Monday, March 31, 2014

made for TV movie INTRUDERS

a treatment of the UFO abduction lore

INTRUDERS (1992) full movie above. Based on the book of the same name by Budd Hopkins. The Richard Crenna character is a composite of both Budd Hopkins and Dr. John Mack. The teleplay was penned by Tracy Torme, who also wrote Fire in the Sky.
NOTE:Owl hooting sound effect at the 1:22:45 time count...
So, we have an owl immediately preceding a UFO abduction. I see nothing overly "sneaky" here. More just a spooky sound effect that would be fitting in any haunted house movie.

Later, at the 2:27:35 time count, the same great horned owl sound effect shows up right before another abduction. This time there was a gray alien that met the woman abductee in a hallway, and she said to the woman, "Time has come Mary, time has come for you to understand." So, the alien plays the role of messenger.

She is shown a hybrid child. Mary is a quite an insightful name for a woman who gives birth to a child fathered from the great beyond.

Also of note: There is a Dark Shadows link with this movie. Both have the same musical director, Bob Cobert. The executive producer (Dan Curtis) was involved in the original vampire soap opera, and he also directed *The Norliss Tapes* one of the more bizarre occult made for TV movies of the 1970's. And, he also directed Burnt Offerings!

Text added Janurary 15th 2015

Christopher Knowles also blogged about this made-for-TV movie in a post on The Secret Sattalite (linked HERE). He wrote about how hypnosis can make for such bad cinema, as well as difficult research:
I'm thinking of the turgid and inert The Fourth Kind in particular. It's rather embarrassing to see lumberjacks screaming like schoolgirls when the viewer has no tangible idea what they are afraid of.
It's also why abduction material has become somewhat radioactive in UFO research again. People were interested in the topic but never got anything to look at, anything tangible to evaluate. Which may be why the abductee community reminds me so much of a modern Mystery cult these days. Esoteric in the classic sense of the word; exclusively for the initiates, impenetrable to everyone else.
Maybe that's the idea.


Anonymous said...

I can't recall if there were owls in this made-for-tv abduction movie, but it was pretty good, dealing with missing time and removal of humans through walls, ect. - Visitors of the Night (1995) Perhaps youtube carries it in its entirety.

~ Susan

p.s. Caught a re-enactment of the original Exorcist case of 1949 with the boy. There was a very obvious owl macramé (or something similar in design) on the wall, next to the bed. Creepy eyes... Of course this was just the re-enactment which current set designers did. I don't think the boy's room had that owl in it.

Red Pill Junkie said...

""Time has come Mary, time has come for you to understand." So, the alien plays the role of messenger.

She is shown a hybrid child. Mary is a quite an insightful name for a woman who gives birth to a child fathered from the great beyond."

Angel, from the Greek √°ngelos, is the translation from the Biblical Hebrew term mal'akh, which means 'messenger.'

Anonymous said...

Graphics has gone a long way with movies now since this was made, but still nice to watch with how they are trying to find the truth when everyone around them doubts.

Eva said...

I could only watch short parts of this movie. It really gives me shivers.

Elvee Kaye said...

About three minutes after the helicopter scene at 52:30, a helicopter flew really low over the neighborhood. And then, a little after the next helicopter scene at around 1:52:20, the same chopper took off in the other direction. It was just the medical rescue helicopter from the hospital down the street, but it was still kind of surprising!

Lucretia Heart said...

I was working with Budd at the time this came out and discussed many aspects of the series. He didn't have a lot of direct control, but he DID discuss all sorts of aspects of the weird synchronicities and triggers for PTSD (like raw eggs...) that only abductees seem to have. OWLS were discussed as screen memories. Since they didn't have time to go into all those things in the space of the show, they incorporated then in background. Its not accidental, in other words.

Theri0 said...

Excellent movie. Anyone who`s into abduction and UFO phenomena is going to love this one. It builds up just as it should because this is hard subject, and as such, needs to be more familiar to the viewer. Thus the long minutes on this film:). And yea, it is, to some extent, based on the book called Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods (excellent read for subject-lovers). Anyway, check it out; quite spooky. Do not judge the subject! Some believe, some do not..some just question (that`s me).