Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Red Pill Junkie on Radio Mysterioso

Greg Bishop interviews a close friend of Hidden Experience, the infamous Red Pill Junkie. Search comments throughout this site, and you'll find the name Red Pill Junkie all over. RPJ's insights have helped me enormously over the years. When I write, I am always aware that RPJ will be paying very close attention, his presence here, perhaps more than anyone, has encouraged me me to be as honest and clear with my thoughts as I can be.

Greg's show with RPJ linked HERE.

one-click audio download HERE


Anonymous said...

How do I listen to this interview? I went to the site and maybe I'm wrong but I can't figure out where the audio is. All I see is a write up.

Mike Clelland! said...

click on the homepage, and then scroll down...

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

You're right Anon,there is no link on that page.

Try this link -


He is a nice guy and I have personally shared comments with him on this blog and others,so it was good for me to hear his voice...and I think the NSA agree with me on that last part,too. ;-)
Good to hear you amigo.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Thanks, Darren! You can listen my voice more often on The Grimerica Show, a podcast produced by my good friends Darren & Graham from Calgary, in which I make semi-regular appearances. Without their encouragement, I wouldn't have had the confidence of making an appearance of Radio Misterioso, a show I've been a huge fan of for quite a few years.

And thank you also for the kind words, Mike. It's true that I now am shifting to the role of creator of content, but truth is I feel myself being more valuable as someone who can *connect* information for the benefit of others.

If I go to a website & read something I like, and leave a comment like "what you wrote about X reminded me of Y which I found here" or "you should listen to Z who discusses similar things," & I then provide a link to another blog or site, if that link helps others expand upon their own personal research --their journey if you will-- then I feel I've fulfilled my role.

Think of me as the Fortean Matchmaker :P



Brizdaz (Darren) said...

That's funny you should mention the word *connect* in relation to blogging and such,because when I first got into this stuff and put my fears about being in the limelight out to the universe the answer I got back in my head was (and it didn't feel like the answer was from my subconscious) don't worry because your job is just to *connect* people like a telephone operator,or to act as a bridge behind the scenes to encourage and bring people together and most times they won't even realize that you connected them,you don't have to have a spotlight on you to do this.I also got the impression there were a heap of "connectors" out there playing their part.
So it's funny that you use the word *connect* in your comment because that is what I have always thought of myself as in the sync blogging world.More of a cheerleader than a player on the field. I'll have to checkout these other pod-casts too RPJ.Cheers.

Merlyn's Apprentice said...

Oh. way cool discovery here. I instantly liked RPJ and felt him to be a kindred spirit via his comment content. It was great to hear him. I find it amazing that he has this much interest in the subject without having had "experienced" any phenomena.

My obsession is tied in with a lifelong string of experiences. I remain mostly silent to the world about them for now, but if there was more RPJs in the world i would reconsider my silence. It's a tough balance to remain logical and open to everything simultaneously.

I'm gonna have to hunt down the shows he's on. I'm new to the "scene" so it may take me a bit.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Much obliged, Merlyn's --though I'd need to clarify something: I've never said I hadn't experienced weird crap in my life once or twice; maybe not something as 'conclusive' or earth-shattering as you guys... but enough to let me know this is all within the realm of possibility ;)

I dunno. Makes me think of something I've found in a couple of podcasts: The notion that shamans are most of the time 'chosen' instead of choosing by themselves to be shamans; nothing really prevents you from becoming a shaman --if you're stupid enough to pursue that path-- but in the end you'd never be as powerful a shaman as someone who was literally chosen by the spirits to fulfill that role.

Perhaps that's the case for those of us who choose to follow this mystery from the periphery.

And at the same time, in the end maybe we still have a job to fulfill. By not being that directly involved with the phenomenon, perhaps we're able to perceive it with a more sense of objectivity as the direct players --sometimes commentators are a good thing, although sometimes it's best to enjoy the game on 'Mute' :P

PS: If you wanna follow of some of my later podcasts appearances, you can find one I did at The Paracast not too long after the RM interviews; also I've become something of a semi-regular figure at my friends podcast The Grimerica Show, where I more less function as a commenter of recent news, although the boys let me posit questions to their guests once in a while --speaking of which, they just interviewed Nick Pope & Penniston about their latest book on the Rendlesham incident, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to ask the kind of questions someone like myself & Mike would raise, but that MUFON researchers would shun away from... stay tuned ;)

Merlyn's Apprentice said...

