Tuesday, December 3, 2013

interview with experiencer Peter Maxwell Slattery

Peter Maxwell Slattery is a young outspoken contactee from Australia. One question that any researcher will ask someone with a history of contact events is, “Do you feel a sense of mission.” Just looking at Peter’s site and recent history, it’s obvious that he’s on fire with this sense of mission. In just a little over a year he has written four books about his experiences, been the subject of more than one documentary, started website, produced an audio podcast interview series and he’s video taped hundreds of unusual lights in the sky.

Last night, I was his guest on his interview series. We had spoken a few days earlier, I had sought him out for my research because I heard bout some of his owl experiences. We hit it off great when we first talked, and he asked me onto his show.

  one-click audio download linked HERE  
[ the same interview in video format below ]
video interview between the Rocky Mountains and Australia

I've written up his experiences for my ongoing book project on owls. I am posting this excerpt here so you as the listener can get an insight to his very odd owl experiences.
  book excerpt linked HERE  

Peter has an infectious energy, it's great to see someone younger within the UFO research community pushing forward with such a positive vibe. Here's a link to Peter's website, and to his interview series.

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