "Yes, they appeared right when you mentioned your mother."


That night I had a dream my mother was crying, and the image of her face was terribly sad. The next day I called her using a cell phone from high on an alpine ridge top. I was relieved when she said she was fine. I'll add that two years ago she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and presently her life is extremely confusing and stressful. I was worried, and it was nice to hear her voice.

New text added March 9th 2012:

In this story I noted: "Peter did a water run to a nearby spring."

I need to add a little more to this story. We were camped in a beautiful spot, and there was a pond near our camp site. But the pond was sort of green and murky, not really the best for drinking. I had been in this area before, and I knew of a beautiful spring nearby. So, Peter and I collected all the water bottles from our teammates, there were seven of us total. We carried the empty water bottles to the spring, filled 'em up with cold clear water trickling right out of the rocks, and then took them back to camp.

This is the kind of thing I like to do, just a nice gesture at the end of a long day of hiking. Now, this altruistic act has shown up in another synchronicity (linked HERE). This isn't much of a pattern, that an altruistic act would directly proceed something odd, but I just felt it was important to share my thoughts.

Friday, September 4, 2009

“Is that a crystal around your neck?”

I was on my bike at night in downtown Bozeman Montana looking for ice cream. It was late enough that a lot of places were closed, so I rode to the gas station at the edge of town. It was open, and I got a pint out of the freezer and went up to the counter. As I was paying the woman behind the counter looked at me oddly, and then cautiously asked me a question:

“Is that a crystal around your neck?”

I said yes.

Okay - I have been wearing a lepidolite crystal on a chain around my neck. This alone should tell you how far over the edge I’ve gone in immersing myself in this ongoing weirdness. The events surrounding this thing, the how's and the why's, would be it’s own series of nutty blog postings (someday, maybe). The story is interesting, but I’ll leave it for another time.

Back to the gas station.

The woman is extremely polite, and explains that the way the stone is mounted, the energy is leaking out the bottom. It’s a tiny egg shaped stone, and it hangs from the chain with the skinny axis going up and down. She told me that it should be set so that it’s sideways to the present axis.

I said thank you, and I took her suggestion seriously.

I got on my bike and rode down the empty main street of this little town. I had a very simple and calm feeling, and I thought to myself, “What am I supposed to make of that? Should I follow up on her recommendation?”

And - At that instant, the streetlight above me went off.

That thought, and that calm feeling seems to be a very real pattern. It comes up in a way that I don’t control, there is no stress or anxiety, they simply appear in my mind as, just a nice calm thought (and David Huggins tells of the same nice thoughts, and their relevance). I get the strong impression that I should trust these nice thoughts.

Coming to terms with these experiences has been extremely difficult. It’s been worrisome (am I insane?) and scary (WTF?). I will dwell on this quandary, and it’s unhealthy. I can get stuck in an oppressive head-space, so when these nice thoughts appear - I recognize them for what they are. At least I hope I do.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


1. About contacting Mike Lewis:
I have replied to the friend request from Mike Lewis. I even had a film crew in the room as I sent the note (yes, I know that's weird). Since that point, we've sent a few short notes back and forth. Just pleasantries. There will be a day when I ask him about that night in 1974, but it hasn't happened yet.

2. A curious update from Cindy Gail:
I just got off the phone with Cindy Gail. I said hello to her on the facebook chat-program and she immediately replied:

I have exciting news for you - What's your phone number? - it's something I can't type - too long - life changing for you - I'm calling you on the phone - RIGHT NOW!

Here's the scoop, she still visits her old next door neighbors (the married couple are now in their mid-80's and in good health). She said they told her a story that they saw a glowing green UFO above her house! This would have been before 1977 (when the couple moved). This roughly matches the time-frame of my missing time experience, in front of that same house in Michigan.

I begged Cindy to play the role of investigative reporter and dig up more on this very curious puzzle piece.

3. More owls
I've seen a few owls lately. They've made their appearance right before some heavy-handed and emotional events.

Just last week I was driving to the airport in the pre-dawn dark, and I saw an owl on a signpost along the side of the road. It flew away as I passed. My trip involved visiting my aging parents who are both dealing with very serious health issues. It was a hard and emotional trip. That said, the trip simply had to happen, even with the very real stresses.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Garden

Recently I was on a short walk in the woods with a friend and her little son. It was a lovely summer morning and we were in the foothills of Bridger range just outside of Bozeman Montana. At the end of the walk, as the trail neared the parking lot I looked down and saw a small snake in the weeds along the path, and at the same moment she looked up and saw that we were in a patch of seviceberry bushes.

It’s unusual to see snakes in the northern Rockies. It was a just a small garter snake, but a rare sighting none the less.

She began picking the ripe berries and offering them to me, insisting that I try them.

I immediately recognized the mythic imagery of a woman offering me fruit from a tree in the company of a serpent. I pointed this out to her, and she took it upon herself to really play up the role of Eve. I ate without any hesitation.

Less than a week later I was working in the Gallatin range (also near Bozeman) and I was leading a team on a week long hiking trip. At one point, we walked out of the trees to an open meadow and I saw another snake. My first thought was, “Huh, I guess it’s normal to see snakes around here.”

At that instant, my hiking partners walked out of the bushes to meet me, and one fellow exclaimed: “Jacqueline just made me eat Serviceberries, they are SO good!”

Sure enough, our lone female teammate offered one of men fruit from a tree in the presence of a snake.

Then we all looked at the snake together, and to our surprise, it had it’s mouth wrapped around a big mouse with the hind feet and tail poking out. The little snake looked sort of ridiculous with it’s porky meal stretching its girth in a way that seemed impossible. It was like some creepy scene on The Nature Channel.

Any mythologists wanna chime in and tell me what this means? (especially the mouse)