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White owls and UFOs in among the sacred sites of England

This is an excerpt from a book project with the working title; Owls, Sychronicity and the UFO Abductee. I plan on posting a few samples from time to time. 
—Mike C

I am adding these excerpts from my work-in-progress. My hope is to give folks an insight into the flavor of the project. The stories that follows are from two different researchers, both focusing on the ancient sacred sites in Wiltshire county in the UK. Maria Wheatley and Bert Janssen both tell an eerily similar experiences. Both stories invoke a white owl and an orange orb. (click on the "Read more" link below left)

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Maria Wheatly, UK researcher
Maria Wheatley comes from a long family linage of dousers all living in among the ancient sacred sites of southern England’s Wiltshire county. Her research has been centered around the ley lines and energy patterns in hallowed prehistoric places like Avebury and Stonehenge. I heard her speaking on a podcast, she was describing her fieldwork, and as I listened, I thought to myself, oh this woman simply must have an owl story. I found her online contact info and I sent an email. I explained I was researching UFOs and owls, and I asked if she had any personal experiences that might fit this inquiry. Within a few minutes she replied:
I have seen a large expanding UFO that involved an owl! So I was amazed as I read your email.

It was 1991 or 1992, it was midsummer's eve around sunset and a friend and I decided to visit Oliver's Castle near Devizes in Wiltshire. Nearby is a wooded area with trails, we were about to enter the woods when suddenly a majestic barn owl swooped in front of us, crossing the path and then went up into a nearby tree. We both sensed it was blocking our path, as if denying us entry.

We took the unspoken advise and instead went to the nearby hilltop which offers outstanding views due to its high elevation. We were admiring the view when we noted an amber light heading north. After a short while, the light became stationary and then expanded and expanded and expanded until it was very large. There seemed to be swirling light at the bottom and looked like a cigar shape.

Then in a split second it returned to its former size and sped off! My friend was spooked, so we hurried off the hill and sped off in the car. Had it not been for the owl blocking the path, we would have missed an extraordinary event!
This is a wonderful example of a combined owl and UFO event. Like many sightings of this kind, it had a sense of psychic knowing, they both felt the owl was sending a message, that it was denying their entry into the forest. Maria’s story plays out as a mirrored counterpoint to another white owl event in the sacred areas of southern England.

Bert Janssen, crop circle researcher
In 1997, Bert Janssen had been actively researching the crop circles of Wiltshire county for three summers in a row. He was at a point where he felt he had come to a dead end in his ability to follow the mystery any further. Then something changed all that. Here are Bert’s own words explaining what happened:
This was my third year, and I thought this is my last year, I’ve done it all now, I’ve seen it, three years of [researching] crop circles, it’s enough. Then... something happens that will draw you back the next year.

What happened to me, I saw for the first time in my life, in Wiltshire, an orb, a ball of light. And not just flashing by, this was amber and it was floating over a field in already dark in the evening.
Bert watched in amazement as this floating orb cruised around above the fields.It would slow down and then accelerate. Very similar to what Maria saw, the orb would grow larger to the size of a huge balloon, and then shrink back down to the size of a grapefruit.
I watched it for minutes, floating over the field, then it moved along and disappeared behind a shed. I was sure it would reappear again, because the shed should have blocked the view for a just a few seconds, but it never reappeared. And I thought, ‘That’s really strange, why did it disappear at that shed?’

So the next day I went to that shed to have a look, an it was just a little small shack with one small window [on the back side] with no glass anymore, so if you were an object you could go in and out. I thought, can it be that the ball of light could have gone through that window into the shed?

The window opening was up on the second floor, and Bert needed to know what was inside. He had to break into the shed through a door, and once inside, he climbed a ladder that accessed a loft to get up to the level of that open window.
...and to my great surprise and shock, I found a nest of white owls! I thought, this cannot be true. So the ball of light is totally connected to these white owls. So for me the white owl and the balls of light that are seen in Wiltshire, they are somehow interchangeable. That’s why I am paying so much attention when I do see a white owl, because I’m not always sure it’s a white owl. Could it be that I am actually looking at something else, it only presents itself as a white owl to me.
This, to me, is a perfect example of what is at the core of all my research. I can’t help but see the window as a metaphor. UFO researchers are forever struggling with the source of these craft, and one idea (that I like) that gets batted around is that these craft enter our dimensional reality through some kind of cosmic window. In almost all the worlds mythologies, owls can be seen, like the shaman, as a being that can pass in and out of the beyond, crossing some veil, or through a window. The owl, the UFO and the shaman all have this metaphoric (or literal) ability. I very much see both Maria and Bert in the role of the modern day shaman.

Bert, together with his wife Heather (a shaman) had another powerful white owl experience in crop circle country. (linked HERE)

Another powerful detail, Burt was at a point of questioning and personal disillusionment over the crop circle mystery. He was ready to walk away from the whole messy subject, but both and owl and a UFO (in the form of an orange orb) changed him. Now, 16 years later, he is still active in this subject, less as pragmatic researcher, but more as a mentor to people seeking their own spiritual answers.

Bert’s story is a delightful counterpoint to Maria Wheatley’s experience. Bert had an orange orb lead him to seeing white owls, and Maria had a white owl lead her to seeing an orange orb!



Simon Bown said...

I find it interesting that the witnesses are seeing orange orbs in Wiltshire as I saw one myself. I live in Dorset which is a neighbouring county south of Wiltshire. I was driving across an area called The New Forest which is a national forest. The orange light I saw was stationary, about ten feet above a small tree and the size if a car. I watched it for approximately 1 minute and in that time it didn't move. The light was strong enough to light up the whole area. There is no owl sighting linked to this but it's another orange orb here in the south of England. My sighting was in November 2011.

Eva said...

Interesting. I've been to Avesbury and Stonehenge. Don't remember seeing any owls or UFOs there. They showed up later, the same year.

Lucretia Heart said...

I think the color amber or orange are significant as well. Those lights are often associated with not only crop circles, but animal mutilations.

I definitely think there is something to the dimensional window idea. Excellent stories to consider!

Debi Tripp said...

Those are both fascinating stories Mike! This is such an interesting has such a mysterious and yet homey feel to me-that mix of ethereal and earthiness, whenever you talk or write about it. Thank you for researching and sharing it with us all.