Again, we are on the same page. I couldn't imagine myself without having the knowledge and experiences i have. They define a certain part of me and have been there since my earliest of memories. i feel i was chosen and i just "am" this simultaneously. It's a symbiotic relationship.

Admittedly, i don't even know what the Rendlesham incident is (at least by name). I remained almost completely autonomous from research and exposure to "the scene" up until a few months ago. I find the fact that my experiences fit such a similar pattern with others, now that i know others exist, to be another slap in the face as to the reality of what i did and am experiencing. anyone going thru this who doesn't question their own sanity probably really does have a few screws loose.

So i'll share another story... a few months ago i started to feel as though i was going to start having "experiences" again. i went through a period of about 10 years with little to nothing per an (apparent) agreement i made via the time before. i needed time to "be human". anyhow, I always trust my intuition about this. I don't think i have ever had "the feeling" followed by nothing.

As a kid i remember one night seeing this strange blue light enter my bedroom. At first i dismissed it as moonlight. but it started to do this ambient ripply thing. (like being underwater) I started to realize "no, this isn't moonlight" and my heart started to race. i looked at both windows in my room and both were completely dark. The realization that this was not the moon caused more fear and when i looked back up at the ceiling the light started to take form. It was like a blue foggy cloud and i froze in fear. i tried calling to my mom but was so terrified that only a whimper came to the surface. I closed my eyes and desperately wished for it to go away. I was poked by one single poke on my upper left chest (near my sternum) and i passed out. I was around 8 or 9 years old.

Fast forward to me a few weeks ago. I had the feeling and then it happened. I lay in bed and watched the room glimmer with that strange ripply glimmer. In the shadows of the room i could feel i was being watched and felt i was welcome to "meet them". i just sat and contemplated the reality of actually "meeting them". I ended up getting so worked up with fear i kindly said (in my head) "i dont think my heart can do it. i sort of feel like i am going to have a heart attack" Instantly the glimmer went away. no phase out. no special effect. just gone.

I went to sleep. In my dreams i was instructed to breath. to relax. To let go of fear. It sounds so new agey... but it was like getting a meditation lesson by a yoga master in my dream ALL NIGHT LONG. breath in.... breath out. and so i listened to this in / out breathe all night and followed it with my own breathing. it was so clear that when i woke up... for the first 10 seconds of being awake i could still here the breathing. I actually reached for headphones (which were not there) because i thought that i must have accidentally left them in. It was like an auditory phantasm.

My wife turned and said. "I couldn't sleep, you were doing this weird breathing thing all night."

Red Pill Junkie said...

Fascinating. Thanks for sharing :)

Merlyn's Apprentice said...

ehh. no prob. sorry if it was lengthy. i've had the urge to share my stories lately. I dont tell them to anyone so i've been trickling them here on Mike's blog. (Hope he doesn't mind)

Living in New England is a whole different monster than living out west (from my understanding). People up here are waaaay more down to earth (generally speaking). From the few times i have hinted at these "adventures in weirdness" i get the sense that i would stand more to lose than to gain by sharing them locally/publicly.

As a matter of fact i just had a good friend over the other night and she was telling a story about an old high school teacher. She said "He was weird. He believed in UFOs."

I thought. "wow, i really have traveled so far down the rabbit hole that i would be unrecognizable to my friends if they really knew me" (of course this made me start thinking about the definition of friendship etc)

My advice to people who are open to these ideas but have never had experiences would be that they should keep in mind that these are not just stories. Not in the sense of creepy campfire stories for entertainment purposes anyhow. People who experience these events could really use the help to sort through them and accept them. I've done really well on my own, but i can see there are many who are having trouble integrating these events into their lives.

Above you mentioned that as "on lookers you are able to see things objectively". I think you hit the nail on the head. Make sure when listening to people you offer supporting words too. I would imagine you will find people who both genuinely have had experiences and who havent but do have psychiatric problems. (perhaps both) All of whom need kindness and objectivity.

Nice chatting with you. Best of luck pursuing your passion. I bet we'll chat again on another post. Mike's blog kicks ass :)

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to RPG and M'sA:

It feels good to know that my blog kicks ass!

Merlin, feel free to post away here. I have said this before, but please make sure to create your own journal or diary, your comments here are a good start.

That is really the only advice I can give is to somehow write all this down.

No easy answers. But, the dialog here is wonderful, and I am glad I have created a space where this feels safe for you (and a bunch of others with similar experiences).

Pleas know, this is a big deal for me, to be able to see that this site has been a supportive resource for folks who are dealing with these elusive challenges.

peace to all of you!

Mike C