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Peter Maxwell Slattery and seeing big owls

This is an excerpt from a book project with the working title; Owls, Sychronicity and the UFO Abductee. I plan on posting a few samples from time to time. 
—Mike C

Peter Maxwell Slattery is a young outspoken contactee from Australia. One question that any researcher will ask someone with a history of contact events is, “Do you feel a sense of mission.” Just looking at Peter’s site and recent history, it’s obvious that he’s on fire with this sense of mission. In just a little over a year he has written four books about his experiences, been the subject of more than one documentary, started website, produced an audio podcast interview series and he’s video taped hundreds of unusual lights in the sky.

Peter saw his first UFO in the summer of 1995 when he was just twelve years old. It was a hot sunny day and he saw a huge gray disc, about three times the size of a football field above him in the sky. The object hovered silently and then started moving, he watched it for 30 to 40 seconds until it glided out of view.

In the follow up years he’s had a powerful set of ongoing experiences, including UFO sightings, psychic awareness, telepathic downloads, ghost sightings, poltergeist happenings and profound synchronicities. Many of these events were seen by multiple witnesses. Add to this a bunch of really odd owl sightings.

The first happened when Peter was working as a security guard, his job meant driving a route at night with a partner, checking on a set of businesses. This was at a time before his more intense experiences had started. They were driving slowly through a dark industrial area, Peter was new to the job and he was learning the route.

Then a big white owl appeared out of nowhere, it was moving toward the windshield in a weird static pose. He hit the brakes and came to a complete stop.

Just as suddenly it was gone and they both exclaimed, “What the hell just happened?”

The whole thing was much stranger than just seeing an over sized bird at night. Even though the owl had rushed at them, he was very clear that it wasn’t flying. In the aftermath, they were both reacting as if something wasn’t right. Peter said, “Something was off. We just weren’t normal. The whole rest night we both kept talking about that bloody owl.”

It was just a few months later he was flooded with an onslaught of intense UFO sightings, some were seen by others and even posted on the local news. These sightings started on October 10th 2010, that plays out as 10-10-10.

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The owl weirdness continued. Peter was at home on the night of June 9th 2012, it a little after 10:PM when he had an thought pop into his head, he had an unusual urge to go up to Nail Can Hill, a nearby area with hiking trails. Even though he didn’t feel right, he left his house with a flashlight (torch) and started driving toward that location.

He writes about this in his forth book titled Operation Starseed, what follows in an excerpt from the chapter, The Two Owls:

As I drove in the car getting towards Nail Can Hill, I noticed it was a very clear night. For a second I thought “Why am I doing this?” It was not like me to go up to this area, kilometers away from anybody in the middle of the night, in terrain that is really not ideal to walk on during the day, let alone at night (the track up there is just rocks and dirt, which people use as a hiking track and it can be hazardous, especially in the dark, the path is slippery and steep as well). It just wasn’t like me to do this.
At the time I knew that something was not right, but I had this thought though, this urge to do this, nothing was going to stop me (when I have an urge to do something, you just can’t stop me).

He arrived at the parking spot where the hiking trail begins. When he got out of the car he was aware that the sky was remarkably clear and the stars were bright.

...At this time I started to think, “What am I doing up here?” and “Why did I come up here?”

I got a feeling that I shouldn’t have been there, but at the same time, I had the urge that I needed to start walking on the Nail Can Hill track… So I turned on the torch, and started walking on the track… About two kilometers into the walk, something was telling me to stop, so I did. At that time I turned off the torch, and looked directly up into the sky.

All of a sudden I noticed a big star like white light, which was at the height of a high flying air craft, coming from the south, and then it stopped above me. When absorbing this, the light shot off to the northwest at an unbelievable speed, and then it disappeared.

While taking in what happened and that I was basically in the middle of nowhere, I got a sudden feeling of not being alone (the air around me felt like static electricity).

I turned around and what I saw shocked me. I saw two owls right in front of me, about three meters away. They were about three to four feet tall and about a foot wide.

At this time I freaked out, turned the other direction and went to run out of shock, but as soon as I turned around, I couldn’t run, I just froze, my heart was beating so fast, it caught me off guard, it was unexpected.

