Thursday, January 12, 2017

some suggested chapters

380 pages of owls and UFOs
I’ve done a lot of audio interviews over the last year promoting The Messengers. Recently, one host sent me a note after receiving a book. She basically said, “I’m too busy to read this big book, can you just suggest a few chapters?” I said sure, and made up the short list below. 

I counted up the pages in this suggested list, and it totals up to about 130 pages. That’s about one third of the book. If you want an even shorter list, then just read the chapters with a star (or more correctly, an asterisk) next to the number, that's about 86 pages.


      … the Introduction (or listen HERE)

* 1. Owls at Sunset

* 2. Owls as Screen Memory (just skim this, you’ll get it)

   4. Owls and the UFO Abductee

* 9. Back to Back Reports (my favorite chapter) - 

   12. Owls as Archetypes (or listen HERE)

   19. Owls and Death 

   21. Highly Charged moments

   24. The Touch of an Owl's Wing

* 25. The Messengers

       … and the Conclusion


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