Monday, January 4, 2016

Nick Redfern reviews The Messengers

Nick Redfern posted a review of my book The Messengers at the Mysterious Universe site. Nick read the book twice while doing the initial editing for me last summer.

This is a wildy positive review. It's the kind of appraisal that any author might only dream of getting. That Nick has said these things leaves me deeply humbled. I am grateful and his glowing words will keep me pressing forward in times of uncertainty.

  Link to the review HERE  

Nick writes:
As Mike Clelland skilfully demonstrates, the UFO-owl issue is a real one. It’s not, however, an issue that can be explained in simple terms. The entire situation is multifaceted, requires an open mind to appreciate it, and is fascinating, uplifting, and disturbing in equal measures. This is a very important book on an enigma-filled topic that – finally – has the extensive treatment it deserves. And it may very well radically change your thoughts on the real nature of the UFO enigma. And also on what passes for reality itself.

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The Secret Sun said...

Great article. The book seems to be striking a chord. All those delays you complained about may well have been a form of guidance, making sure it dropped at just the right time.