Saturday, January 21, 2017

Cartoon game app for your mobile device!

Despite the headline
this is not a pushy advertisement!
One of many hundreds of illustrations from Cartoonacy.
(click on the cartoons for a HIrez view)
this is a puzzle, describe the cartoon with a two-word phrase
There is a long-ago chapter of my life where I did cartoon illustrations for toy advertising. I was living in New York in the 1980s with a career as an illustrator. Somewhere in the mid-1990's I drew a series of cartoons for a proposed game. It was to be a card game, with each card featuring a drawing that showed a simple two-word phrase. The game was never sold, I got paid for my work and it was pretty much forgotten.

Yet now, over two decades later, in the digital era, it's re-emerged as a mobile device app.

This is a cute little game of puzzles, and its free!

But how does this tie into the UFO field? The game designer is Jay Bacal, who was also the creative director for the animated TV series THE TRANSFORMERS. Remember, that's the story of an ancient race of aliens here on earth. Well, Jay worked with a fellow named Paul Davids, who later went on to be the executive producer of the 1994 television movie ROSWELL. So, there's that!

what two-word phrase describes this cartoon?