Saturday, December 26, 2015

owl on Christmas morning (updated)

eerie cell phone image of an owl
I received an interesting comment from a fellow named Robert, it arrived on Christmas morning. It was on the post about the missing text in the owl book (below from Dec. 19). These are the kinds of accounts I have been receiving since the publication of the book. His is not the only one, but it is a good example—and he has a photo!

Below is a slightly edited excerpt of his original comment to me.
Mike, even before I found you and your blog, I had been aware of the connection with owls and UFOs—maybe it was from Strieber, I can't remember but I know it was years ago. Well I discovered your blog and was fascinated when you brought the idea back into my awareness. So, two days ago I was listening to The Paracast, and Gene and Chris and Gene announced your new book was out and they hoped to get you on. I thought, cool. So today, Christmas eve, I went to my nieces back patio to smoke a cigarette and listen to a new podcast. Well, it was Where Did The Road Go and they brought up your new book and one of the guests said something to the effect, ‘Oh wow, I'm probably going to start seeing owls everywhere.’ (paraphrasing here). Again I thought how weird to be hearing about Mike's new book, I must get it soon. 
Okay, so this morning, Christmas day at 5 a.m., I walked out on aforementioned patio to smoke and I shit you not—an owl landed five feet from me, stared at me for a few seconds, then gracefully, calmly hopped up onto the little decorative fence and continued to stare at me. I didn't scream or even gasp, I just heard myself say, "Hey Mr. Owl, do you have something to tell me?" Since I had my phone, I slowly walked to within a few feet of this magnificent animal. It let me take a picture! I swear this all happened over the course of like 30 hours. I mostly just feel like, how cool, a little bit of grace and awe from the universe! Synchronicity indeed. But what exactly do I take away from it? Not sure, but I suddenly feel the need to pay a little more attention to my life. Thanks, Robert.
close up of the same photo

New text added December 27th 2015

Robert saw another owl! It happened early this morning.

Here is the message from Robert (excerpt edited slightly):
I stepped out to the back patio off the living room to smoke. The owl, once more, landed on her neighbors patio fence. Since my niece was sitting in the living room and I had only closed the screen door behind me, I said through the screen,"Hey, my owl is back come see.” 
She jumped, phone in hand, and joined me. I didn't change position and told her, I'm going to stand still but the owl may let you get pretty close, just be slow in your approach. I heard her say, "Hey bird, you're so pretty.”  I said please take a picture with your good phone and I'll pass it along to Mike. So she did and here it is [see below]. ... She's very tolerant of her crazy uncle and his "owl" thing, but tonight she was floored by the experience from a place of "I can't believe this magnificent wild creature let me get so close."

Robert’s first owl sighting was early in the morning on Christmas day in Louisiana. The day before, at about 1:45 a.m. a police officer was attacked by an owl that flew into the open window of his car patrol. It happened about 100 miles away in the suburban town of Covington Louisiana. See a TV report of this weird news story HERE. My first thought when I heard about the cop with the owl in the car was “Uh oh!”
Barred owl in a cop car in Louisiana (Dec. 24)
Here's a rundown of all this:

        ~ Cop gets attacked by an owl (Dec. 24)
        ~ Robert sees his first owl (Dec. 25)
        ~ Mike posts about Robert's owl sighting with picture (Dec. 26)
        ~ Robert sees that owl again with picture (Dec 27)

All this happened during a full (or nearly) moon on a holiday noted for an unusual star in the sky heralding a new era of love and forgiveness. And, my missing time event happened on a suburban street named Covington.

Robert ended his most recent email with this: "I've had about as much synchronicity as my tired brain can handle for a bit!"
Barred owl on the same fence in Louisiana (Dec. 27)


Eva said...

Wow! And guess what - less than 1 hour after reading this post one of my friends sends me a message (picture) on Facebook with 2 owls! :-)

Crow Corner said...

Fantastic! My owl SE's are tapering off. The guy that I gave your book to had a lot of SE's prior to reading it but not while reading it.