Sunday, May 19, 2013

not killing anything

I have seen a pattern among people who tell of direct contact experiences. A curiously high number of them will tell of a newfound inability to kill living things. This goes beyond just being a vegetarian (another common trait). I’ve repeatedly heard abductees explain how they no longer swat mosquitos or squash spiders. I just spoke with a man recently who used to be a hunter. He grew up in the wide open spaces in the Rockies and sometime in the 1980’s he shot a deer and then broke down sobbing. He vowed he would never harm another animal again. This was a decided conversion from his previous self.

Often, these conversions come before the experiencer will have any recognition of their own involvement in the UFO phenomenon. I include myself in this, I went through a phase where I stopped slapping mosquitos. Sometime in the late 90’s I made this very conscious decision and bugs simply stopped bothering me. This came at a time when I was spending a LOT of time outdoors. Sometimes mosquitos would bite me, but it lost any sense of being annoying. I would explain to my fellow campers that I had changed my vibrations; this was only in jest, but only partially. Over the years I have faltered in some insanely buggy environments, but for the most part it feels absolutely normal—it’s simply who I am.

I still drive a car where bugs die on my windshield and I buy cat food for my cat. So I am by no means some kind of ascended master, but I feel different than the person I once was.

Chuck Weiss talks about his experiences with not killing roaches in one of my favorite interviews on this site (linked HERE).


muzuzuzus said...

In my more ingorant younger years, I cringe to remember how I would react if a fly came into a room I was in. Like a psychotic giant --to the little insent--i would go through alternate phases of trying to spat it with a rolled up newspaper, or spray it with that evil flykiller--from which the fumes would be killing me in the process. I cannot BELIEVE how utterly stuoid I was, I would even beat to death Daddy longlegs. When I say I cringe, I really mean when I think abouut it it is traumatic.
How did I get enlightened? it was various insights. I understood that even if they wanted they cannot fly out of widows often because the strem of air--although weak to us can by a powerful current to them. But most important that they are beings like us. Now I simply get a glass, and they KNOW not to feel bad vibes from me and allow me to put the glass over them, and with a card at the other I take them to the door, and feeling I get from seeing them fly into the infinite air is a ZILLION times better than that crap I used to do. I look now at the psychopaths in the wolrd and see that attitude that I was displaying then!!

Kandinsky said...

At some point in the 90s, I also stopped killing bugs and still don't; it's empathy in play. Nevertheless it's hard to ride too high a horse as meat is on the menu every day.

I guess if I lived somewhere were bugs were invading my space, I'd be willing to destroy them...reluctantly.

Anyway, the reason I stopped by was to give you a link. Jeff Love's just posted an image of one of those tube-girls you like on his excellent, exhaustive blog. It's here >>

Derek said...

Hi Mike, Derek Z here...
Funny, I grew up hunting and fishing but I've been vegan for 18 years now. Hmmm...

Dennis said...

I let spiders and flys out of my home. I do murder meat bees, too many battles to count. Perhaps my ascending vibes will make peace with them one fine day. Dennis

happytobe said...

By "not killing anything" -- you mean animals and insects. But what about plants, why kill them? In essence, it is all the same.

Life forms feed on other life forms, and there is no avoiding it. I've heard that some folks are able to live off the energy that life spring from, but...

I understand the point being made, re contact and the reluctance to kill. Fair enough. I am simply expounding on related matters.

I seriously tried giving up meat in all forms. I started with an 11 day fast -- water only -- followed by 11 days of fruit and vege juices; all under supervision, to cleans myself.

My experience is that a fruit/vege meal doesn't stay with you long -- and I end up eating and pee-ing all the time. So maybe I have a small bladder, but I had to modify my approach.

IF a knat is bothering me, I may flick it away. With larger insects, I admire their beauty and apologize. Sometimes I will release them outside, and that feels the best.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Sometimes a moth enters my bedroom & I do make an effort to bring it outside the window without hurting it.

But when it comes to mosquitoes... fugeddaboutit: they should know I'm perfectly cool with the idea of them feeding off me, but they should do so QUIETLY! One single mosquito on my room makes enough noise to stay awake all night :-/

Red Pill Junkie said...

