Saturday, October 5, 2013

the Oz factor

I've attached a short essay describing the unusual effects reported by close up UFO witnesses. There seems to be something directly influencing the consciousness of anyone in close proximity to a UFO.

An the eerie silence is consistently reported by close encounter experiencers, but what also gets described is a bizarre warping of reality, as if their consciousness was being altered or distorted.

The term Oz Factor was coined in 1983 by British UFO researcher Jenny Randles to describe this strange, but commonly reported, effect of the proximity to an unknown craft. This recommended essay is posted below in a one-click PDF reader.


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

It sounds very much like what Graham Hancock is writing about in his excellent book "Supernatural" to me.

Meghan M said...

This is a poorly and lazily written article. I am especially turned off by the sentence(s): "If you do not understand the term, do not worry. All will become clear."

The "concluding" paragraph is horrendous, bringing quantum physics into the mix (for reasons unclear). I don't sense any intelligence in this article. The article mentions that lack of witnesses is an "obstacle" in UFO reporting. The writing then provides a very, very weak justification for WHY there are a lack of witnesses in reports (zone of influence).

Thumbs down for this one.

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Meghan,

I wasn't all that interested in her writing style, what fascinated me was the content. THe odd things she was finding in her research. The "Oz Effect" doesn't get written about very often. It is hinted at, but I thought her ideas were very interesting.

I feel strongly that I have felt this same sensation. It is extremely palpable and defined. At least that is my impression.

Mike C

ill-starred man said...

The difficulty in describing the experience or properly making sense of it is probably because consciousness is still so little understood by science - it really isothermal true last frontier. Our minds are linked in a way we don't fully understand, So when we encounter other beings who are used to telepathy we've no way of organising our thoughts in response to their contact. We feel their contact as intrusive, and any experience of their reality will seem to uproot us from ours, which is after all very limited as we know from quantum physics etc

Melissa The Minx said...

I have directly experienced this phenomenon. Myself and a friend experienced this back in 1998. twice, in the same location several months apart. I could write a very long and detailed description of the incident if anyone is interested, but for now I will say it is very real, and there are intelligences behind this. its not an 'accidental' phenomenon, and it does seem to involve time and dimensions.The reason the Ox factor type incidents may not be talked about very much, is that both myself and my friend felt compelled not to talk about it. It took ten years for us to mention it to each oher, and we still do not know why we felt compelled not to speak of it. All I can theorise is that we were given a very strong mental or psychological 'suggestion not to speak of it.

Sakib said...

I've experienced something similar sometimes when I've gone to sleep. It seems like a dark fog descends around you but you're not seeing it with your eyes. The other thing is that it seems like everything goes quiet and maybe something is done to your consciousness. I seem to have attracted the attention of spirits this year for some reason.