Tuesday, November 16, 2010

audio interview with Lucretia Heart

“A great wind upon thin glass, shattering your paradigm.”

That haunting quote from Lucretia could sum up the entire two plus hour interview.

Lucretia Heart is a pen name. She shares her abduction and UFO related experiences on a haunting blog titled At Spiral’s End. Her written work is a collection of deeply personal life events. To add to the strangeness, both she and her husband are both abductees, and their parallel experiences are profoundly bizarre. Just so y'know, two experiencers marrying each other is not uncommon.

2 hours and 12 minutes long

This interview is a spiraling of topics, and here's just a taste of the topics we cover: The existential challenge of seeing a being in her bedroom while fully conscious as a 16 year old, an unexplained pregnancy, shared experiences with her future husband, contacting Budd Hopkins, the feeling of mission, the information loops among experiencers before email, a relationship with a hybrid being named Diana, Wonder Woman and the Goddess motif, bad wigs, a handsome hybrid being named Ethan, tiny handwriting and the role of blogging.

As a writer, Lucretia has been extremely prolific, there is a huge volume of her experiences posted on her blog. But somehow, we mange to avoid re-telling too much. Our conversation and it’s details is almost entirely composed of events that have never been shared on-line.

Two gaunt actors with blue eyes and defined cheekbones are referenced to describe the tall being named Ethan.

The mysterious Ethan shows up as a key figure in the conversation. There are two postings about Ethan that are hinted at in the audio, but not fully explained. One is titled Are you ready for Armageddon? and the follow up is A letter to Ethan. In my opinion, both are required reading.


Wildrote said...

It's great to finally hear you both together and, likewise, that was a great interview. Very much enjoyed it.

There are so many compelling topics that you covered, but the one that speaks to me most personally was that the weirdness level, for lack of better term, increased dramatically for both of you in 2006. I know that Lucretia has mentioned that year before on her blog as marking an increase in UFO sightings generally, but it's also the year that the major weirdness in my life got to a point where I couldn't ignore it anymore. I don't what that says, but it does say something to me.

Mike Clelland! said...

I wanna give a huge thank you to Lucretia - You were digging deep, and that was over TWO hours of VERY intense personal stuff! You were awesome!

Near the end of the interview you said, "I must seem weird" or something like that. That was what made me give my little final summation about "personality quirks" and believe me, as much as anything, that was ME talking about MYSELF. I am no stranger to being quirky.

I appreciated your openness more than you can know.

peace to you,
Mike Clelland!

Red Pill Junkie said...

Ah, so THAT is how you sound like! ;)

Very enjoyable. And a lot of interesting things were mentioned. Here's some of the things I thought about while listening:

a)Lucretia's awareness of her experiences began in the Summer of 86. If I'm not mistaken, Whitley Strieber's cabin encounter by which he became aware of his abductions happened in Dec 86.

b)The fact that she was reading "Clan of the Cave Bear", which is a story about a Cromagnon girl being raised by a tribe of Neanderthals; the girl was an "alien" among them... and now Science is telling us that red hair —like the beautiful mane of Lucretia— might be evidence of Neanderthal ancestry. Also, Neanderthals seem to be important characters in Graham Hancock novel "Entangled".

c) Re. this entity she named Diana, in his book Contactees Nick Redfern mentions a case of an early case of a woman who became in contact with a tall female called Diana (Micah Hanks also discusses this case in his book Magic, Mysticism & The Molecule), who "materialized" during a seance (Regan Lee knows more about this case). Also, looking at some old photograph of Barney & Betty Hill, I kind of wondered if they got the idea of the black wig from Betty's hairdo ;)

d)I'm curious as to just what kind of inventions did Lucretia's dad work on

e)The mention of seeing these "living quarters" built by the aliens with garish color patterns sounds very similar to the colors David Huggins shows in his paintings [Memo to any Gray/hybrid reading this: if you need a competent interior designer, give me a call!]

Red Pill Junkie said...

PS: I'm checking Communion on Scribd, and I was wrong; Strieber experience was in Dec 85.

Quanta said...

This was the first time I've listened to a full interview on your site. Thanks to both you and Lucretia for sharing such an intriguing conversation. Lots of resonance going on...lots of memories stirred up...

I really liked the way you spontaneously bring up Terence McKenna when Lucretia mentions the mushrooms that started sprouting up around the UFO ring that appeared outside her house. Even though neither of you elaborates on that comment and mention of Terence simply vaporises as the conversation continues, I think you very well may be on to something. I wonder what kind of mushrooms they were, and has it turned into a mushroom patch now...?

yonderbean said...

Wow! I got the chills a few times during that interview. Stirred up some disturbing stuff for me about wigs, and made me wonder about my recent geeky fascination with designing space colony architecture and environments...

Elena said...

Am I the only person who can't stand this woman,there is something fake and poor little me about her and her experiences,or it is just the way she conveys it that is bugging me.

Anonymous said...

Mike-- Thanks again. One little correction on what you wrote of the interview... You said Ethan was "a handsome hybrid being"?? I don't know that he is, and in fact during the interview I was careful to point out that he and the others like him did NOT act like any of the ones I call "hybrids," nor did they look like them. I don't know for sure, but I call him a Blond or Nordic, not a hybrid. Just being picky there!

RPJ-- Re: Clan of the Cave Bear, you know, I never thought of that. Pretty funny, actually! I never heard of Nick Redfern's Diana-- although the Diana I know is very petite.

My father worked on dirigibles (like slender blimps), water makers (cooling towers that condense water from the air to make purified water), motors that use magnets to boost their energy output (which never worked,) and dozens and dozens of smaller devices for fun or to save energy. Like those flashlights that you shake to get power to light them--? My father worked on something similar but never got further than a design on paper. He used to work on things almost every day. Our garage and sometimes our living room was often covered in crazy projects.

Mike Clelland! said...

~ Lucretia

Did I say Ethan was a "handsome hybrid?"

Oooops. Sorry, you were clear, and I was probably finalizing the editing late at night.

You have my permission to be picky.

Mike C!

Charles Frith said...

This was very informative. Despite its length it felt truncated at the end which is a compliment to you both. I hope you can return to having a another recorded conversation.

radio-jack said...

I've seen greys that wear black wigs, and tight fitting black body suits, they also have a a belt around the waist. When this being introduced itself there was also a Nordic present, I don't if he was supervising or not because he just stood there in the background with his arms crossed.