Sunday, September 13, 2009

David Huggins calls me, right on time

I'm back from my field work teaching mountain skills, and - sure enough - David Huggins calls me on the phone. That's three times he's managed to catch me just a few hours after I am officially done with my outdoor work.

He has a book out, and typical of any artist, he's not entirely happy with the end results (I know the feeling). The book is filled with paintings and the stories that were the inspiration. David's story is at the extreme edge of an already unbelievable subject. But, as bizarre as they are, I simply cannot dismiss his experiences. I've spoken with him at length, and I can't understand why he would be lying. Plus, he has eagerly encouraged me to pursue my creative impulses.

The book is available now, authored by Farah Yurdoza.


Red Pill Junkie said...

What are the things that David is not happy with in the book?

Nick Redfern posted the cover @ UFO Mystic. I really liked the art cover —& I'm not easy to please in that department! :)

Mike Clelland! said...

Sadly - David doesn't like the title. That kind of thing happens, the publsher can make those decisions without the approval of the subject.

That said, David said he had a vision of "the little hairy guy" and he got a communication that "they" were happy with the book.

Brizdaz said...

Those eyes look a little owlish on the cover of
"Love in an Alien Purgatory".
The ones at the top of the book cover,I mean...or is that just my imagination?