Sunday, May 10, 2015

Vomanomalous, a UFO site from Denmark

Thomas Brisson Jørgensen is a Danish researcher with an excellent website, titled Vomanomalous. He posted a report that features an overlapping set of stories, along with a small owl cameo. This account is like a spiderweb with threads leading off in every direction, and each one connects to something interesting. although . I am finding that the MORE complex a case, the more I trust it. These tangled knots are terribly difficult to make sense of, but for me it a form of confirmation. I trust this story precisely because it is so hard to understand.

  full article linked HERE  
Suddenly, for some reason she can’t recall – or maybe there was no particular reason - Marianne looked out the balcony window. There, immediately outside, hovering above the ball court, was an object of bright aluminum complexion, without any visible windows or doors or other distinguishable features. Anne says that the “body” of the object was about 5-6 meters long, and the “wings” maybe 1.5 meters each. The things that attached the “wings” to the body seemed to her like some kind of pipe system. She made a sketch of it which you can see just below.
sketch drawn by Marianne
Marianne describes the rest of the experience as if time itself started to fall apart, or as if two different timelines were moving along at the same time. The object was moving, but very slowly. She noticed that all sounds and smells now disappeared, almost as if her surroundings faded away from her, and she felt that her sense of space and time was the only “real” thing present - all tell-tale signs of what British veteran ufologist Jenny Randles has dubbed the Oz Factor.

This is just the beginning of a set of overlapping weirdness. Another excellent article from Thomas HERE.


Anonymous said...

Hey mike, I hope you were able to check out the link rpj posted to the radio mysterioso blog on the other thread. The humanoid ufo occupant archive calls are awesome! So many great descriptions and information..please check out #34, the report from the caller is great, he is so detailed and describes that he couldn't move when he saw the objects overhead. And stayed like that till they left. He says the occupant were pointing and looking at him like he was a "zebra in a zoo", or a fish in an aquarium.

This topic whole area of research and investigation is so interesting.

Anonymous said...

Crap. Lol. Here's the link


Mike Clelland! said...

Hey, can you send the link again? I can't find the page...

Mike C

Anonymous said...

Here's the link, problem. I took the "s" out of the top link because some times that messes up. Enjoy.


eattherich said...

I live close to Copenhagen, an hour across the water, in Sweden, and the thought of this kind of thing going on over there is fascinating. (-I always knew the danes were weird but....- No,no, just kidding!:D)

Gösta Carlsson I´ve heard before, kind of dismissing him as a kook. Reading about it now, after educating myself on the web for some years, I see this in a different light and might go up and have a look at the saucer monument this summer.

(Very OT, I found out not very long ago that apparently my grandmother´s brother was mayor of Ängelholm for many years in the beginning of the last century)

Anonymous said...

I was particularly interested in the shape of the object Marianne saw. A couple of years back on a flight leaving Milan airport I witnessed something similar. I had a window seat over the wing and as the plane started to level out after the steep take off and broke through the cloud cover into bright sunlight I saw a bright gold cuboid, it appeared to be about the size and proportions of a shoe box and was just beyond the tip of the wing. The vivid reflective gold colour, reminded me of the gold foil which was used to protect the lunar module. I was so shocked by the appearance of this object that I did a literal double-take and it was gone. I have often puzzled over this sighting and particularly about the atypical shape.
As a footnote, a few days ago, before I came across this particular blog entry, I had a powerful synchronistic experience related to another aspect of this same flight.