PS: One of the things I like the most about your interview with Chuck, is that his father surviving the Holocaust kind of puts into question Budd Hopkins' assertion that 'aliens never lifted a finger to help people escape from the Nazis.'

Not that I'm saying aliens were 'directly' involved in that particular incident, but I feel that, as New Agey as it sounds, things do happen for a reason.

Trish said...

Fascinating, Mike. I hadn't heard this.

Mr.Owl said...

I have to say that my eyes popped out and I laughed when I saw the title to latest blog entry. For you see, I am that guy. All my family, friends and co-workers know how I'll go out of my way not to kill anything.

I've even developed a 'technique' for removing the offending(at least to my wife) insect. It involves a cup, glass or can, and preferably a stiff piece of paper or cardboard. I slap that cup over the little bugger and slide the piece of paper underneath.
I do it slowly, being careful not to damage the critters legs, or toes in the case of wayward quarter sized tree frogs. Then I take the whole contraption outside and set them free!

I know it must sound absurd to most, but, I know that it's important to preserve every little bit of life energy incarnated in this world, no matter how small. Because at the same time God only knows how much of it is being extinguished elsewhere. That's hard or damn near impossible for most people to care about or begin to
understand. And look where we are today. It all adds up. It does matter.

My motto is: "Do as much good as I can while trying to do as little harm as possible." I have to admit though, while mosquitos don't bother me personally, with the West Nile cases popping up more each year, I don't want them in my house or around my family. That goes for Lyme disease and ticks too. But I hope I can be forgiven for that.

Anonymous said...

After seeing documentares on big-agra farms abuse of animals, I don't eat much flesh-food anymore and am mostly a lacto-ovo vegetarian (local cage-free chicken eggs, local goat cheese from back-yard farms, local honey). Occasionally I do eat fish. If I'm at someone's home and they serve meat/pork/chicken I eat it. I would consider myself rude to not accept a meal.

As for insects, we all step on them - indoors and outdoors, whether we're aware or not, we're killing them.

I appreciate what insects do for us and the eco-system (eating other insects and pollinating) but don't go out of my way to 'save' them.

Perspective is needed for all of us. The past two nights I've wrazzled with some ferocious tics whose pincers got into my little Eddie boy (a chihuahua) after our night walks where we go off on a bike trail and then into a wooded trail - great tic enviornment. Though Eddie's on the best flea/tic medicine application and also gets the yearly Lyme Disease vaccine, you'd better believe I go to work on those tics, removing and killing them (a necessity as they will finda host and re-attach). They can kill a mammal through infestation and bleeding their 'host' to death.

I was watching a video of the late Dr. Karla Turner the other day and she had an interesting idea regarding abductees/experiencers who went vegan and/or became extremely sensitive to animal rights issues. She thought it might be because of the abuse abductees have been through at the hands of 'aliens' which might have made some particularly aware of suffering of others (whether the others are humans or animals or insects).

~ Susan

tinyjunco said...

Hi All! i've never had much of a stomach for killing bugs......Susan, that's an interesting idea of Karla Turner's. I don't know, though - P.M.H. Atwater has done decades of study on near death experiences, with particular focus on the after effects. Her book "Beyond The Light" is a good starting place for this aspect of her work. Anyway, she has found the same thing among NDE'ers - after their experience they don't want to kill bugs, may eat less meat, and so on.

Yet another connecting thread between all these seemingly completely different experiences......steph

p.s. snorgles to Eddie!!!!!

Lucretia Heart said...
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Red Pill Junkie said...

Speaking of lab rats, a co-worker of mine spotted one (rat) roaming around some boxes we keep here at the office.

So I guess I'll be penalized in the reincarnation wheel because this vermin is going down! ;)

Lucretia Heart said...

I suppose I must confess to being among the merely "semi-enlightened" regarding this topic! I DO eat meat, though I am transitioning my life to eating only hunted animals or animals raised on an organic, humanely raised and slaughtered situation. I don't think eating meat is wrong. Humans are designed to be omnivores. Carnivorous animals are not evil, they are a part of the natural system-- as are we.