Next the owls appeared over head, like as if they jumped over me. At that moment I closed my eyes. A few seconds later I could feel the static feeling in the air around me disappear, then I opened my eyes, nothing was there. At this time I could move again.

Straight away I turned my torch on and headed back to the car. On the way down the hill I was just thinking, “I didn’t know that owl’s could get that big.” [1]

It was over a month later when Peter described what he had seen to his brother, who laughed and told him owls don’t get that big. His brother was aware that owls can play a the role of some sort of projected screen memory. From this point on, Peter was aware that he might not seen owls at all, but he could have been at the receiving end of some sort of psychic deception.

Here is the third unusual owl sighting. Peter has been doing some group sky watching with the goal of seeing craft. He doesn’t charge money, it’s just something he does with friends, and some of these friends have had their own contact experiences.

On this night, he was with two other women. One is his neighbor who has seen craft hovering above the neighborhood. The other is Carol, and Peter feels that he’s fathered hybrid children with her. Yes, that’s an odd detail, and he shared it with me in a nonchalant way. In doing this research I’ve heard these kinds of claims so many times that at this point it seems perfectly ordinary.

Peter, Carol and his neighbor all drove together to an isolated area just out of town. This is a spot with an amazing view of the nighttime sky. They meditated for a while and even saw a few odd lights in the sky, but the women were hungry so they got back in the car for the short drive back into town to get something to eat. Peter was driving slowly because the road was marked by a series of speed bumps.

At one point Peter had an odd feeling that something was going to happen. Right at that moment Carol said, “Something is about to happen.”

Seconds later they came around a corner, and a huge owl just appeared out of nothing. Peter was very clear that it didn’t simply fly into his line of sight, but that literally manifested out of nothing. It was suddenly in front of the car at about windshield height. It had a white belly and grayish wings. Right before impact, it veered off to the side and vanished into nothingness.

At this point Peter stopped the car saying, “I don’t feel right.” The other two women in the car felt the same, each of them describing an odd sensation. There was a weird energy that they could all feel it. The woman in the back seat said that from her view the owl seemed giant, filling the entire windshield.

They went to town, got some sandwiches and returned to that same secluded sky watch site. On the final drive home, at that same corner int he road, Carol saw what she feels was the same owl standing along the side of the road, she describes it as partially hidden behind a bush.

Nobody else int he car saw it, but Carol describes it as big with the headlights reflecting in it’s eyes.

Peter also describes and emotional reaction while watching a YouTube video showing a set of baby owls (owlets). He was freaked out and couldn't watch it.

These owlets moved their heads in an odd bobbing motion, it was something the way they moved their neck, and this reminded Peter of the way gray aliens move their necks.

He tells of seeing gray aliens in full consciousness, and they have a distinct motion to their heads. He described watching a gray alien peering around the edge of a doorway (something I've heard several experiencers describe) He has tried to imitate this bobbing but can't, it's as if human necks simply can't move in the same way. He has memories of grays walking up to him, and as they move they'll go from one head tilt toward one shoulder to the other in a distinctly unusual way.

Peter described these motions to me on a video skype call, so I could watch his gestures, and also his expressions of frustration as he tried to articulate something that obviously bothered him. 

Also of note, it was as Peter was describing this head bobbing that I looked at the time counter for our video call, it read 1:23:45, and this has been a highly synchronistic number for me, so I paid close attention to what he was saying.

  interview with Mike C and Peter Slattery linked HERE  

  link to Peter's website linked HERE  

[1] Excerpt from: Operation Starseed, by Peter Maxwell Slattery, Publisher: (April 22, 2013), ISBN-10: 1300640987. Note: Text edited minimally for clarity


Alan Parratt said...

Interesting, I myself have had experience with a couple of ets one a drac that was harassing my wife. I saw it with its horns just above my wife while we slept, Thought she was having a bad dream only to see this drac above her. I calmly said "GO" and it left. This happened years ago. Dracs are not to be feared. Peace.

Anonymous said...

I have had many experiences with owls. Once a Great Horned Owl landed on the pavement right next to my car. Another time there was a barn owl in the road directly in front of me. Another time there wasa screech owl perched on a park bench near me. Another time a Barred Owl flew right over my head.
Sometimes I look up into the trees and t see owls way up in the trees looking at me, pretending to be cats. They are watching me. They must be aliens!!