Saturday, March 12, 2011

audio conversation with Nick Redfern on the ETH

Author, paranormal researcher and Ramones fan.

The acronym ETH stands for Extra Terrestrial Hypothesis, and it's long been the mainstay of how we look at the UFO phenomenon. The easy way to wrap your head around the whole flying saucer thing is to simply declare that this mystery has it's home in outer space. But, there is something much more bizarre going on here, and the ETH falls apart if you really look at it. As Nick says, it's not just that it's weird, it's TOO weird.

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two hours and two minutes long
Nick is the author of a long list of books on the paranormal (way too long to list here) and during our conversation I worked to get any insights he may have synthesized from his years of research. The results are far-reaching and engaging.

The topics include the limitations of the ETH, abduction research, synchronicities, Bigfoot, the internet as a sentient consciousness, Mac Tonnies, Hammer Films and Johnny Ramone.

And here's our previous interview (from sept of 2010) where Nick talks about his book FINAL EVENTS. As an aside, this is the single most popular post ever on this site. More on Nick HERE.


Brizdaz said...

Great interview,Mike.
You're really turning these audio pod-casts into an art-form of your own.
I agree with the sentiments expressed by the both of you,in this pod-cast.Something that definitely needs to be to be factored into the UFO debate.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Heey wash happ-nin' (hic!)

Ohh don't mind me. I jusht decided to engage in a little drinking game —Evvry time I herd Nick said the phrase "I agree with you" I'd take a shot of Tequila! And nowww well... (burp!) *passes out on floor*


PS: Love the way you said that the Internet is like a beautiful shuffled deck of Tarot cards *thumbs up*

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go fetch my Ouija board, for I'm just DYING to know what was Joey Ramone's favorite ice cream flavor ;)

Mike Clelland! said...

And I edit these things, so I NIX'd out a slew of time when I (repeatedly) said to Nick:

"I agree with you!"

- also -

the quote where I said that the Internet is like a beautiful shuffled deck of Tarot cards came from THIS post:

Ellis C Taylor said...

Thank you for a very enjoyable, and intelligent interview Mike and Nick. (The 'lad' bit at the end spoilt it a tad, but there you are.)So much fitted with my own experiences and views regarding these matters.
One subject that you talked about which I'd like to add to - going right back almost to the beginning of the interview, where Nick was talking about Matthew Williams' experiences when he was making crop circles...Have you heard of Win Keech? He's a night photography specialist from Yorkshire and has filmed crop circles forming. About a month ago Win gave an enthralling presentation, with stunning footage and photographs, at a talk that I coordinated in Pembrokeshire, Wales. One thing he showed was a portal opening up in a field; two dark shadow entities walked out of this portal and proceeded to trace out a pattern in the crop. They left no physical signs of their work. As they finished 'Team Satan' (a team of crop circle makers), possibly including Matthew Williams, entered the field and flattened the exact same design that had previously been laid out by the entities.
Anyway, thank you again for this excellent interview. I look forward to reading more of your blog. Best wishes, Ellis

Kandinsky said...

I really enjoyed the interview and particularly because it was free-roaming and not focused on the latest book or current buzz.

The lack of direction was like a breath of fresh air.

Talk of synchronicity often attracts my attention as it's a frequent perception in my life. As a sceptic, I tend to look for precursors and so forth that explain why the mind recognised/interpreted a pattern in events. Most of the time, there's a plausible connection that undermines this concept of synchronicity despite my mind's tendency.

Just this evening, I was talking with a colleague about a client I had late last year. It was the first time this year that I'd even thought of them. As I was leaving work, I noticed a missed call and a text message. Yeah, it was the same client from last year and they'd been calling me at the same time I was talking about them.

Real or imaginary, synchronicity is a concept that's hard to ignore.

Frank Hale said...

Another awesome interview! Thanks so much Mike for all that you are doing in this field. I check your page regularly and I absolutely enjoy downloading your podcasts and I sit and listen attentively. God Bless you!

Regan Lee said...

Great interview Mike. I too liked the conversation, and not just focusing on one particular book of Nick's... I love what Nick has to say about UFOs and the ETH, as well as paranormal Bigfoot.

Like your style Mike, very enjoyable to listen to and with substance.