Or rather-- as we should be. People eat too much meat, take it for granted, and overlook abuses of animals and the health of humans and the entire planet for the sake of cheap prices and convenience. Granted-- absolutely! So I am trying to find a way to live that is healthier and more balanced energetically.

In addition, I'm very aware of how many insects convey disease, and am also allergic to spiders so I DO kill bugs. However, not at random and never with pleasure. I don't believe that killing flies, mosquitoes or other pests that have a high population is a bad thing. I DO, however, take GREAT EXCEPTION with killing bugs using poisons-- especially in commercial industrial agriculture. Those poisons that go into raising PRODUCE, which isn't meat, do massive damage. Unless you're eating everything organic, you're still contributing to death in a big way. Few people, vegetarian or not, can smugly boast that they are entirely guiltless.

I do not think spiritual enlightenment is why abductees may become vegetarians (by the way, I know several who LIE about this very thing because they don't want to be outcasts among what is quickly becoming an encouraged attitude in the abduction community!!!) I think Brownie pretty much hit the nail on the head with this:

"I was watching a video of the late Dr. Karla Turner the other day and she had an interesting idea regarding abductees/experiencers who went vegan and/or became extremely sensitive to animal rights issues. She thought it might be because of the abuse abductees have been through at the hands of 'aliens' which might have made some particularly aware of suffering of others (whether the others are humans or animals or insects)."

That's EXACTLY it, I'm sure. When you get treated like a lab rat, like a slab of meat, you tend to start looking at lab rats and slabs of meat mighty differently! I never confused this issue myself, although I have always been more conscious and empathic towards everything in nature-- from trees to mammals, from birds to bugs.

That means I plant flowers for bees-- and raise plants just for bird food as a way of helping out species who are being so massively pushed out and poisoned by humanity just now. I pay attention to these sorts of things for sure. I'm sure many of us do.

However, I'm wary of ascribing too many self-congratulations to ourselves for this type of thing. For one, it is NOT as near-universal as some may think, and for another it conveys the attitude that somehow to be enlightened is to be ABOVE nature, ABOVE biology. We are not angels, and while incarnated, are not meant to be.

Sorry if I sound a tad irritated here Mike, but I am wary of this type of tendency within a population getting mentioned again and again along with words like "enlightened." I realize my speaking up may not make me very popular sometimes, but being maligned for eating meat is something I am very tired of... Now I suppose I must hang my head in shame every time I swat a mosquito!

No thanks.

Lucretia Heart said...

By the way, I tried to delete my first comment, because I'm tired today and made some grammatical errors. If I can't make it go through, Mike-- could you delete that first one? Thanks.

Mike Clelland! said...

I recently spoke to an abductee. I went to his house and we spent multiple hours in conversation.

He is very much a rural western man, but when he spoke about not killing anything, it struck me that I had heard this plenty of times before.

No empirical data here, just a pattern I've noticed.

I wan't trying to paint any kind of a judgmental picture with this post, just pointing out a pattern.

Mike C

Red Pill Junkie said...

And I believe you when you say you notice these kind of patterns within this community, Mike.

You might try to extrapolate further in the future --do abductees/experiencers who choose a path of respect for other life forms report positive experiences more or less frequently than negative ones, etc?

PS: That effing rat dared to soil the sanctity of our workspace. Sorry Remy, but your days are numbered!!!

Anonymous said...

Steph & Lucretia,

~*~ Hi Steph/tinyjunco! I gave Eddie a special snorgle from you! He loves affection! The weather here has been rainy and muggy so aside from the tics thriving in it, so are the tiny toads. (Remember that problem with Eddie-boy last year - his quick hunting skills and taste for toads?...I'll go no further because it might offend some sensibilities here.

On a much more serious note, Steph, I know your NDE literally changed your life with the introduction of the theomorphs into your reality. I haven't experienced an NDE so can't speak to the profound and ongoing changes that you've seemingly have been blessed with. I remember you writing that they do help/guide you at times. That to me seems benevolent and not of a negative intrusive manner that many 'alien' close encounters present with. I think they ('aliens') originate from a different source or sources than the theomorphs.

~*~ Hi Lucretia! You've brought up excellent, practical points about personal living and our eco-system. And, as you pointed out, we humans are omnivores. It's natural for us to eat meats. It's a personal choice, as I see it, if we eschew them.

