Thursday, January 26, 2017

Abductees - a film by Paul Vester

Mac Tonnies liked this little film. I remember him saying it was very creative.

This short animation features Budd Hopkins in live action as well as voice over. The punk rock singer Helen Wheels is featured near the beginning. She speaks about the alien telepathy at the 00:30 time count. Linda Cortile (featured in Budd's book Witnessed) speaks at about the 1:45 time-count.

This video has been on youtube in one form or another for about a decade, but sadly the quality was very poor. The good news is that the version above is excellent.

I contacted the film-maker, Paul Vester, and asked about the production. It was made for BBC Channel 4 TV UK in 1994. The genesis of the project was the actual drawings done by the abductees themselves, these are shown as slides on a light-box in the film. Budd was very supportive of the project and would show the video to his subjects, and they liked it.

I was illustrator and animator in New York in the 1980s though the early 90s, and I could have easily worked on a something like this. So I feel a kinship of sorts to the production.
screen image (meaning a screen-grab) of owls and 123
NOTE: Look what shows up at the 1:23 time-count. This number sequence has been associated with some VERY powerful clues in my life.

ONE MORE NOTE: We had a plumber at the house as I was finishing up this post. He said he saw a big owl in the bushes near the front door—this would have been about the time I posted the cartoon owl image above.  I went out in the hopes of seeing the owl, but it wasn't there. I walked around the house and saw a large owl fly off and into the woods. I only saw it flying away from me, but the plumber was right, it was big! By the coloring and size, I am assuming it was a barred owl.


Kristin said...

I liked the look and flow of it.

Uriah said...

Holy crap, hold on I just made a connection I never thought of. Your number is 123, mine is 211, this past year I have really gotten into numerology and I hadn't realized in numerology 211=4 I saw the orb on the 4th of July. My other number is 52=7 July the 7th month. So your number in numerology equals 1+2+3=6. This is interesting. The other day I visited the molly brown house at the end they had a board that had the day she died. In numerology it was 6 this was interesting because the life boat that saved her was 6. Apparently she rented out the sixth pew in her church to honor the luck that number gave her. After the tour I approached the historian with this information and she immediately got all the other workers involved and had me explain it to them. Wow I had not realized my encounter occurred on my two numbers 211 and 52 till I just read you post. Also I'm a 9 6 September 24 is my birthday so those numbers also play a big role in my life. Another interesting point about me I don't think I told you is when I was born there was two placentas yet only me. And strangely I always end up with twins for best friends don't know what to make of that but its interesting. Also I think I never mentioned after my mom died my sister and brother in law who she lived with witnessed a giant owl sitting on a neighbors roof? Uriah

sheldon halladay said...

hello everyone hope you are all fine. I was awake at a very early age, had no guidance but from what I received through my guides and ancesors. I knew that I was well connected with animals was communicating with them at real young age. I had cats born on my chest when I was 6. many countless experiences. But one stands out to me the most. I was driving down a dirt road and I seen this gorgeous Great Horned owl on this farmers fence. immediately I pulled over. Felt drawn and like I he was waiting for me there. I got out of the car and he let me get right up to him. he looked me right in the eyes and perched his chest and spread his wings right out. at first I thought he was taking off. but instantly that faded when he stepped forward I reached out and had my hand on his head. I found my animal spirit.she herenow

Lucretia Heart said...

Not bad! I liked it!

Fun fact: Rusty Hudson is also Russ Hudson, a major contributor to the modern Enneagram (system of 9 personality types-- but so much more!)

Check out this link:

I became obsessed with the Enneagram in my early 20s and its remained a life long love. My ex, Gerick, was a friend of his in '89/'90 and visited his home in New York and he was weirded out when I pointed out that Don Riso & Russ Hudson of my favorite interp of the Enneagram included his old friend.