Friday, February 22, 2013

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Lucretia Heart has posted a truly fascinating post concerning her memores from 1990. She writes candidly about the very strange interactions with the alien entites that play a role in her life. She tells a  profoundly bizarre in a clear matter-of-fact voice.

The essay is titled:


happytobe said...

Good essay, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Lucretia's blog entries are fascinating. She simply presents what she remembers, as is - not trying to conform them to any social or religious construct.

I wonder if Lucretia will see her Kiki and WW Box at some point a few years from now? And, thus the implications for her and us (humanity).

I also like Lucretia's other blog on preparedness - 'Life So Strange' (which is not one of those Revelations end-times rightwing disaster sites) - Fascinating ideas, suggestions and links.

~ Susan

tinyjunco said...

Susan nicely sums up what i also find so refreshing and rare about Lucretia's posts. Lucretia is wonderful about putting down her impressions and experiences as precisely as she remembers them, clearly delineating them from any conclusions she draws from such. It makes her writing incredibly powerful, and it's also the most helpful way to present this material for others trying to get a grip on what this is all about.

Regarding the substance of Lucretia's experience, once again we have these strange obsessions associated with these events/beings. Lucretia lays out the explanation she's given, that these items will serve as a kind of 'password', letting her know which particular beings are behind the message and what the message is (when these items show up again).

But, on thinking it thru, i can't see how tracking these various belongings for decades, keeping them sorted as to which belongs to who, then getting each package individually to the correct person, on and on would be so much less of a hassle than just telling people 'in person'. Then again, of course i have no idea what their 'technology' is like, either. Which points up once more just how tentative so many of our conclusions are in the realm.

It does bring to mind the fraught wrangling over small items - Betty Hill and Antonio Villa-Boas trying desperately and failing to bring back proof from their encounters; Mary Hyre delighting a small, strange being in the extreme by giving him a ballpoint pen; an encounter whose where/when/who i've forgotten where a small being next to a landed 'flying saucer' is similarly ecstatic over being given a small figurine of a dog (offered by the witness in place of his pet pooch, the being's first choice).

In college anthropology they kept emphasizing how important gift exchange is to pre-industrial societies, it's something that keeps relations going between all types of people - you always have connections you can call on for any needs. Look up 'Gift Giving from the Anthropological Perspective" if you're interested for lotsa articles. Happy Day! steph

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph! Your post made me think of how some abductees report recognizing a particular abductor they've seen time and again - usually a smallish grey, but sometimes another type of being.

If that's the case maybe these beings have groups of people they're assigned to and form a connection whereby they're able to know 'their' people - such as their location, habits and belongings. How they could remember all the material stuff that's given to them and where it get stored; well, who knows on that count.

~ Susan

Red Pill Junkie said...

Just give us all a heads up when those items reappear, will ya Lucretia? ;)

tinyjunco said...

Hi Susan! good points, i've read about those same type of instances re: 'familiar abductors'; in fact i have had repeated contact with the beings i first encountered in my NDE in the intervening almost 30 years - those these contacts happen on the subtle planes, wherein concentrated/directed thought will brings association between the beings involved, so in this case all of the physical concerns fall away.

All of which emphasizes to me just how at sea we really are when it comes to trying to evaluate many of these scenarios. Sure, from the consensus western human materialist viewpoint it looks one way, but how does it look from 'the other side'? I don't feel at all confident we're in a position to say.

heehee RPJ, no kidding! steph

Anonymous said...

Steph, I'd like, very much, to read more about the theomorphs that you first met during your NDE.

That you're able to call on them since for assistance fascinates me. Maybe you could write something up on your blog, when you find the time, if it's not too personal to share. If it is then of course I understand any reluctance.

~ Susan

Lucretia Heart said...

Thank you Brownie and Steph for your kind words. Its nice to know that my efforts to be concise and as objective as possible, and yet truthful about my emotions/impressions/obsessions -- no matter how odd or humiliating... is being appreciated. I'm writing what I wish I could find out from other abductees.

Face-to-face meetings with greys are NOT easy. They have a powerful presence that is pretty much overwhelming and difficult to process both emotionally and mentally. Bringing back (or maybe "beaming back") things I "loaned" to them long ago would indeed be an easier way to tell me that things are happening without further traumatizing me by meeting in person.

Also-- yes, I have mostly "regulars" who know me and would understand me better than most aliens. Also, they're pretty organized, so I don't have too much worry that my things will be lost or mixed up if they were telling the truth.

And YES Red Pill Junkie-- I promise to report if I EVER get my things back. Why do you think I shared that memory? I need context to explain things should it ever show up someday. I'm not holding my breath over it... but neither will I be surprised to see my things again.

Anonymous said...

Lucretia, You're very welcome!

~ Susan