Sunday, February 26, 2017

Christopher Knowles saw a UFO from his porch

click on the image for a high rez-view
And I have to say that this object—whatever it was—deeply unsettled me. I can't really call it fear, something much more complex and layered than that. More like a deep sense of dislocation.
Christopher Knowles, the man behind The Secret Sun, saw a UFO from his porch just a few nights ago. This was not a little dot in the sky, this was a very large structured craft making eerie movements in the New Jersey sky. He writes about the experience HERE.


Dennis said...

Chris is a magnet for all things Fortean. Foxes, ufo's, a grandfather who worked for Bell labs etc. etc.. The Dude is an amazing testament to synchronicity and synchromysticism! Shine forth by day. Dennis

The Secret Sun said...

Heh- my wife worked for Bell Labs, my grandfather worked for MITRE on the (real life) Montauk Project aka the SAGE radar program. Being a magnet for Forteanism isn't all it's cracked up to be. For one thing the pay is pretty lousy! Thanks, Dennis.