Tuesday, February 21, 2017

owls found dead in huge numbers along Idaho highway

dead owl along Idhao Interstate 84

I have been hit with a bunch of email and facebook notices about owls showing up dead along Intestate 84 in southern Idaho. Although terribly sad, I don't sense anything paranormal about this. Yet there are a few synchro-tid-bits.

Here is the initial news item from Boise TV (with video).

One of the two woman who reported the account to the news was Christina White (White Christ). Barn owls are only one of two white owls in north america, the other being the snowy owl

Erin Arnold of Boise Idaho, with a barn owl
A Boise State student recently published a thesis study on the dead owls in southern Idaho for the Raptor Research Center and called it "one of the world’s highest roadway mortality rates for barn owls."

And - the student from Boise State who wrote up a report on the owls is named Erin Arnold. The modern era of the flying saucer can be traced back to Boise resident Kenneth Arnold's 1947 sighting. Two Arnolds, both from Boise? Not sure if they are related, Arnold is a common name, but I've made a few attempts to find out.
If anyone out there can get a message to Ms. Arnold, please ask her if she is related to the late Kenneth Arnold!
ADDENDUM June 6 2017
I just got a reply to my plea. Erin Arnold is NOT (as far as she knows) related to Kenneth Arnold. It would have been SO perfect if she was, but alas…

Thank you Dave from Idaho!

Ellens Air Force Base is the fictitious location for "Deep Throat" one of the first X-FIles episodes to explore the back-engineered UFO conspiracy. Mountain Home is an Air Force Base along this stretch of interstate, the only site that would match the site.

Interstate 84 continues West into Oregon, and there is a zone closer to the Columbia River that is the site of a large collection of weird UFO sightings, many in association with owls.

I have an account on file of a fellow who had a lot of owl sightings, often at highly charged moments. He also had a disturbing missing time event while on his way to Boise. It was near I-84, but not on it. He sort of "came to" in view of a gas station in a VERY lonely rural spot. Oddly enough, I've been to that gas station several times and I've even purchased two UFO books on cassette tape at that site. This was years before I read his account (and back before MP3s).

     - Jacques Vallee’s fiction novel - "Fastwalker"
     - C. D. B. Bryan's book - “Close Encounters of the Forth Kind

It's an odd location to find UFO books on tape, I mean, this place is way out there…

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Lucretia Heart said...

I've been driven along I-84 between Portland and Boise quite regularly since I was a child, since my mother's family mostly lives in Boise. There are some interesting areas along the way, that's for sure!