Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Peter Maxwell Slattery and owls

interview from the Spring Equinox, 2016

Peter Maxwell Slattery is a young outspoken contactee from Australia. I was the 10th guest on his show back in 2013, and now we are speaking together again here on episode 152.

He has an amazing owl story starting at the 14:00 time count. This happened a few days before I contacted him. My reason for calling him was entirely selfish on my end, I wanted to promote the owl book

One question that any researcher will ask someone with a history of contact events is, “Do you feel a sense of mission.” Just looking at Peter’s site and recent history, it’s obvious that he’s on fire with this sense of mission.

  Peter's site linked HERE  

I wrote up a long written essay about some of Peter's owl experiences - linked HERE. Much of this made it into the book, The Messengers.

interview from December of 2013


Catnipkip said...

Is it me or does it seem that a lot of contactees seem to be physically attractive and/or smart and educated, artistic?For example: Mike C, Karla Turner family, Whitley Strieber?

Saint Theresa said...

For some reason I never get bored of your interviews. Good stuff man. :)

Bayareamom said...

@Saint Theresa:

Are you the same 'Saint Theresa' who posts over at the Avalon forum?

...great interview by the way, Mike. I like Peter's forthrightness...

Saint Theresa said...

That be me :) how's it going bayareamom? Nice to see you here!