Wednesday, January 8, 2014

those are airplanes, not UFOs

Despite the dramatic music, those are airplanes

Jeeesh, I'm sort of annoyed that people will post videos claiming that "Strange Visitors Make An Appearance" when what they are showing is obviously a bunch of airplanes. I found this HERE at Before-It's-News.

There is set of apartments in the foreground of the video frame with "Pacific Point" clearly seen in big letters on the side of the building. Easily googled, here's the address.

3468 Main Beach Parade, 
Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia +61 7 5531 7120

Go to google maps, and there is an airport right where I knew it would be. The runway lines up with the air traffic seen as long streaks of light.

These nighttime images are long exposures. The images in the sky are clearly airplane lights that create a long glowing line due to the long exposure. They trace back to the airport. Anyone who has played with long exposures at night will have captured exactly these kinds of streaks of light from cars, planes and people with flashlights.

The tiny dots above some of the long streak of light seem to be the blinking running lights on a plane. The lights on the beach are cars in motion, where their headlights create the long streak of light.

This bit of internet detective work took me about one minute!

The marker at the top shows the Pacific Point apartments.
The Surfer's Paradise airport is noted below.

Okay, one more example of something that's obviously NOT a UFO here.


Bright Garlick said...

Nice job Mike. Good to see someone with their senses awake !!! I think the time exposures were a giveaway !

I tell you what - if you'd ever visited Surfers Paradise - it's the last place you'd think an ET race would want to visit. Picture New York City on a big long beach ! You get the picture !

Keep up the good work and a happy 2014 to you !


Jordon said...

This is why I'm unimpressed by 99% of the UFO videos and pictures I see. People often don't understand the technical aspects of the medium and how that can skew the images. I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on Wilbur Allen's work.

trish said...

Before its news doesn't do its homework. How great that you did. Happy 2014, Mike!

Bob Morrison said...

I always have to laugh at the soundtracks people put with their video to make it suspenseful.
These are obviously planes taking off from an airport. There is so much of this garbage on the Internet I seldom even open videos of someone claiming to capture UFOs.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I drive past this airport all the time when I go from Brisbane to Byron Bay and if this was a real clip of UFO's in a tourist mecca like Surfer's Paradise you would have had hundreds of similar You Tubes on the net.We have a word for the makers of clips like this one in Australia and that words is "Wankers" (although I would advise not using the word if you don't know it's real meaning).