Wednesday, February 22, 2017

owl hieroglyphs at Roswell

Lt. John (Jack) Trowbridge and Roswell
Roswell witness testimony

There is a YouTube video of an aging Roswell witness, and he describes handling the debris from the crash site in 1947. Curiously, he mentions owls as part of his memories. The time count is noted in the transcription below. Trowbridge worked alongside Jesse Marcell Sr. at the 509th Bomb Wing at Roswell Army Air Field. Some researchers, like Kevin Randle question this testimony.  
This isn't meant to be any kind of smoking gun of owl weirdness. No conclusions, just a funny little reference worth noting—at least to me!
Partial Transcription:

(0:40) On this particular evening, we had bridge at major Marcell's home…  my wife, all of intelligence was there playing bridge.

Except Jesse. He was out with a pick up gathering this junk in the debris field. So when He came in it was fairly late I believe. And we broke up the bridge game to see what Jesse had brought in. And it was of great interest.

It was aluminum in appearance. There were fragments of aircraft scanner, or whatever the thing was. And also some girders, with pictures of  hieroglyphic like things on it.

(1:50) I took them to be owls, but who knows.

Anyhow, it was interesting. I did get to handle the material.

And the material  had some peculiar properties. For instance, it looked like Hershey Bar wrappings. If you squeeze it up in your hand as hard as you could, and let go, it returned to the original shape—instantly!
Thanks to Jamie for the head's up on this!


Anonymous said...

Howard Hughes had an interesting talk with his grandson, here´s the link:

Derek Z said...

The only tidbit I find compelling in this testimony is the mention of Mr. Trowbridge associating Owls with the system of symbols found on this mystery metal. To paraphrase Anne Strieber "I only pay attention when it gets weird." I've come to embrace this philosophy myself, not necessarily by choice but through a process of exposure, distillation and attraction.
Sure, Mr.Trowbridge could skim the readily available mythology and have landed on Owls as a talking point to enrich this tale with some mysticism - but it doesn't quite feel that way.
I have no idea who this man may or may not be, what his involvement may or may not be, and honestly I don't really care much either way. His mention of Owls in the context of his story enhances my experience in a small, subtle way and for that I am intrigued, appreciative, and enriched.
Thanks for sharing Mike!
Derek Z