About planting - I too give back to the birds and insects. Aside from putting out a bit of birdseed everyday, I have Bee Balms, Coneflowers, Poppys and usually more than one variety of Sunflowers in late spring through early autumn. Bumblebees, Hummingbirds and other bird varieties visit my backyard. And, squirrels & chipmunks of course.

I also have a small annual veggie garden along with my perrenial and annual flower gardens. I use 'green' insect repellants on all that I grow as well as lining my veggie garden with marigolds - which naturally repel predatory insects.

I was doing a bit of tilling in one of my garden beds last afternoon after the sun broke through a rain and I accidentally smashed a huge worm. That made me think of this thread and the agita some have over killing bugs. I didn't kill the worm on purpose and I'm not sure if it was a predatory worm or a garden-helpful worm, but I killed it accidentally none the less. As I'm sure you know, this happens alot with gardeners.

The last three years I've had a wasps nest develop in the same part of my backdoor overhang. And this year, like the previous years, I'll have someone blast it out, after dark when they're nested in. This is an example of human safety and as a human I naturally prioritize over insects.

I wonder, aside from the potential alien abduction influence in some peoples lives, if most women might have more realistic, practical priorities on a subject like this because (whether mothers or not) there could be a natural inclination to protect those around us. Throughout human history women have been that line of defense for our 'hearth' & family.

~ Susan

Anonymous said...

I'm in agreement with Brownie. Practicality reigns in my homs though I feed a lot of birds and watch a few local rats devour the leftovers every night. Rats need nourishment too.

One afternoon after I started throwing seed on my patio, squirrels and birds covered the expanse a date in harmony. An excited rat loped through the yard to join the crowd and nearly every animal and bird turned on him before he coul d get a morsel. He tried again and met the same fate. Hard to overcome the personal stigma when the creatures I enjoy when they won't acceptu the presence of vermin. But I'm working on it.

Still, in a area where Mosquitos threaten one's health and cockroaches are huge and bold, I have to draw the
line. We can't avoid drawing lines when facing paradox. What's the old quote about letting our brains fall out?

Mike Clelland! said...

I am not saying there is any right or wrong here. Just that I've seen a pattern in what people are saying.

Mike C!

Red Pill Junkie said...

Have you spoken of this pattern with Whitley & Leo?

Bright Garlick said...

Mike - great post !

Mike I am still a meat eater (I was once a vegy) as my body needs it because of the hormone probs I have with tumours and I like meat occasionally because of the taste and the joy of eating it.

But I tell you what - I have had a total transformation in my attitude to hurting anything (except people !) these last 15 years. I get cranky with people who walk on ants or when my family wants to kill ants in the kitchen. My backyard is covered in all types of ant nests because I can't disturb or hurt them ! My old farm is covered with trees to create more life. I can't even poison the pest rabbits any more. I even left social work once to go back to environmental work - to help plant more than 100,000 trees ! One day I spent 2 hours watching a cockroach die, trying to comfort it and I cried as it died. Now in part, this is a result of my journey down the Buddhist path but experiencing the compassion of My ET friends has had a definite conscious impact by showing me how they are but I often wonder what they have implanted into my mind or awoken with me ! My suspicion is that they have awoken my realization that everything is god and that there is no separation.

This is a fscinating area and I would love to hear you say more or explore more in this area.

My experiences with many ET's is that they are trying to transform our emotions and slowly shift us towards a kind of divine compassion ! Not that we'll ever get to that point as a species !

Keep up the great work and welcome to the KNOWING club !

Best wishes,


muzuzuzus said...

Talking about ants reminds me. About 4 years back we get invaded by ants. They were coming into the kitechen through a vent that lets air in from outside, and taking over the cupboards. In lifted a lid off a jar of honey and the underside of the lid was alive with ants. I couldn't go on. So I thought, rather than kill the nest outside, I would cover the air vent and kill the ants with my finger. it was a NIGHTMARE,. It makes me shudder when I remember. Of course when the big giants finger starts squashing the ants, the remaining ones go hysterical and can of rise up on the haunches!! But I just had to continue killing them. I hated it tough, and we haven't had a problem since --touch wood.

