Monday, December 30, 2013

where did the road go? (audio interview)

I did an audio interview with Seriah Azkath on his excellent podcast series Where Did the Road Go? We talked about owls, conciousness, UFOs and all kinds of paranormal weirdness. This was a really good conversation, I was jacked up on strong coffee and you can hear it in my voice. Seriah is a really insightful and thoughtful host, and i can highly recomend his site.

  audio interview linked HERE  


Red Pill Junkie said...

I'm thoroughly impressed with Seriah's approach to these phenomena, ever since I listened to him on the Gralien Report --so I knew that having the two on a same interview would be a real treat ;)

So now the question is... how the HELL am I gonna be able to accommodate all these new podcasts I wanna listen to??

Cynthia said...

it's great to hear level headed speculation on such a strange and complex topic, and it's reassuring, especially for those of us who are having odd experiences. Ditto RPJ, there are many great podcasts to catch up on.