Friday, September 4, 2009

“Is that a crystal around your neck?”

I was on my bike at night in downtown Bozeman Montana looking for ice cream. It was late enough that a lot of places were closed, so I rode to the gas station at the edge of town. It was open, and I got a pint out of the freezer and went up to the counter. As I was paying the woman behind the counter looked at me oddly, and then cautiously asked me a question:

“Is that a crystal around your neck?”

I said yes.

Okay - I have been wearing a lepidolite crystal on a chain around my neck. This alone should tell you how far over the edge I’ve gone in immersing myself in this ongoing weirdness. The events surrounding this thing, the how's and the why's, would be it’s own series of nutty blog postings (someday, maybe). The story is interesting, but I’ll leave it for another time.

Back to the gas station.

The woman is extremely polite, and explains that the way the stone is mounted, the energy is leaking out the bottom. It’s a tiny egg shaped stone, and it hangs from the chain with the skinny axis going up and down. She told me that it should be set so that it’s sideways to the present axis.

I said thank you, and I took her suggestion seriously.

I got on my bike and rode down the empty main street of this little town. I had a very simple and calm feeling, and I thought to myself, “What am I supposed to make of that? Should I follow up on her recommendation?”

And - At that instant, the streetlight above me went off.

That thought, and that calm feeling seems to be a very real pattern. It comes up in a way that I don’t control, there is no stress or anxiety, they simply appear in my mind as, just a nice calm thought (and David Huggins tells of the same nice thoughts, and their relevance). I get the strong impression that I should trust these nice thoughts.

Coming to terms with these experiences has been extremely difficult. It’s been worrisome (am I insane?) and scary (WTF?). I will dwell on this quandary, and it’s unhealthy. I can get stuck in an oppressive head-space, so when these nice thoughts appear - I recognize them for what they are. At least I hope I do.


Red Pill Junkie said...

The Universe is Twittering you, vato! :-P

I think I had one of those crystals. I bought it at Teotihuacan. I don't know when I lost it, though.

"C" said...

There is something I read in a book about how ,or rather why when you take a piece of a mountain out of the mountain, does it become a rock? but whos to say that it isn't still that mountain? (The point was about being God and getting yourself back there, I think it was a Kabbalah book). The point I am trying to make is to me it's like having that mountain or the power of that mountain (or earth) around your neck.

I have a new pendulum I got I wear in a bag around my neck. It is silver and you can change the stone. It has 7 stones for each chakra, interchangeable). I also made myself a wristband out of tons of different stones and a anklet. There is no way any stone can be bad IMO, no matter how you wear it, it's a respect thing with me.

Only stone I can't take is hematite cause I have old metal fillings and the magnetic shit really gets to me.

I say keep recognizing the power in your necklace and respect it, no matter what it does (blow out lights etc....) Like the person above said, I think it may just be trying to get your attention.

James said...

Red and I seem to be following you closely... trying to put myself in your position is a little strange.

I need to completely suspend my judgement. I have no clue as to what is going on.

You know I tend to agree with Vallee about the general idea these arent aliens- not in the sense from another planet in this galaxy or some other galaxy.

I think its more likely we are talking about time travelers or some other dimension... what are 'the good people', fairies and such..? If there was a sense in which your whole life was something They could see, whoever or whatever they are, because they 'stood' outside of it so to speak... well does it make much difference which 'incredible' thing it turns out to be...?

It sounds to me as if your documentary isnt far away... Cindy's comment and Mike's... I think they are going to push this thing forward. I cant wait to see it!

Regan Lee said...

I enjoyed that post. I wear crystals all the time, of various kinds. Wearing a quartz one; very simple, right now. Cool story, and I agree with rpj, the "universe is twittering you" for sure.

Harpo said...

I don't know about the crystal but the fact that you're riding your bike around Bozeman, Montana in the middle of the night eating ice cream and having calm thoughts sounds pretty great to me, whether the street light goes out or not. I don't know where you're headed but it sounds like you should absolutely be enjoying the trip.

Ed V. said...

The lights going out on the streets reminds me of something that happend some 15 years ago at work. I was playing a cardgame with my co-workers (Hearts) during lunchbreak and one guy was rather upset with his poor hand and how the game developed. At one point he got halfway up out his chair and smacked the cards on the table. At that precise moment the lights went out and after a second came back on again. We were all flabbergasted, including the guy who lost his temper and I'll never forget his face. (Huh!?)
I don't know what really happened, if there just was a freak coincedence with a power failure, or that his emotions affected the (local) power grid.

"C" said...

Yeah after i read this I went to a coffee shop I frequent and for some reason this cute girl who never talks to me was chatting away (even though my wife was there) with me but she didn't mind cause she also "likes" the girl, anyways.

The convo was kinda getting fun and heated and all of the sudden the power went out. I was waiting for my latte's and my wife had called my mother who said the power outage stretched as far as my own house a few miles away.

So here i am in the dark telling this girl about your story and how this reminds me of that. I also add I wonder if it is all the rocks I wear (a lot necklace wristband anklet, not to mention my pendulum with interchanging chakra crystals I wear in a bag around my neck). I waited a bit and no electric, so just when I decided I would come back the next day for my coffee and headed for the door, you guessed it the lights and all came back on. Just thought I would share that.

PS Thanks the girl seemed impressed/freaked out, lol.

Anonymous said...

You're not insane, and the fact that you're questioning you sanity is a healthy sign. I've been blowing out streetlights for years. It used to happen ALL the time when I was in college and in a lot of psychic/emotional turmoil (not always negative, sometimes just high energy). I actually showed my wife and a good friend-- I said watch this, I'll blow out this light. Walked underneath it and POP it goes out.

These days it doesn't happen so much (I'm more integrated I guess), but when it does it happens as a pattern during a specific period of time. Welcome to the world of SLIders.

PS-- I'm extremely skeptical, but after a while you can't deny the experiences you're having.

Orgone Gnosis said...

Haha. Integration be damned! It happens to me all the time. Or almost. I think its just high frequency energy pulsations getting tangled up in the ether. The human wins out with the more sophisticated set of electrons.

BTW is it just me, or does that above wiki on street lights have PSICOP smeared all over it. Its written entirely from a disclaimer point of view.