Now here is an interesting thing I heard yesterday. I am sure I have heard this before, and truly wish I had collected these similar reports. I am just asking here if anyone knows of other sources, and let me know. It is to do with this amazing UFO/contact case: Chris Bledsoe on Vox Populi | Segment 1 of 2 This guy said he used to love to hunt, but since his experience seeing UFOs and actually having contact with the beings he has no interest in hinting now! It is vague, but I am sure I have heard of some similar stories. Like I have a recollection of hunters coming across UFOs and being WHILST doing that activity.

Lucretia Heart said...

I was also reacting towards the first comments, Mike-- not just you! =^)

RPJ: Really good question! I have noticed both positive and negative experiences for both those who kill animals (justified or not) and those who don't. What I notice regardless myself is that few experiencers are thoughtless about it.

There is, I've personally noticed, a group of experiencers who possess both status and money above middle class who group New Age truisms together with abductions, vegetarianism, enlightenment... it all gets mashed together. Whether this makes sense or not isn't my point-- this group of people have money and choices (for instance, to attend expensive conferences) that most experiencers do not. I think sometimes that skews perceptions for some observations. Also missing at these group events (beside the poor to lower middle class) are the shy, the more conservative, or the more traditional rationalists...

Another reason to hesitate to jump to self-serving conclusions too rapidly! (Although I understand the temptation and have succumbed to it myself.)

Mr.Owl said...

I find it ironic that you addressed the whole thing about ants and such.

I've been going over my previous post in my mind ever since I wrote it as I wasn't trying to come off as some saint. And as the days went by since, I realized that I seemed to only be reserving my way of approaching my interactions with other living creatures, to certain species.

I admitted to Mosquitos and ticks as being intolerable to others. Especially ticks which are just dangerous. And the wife hates mosquitos and those annoying flying beetles which I refuse to crush.

But Muz mentioned ants. While I think ants are really neat and I try not to step on them or subject them to the old magnifying glass, boiling water or gasoline on the anthill.. I have to admit I damn near almost did when I discovered that hundreds of carpenter ants had moved in to the house we moved into, which is on the edge of a woodland. Specifically, they were up behind the frame to the garage door having a buffet.

But that's not all. Realizing we had a problem, my wife called Terminex, although she knows I abhor insecticides, herbicides, etc. I had to agree with her. We had to protect our investment. When the Terminex guy came out he pointed out to me that
my beloved 200 year old Shag Bark Hickory was infested with carpenter ants, and that probably was where they had come from. I was perturbed. So he sprayed a pheromone laced poison and said it might help but that someday the tree would probably come down. My Heart Tree. One of the living things that so attracted me to the property.

Then June 29th, 2012 came and with it a little weather phenomena called a Derecho. Certainly a weather event never heard of here in Ohio. I had picked up my 2 & half year old son from daycare and as we wound down the country roads the light took on an strange yellow quality, like tornado weather. Then the wind kicked up and branches started crashing onto the road, luckily the big ones were landing behind us.

Right as we pulled in front of the garage, I'll never forget looking over towards the woods and seeing 90-100mph+ winds literally corkscrewing the trees all around us. Three seconds later my beloved Shag Bark made a thumping, cracking sound, broke five feet up the trunk and came crashing down. It came to rest just one foot from the house, only damaging part of the second floor gutter. Most everything else, nothing irreplaceable, and amazingly no other trees, was obliterated.

The truck was five feet in diameter and the tree was estimated by the arborist to be hundred feet tall or more and well over 200 years old, making it one of the oldest trees in the region by a longshot.

In short, when I see one of those carpenter ants trucking across the carpet, I'm not so naive now. I know what he's up to and he gets the 'boot', if you know what I mean. I feel like a hypocrite but damn, I learned my lesson. I do my best. And I found that the ants are building another hill... but I also found that Mama Shag Bark has children all around.

Mr.Owl said...

Oh, I almost forgot! Great to hear from you Bright Garlick!
I hope you are well and in good spirits. In one of your most recent vids when you became very emotional, I felt so sad. I cried myself to see you in such pain. It's funny that you are named Bright because to me you truly shine. Please don't be a stranger friend. Awesome cat btw. Peace!