Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hoot and Run (not my pun)

owl imagery
Stephanie Foo killed a snowy owl—with her car—driving in Big Sur, California. It was stuck on her grill. She’d never seen an owl before. The next day, she saw a guy selling owl t-shirts, went on a hike and saw an owl sticker in the middle of the woods, and a leaf with an owl face on it. Later, an owl flew next to the car on the highway, hovered next to the passenger window, and turned its head to look at Stephanie's boyfriend. Stephanie slowed down, not wanting to hit another owl, and the owl slowed down too. Afterward, she looked up what owls represent and apparently it’s wisdom or doom. Her boyfriend got fired that week.

This little story comes from the This American Life web-site (here).

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Michael Gardner said...

My encounter with a giant white owl one night. A kind of a poetic sharing of the story.