Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Eve Lorgen on Super Woo Radio

Highly recommended audio interview with Eve Lorgen on Super Woo Radio. Over three hours of amazing insights into her research and personal journey. Eve is an experiencer of this complex phenomenon and she speaks openly about her life and it's challenges. The show is hosed by George Kavassilas.

podcast linked HERE


Mike Clelland! said...

Thank you to Red Pill Junkie for telling me about this excellent audio interview.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

"Thank you to Red Pill Junkie for telling me about this excellent audio interview."

You sure it was RPJ that told you about this interview,because it seems Charles Frith left a comment on the last post pointing to this interview?
Maybe you don't read the comments that often?

Mike Clelland! said...


THank you Charles Firth for telling me about this excellent audio interview.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Yeah, the fact is I'm having A LOT of trouble following on their discussion (I'm in the 2nd hour now).

So who is this Italian doctor they keep mentioning?

Charles Frith said...

John Lash is also back on form with his Archontic/Trickster/ET/Mind Virus Gnostic Mythology. It's hard to pick one out but the Trickster is a good taster.


PS I don't care who gets the credit as long as the work gets out. Like I spread Mikes work when it's good.

radio-jack said...

is the artwork at 2:17 of this video done by you, mike


Lord Jim said...

This show really reminded me of this piece:


Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Radio-Jack:

Yep, that was an illustration drawn by me. Another one shows up a little later in the video.

Oliver Kemenski (sp?) was they guy sitting with the lap-top. He asked my permission to use my illustrations in his presentations a while back. I suspect they got them from him during his VERY brief interview.

tinyjunco said...

i'm on the same page as you, RPJ. it sounds like one host has his own kind of 'esoteric road map' of the various material/non material realms and the various parts of human and non human beings (soul, body, etc.) complete with his own de novo words to label each of these. Then Eve Lorgen has her own understanding of these which she tries to match up with the host's, then of course there's this italian doctor who has written some kind of paper on the topic which Even Longren has been reading in translation?

Frankly it's too much for me to try to follow by ear, i'd at least need some type of chart. Even then i'm not hearing much about how, with what types of evidence/experiences, all these people came up with their individual systems.

Mr. Junkie, i recall we had an interaction where i was recommending that paranormal/ufo investigators start to look at some of the already established systems for labeling these parts of experience and 'subtle bodies'. Western esotericism/occultism, Haitian voodoo, Kundalini yoga, kabballah all have long-standing systems and vocabularies describing these various realms and parts of sentient beings (soul, body, emotions, and so on). I'm not advocating for any one of these systems as being 'the absolute truth', however they have been around for a long time and thus used/developed by large numbers of people.

I think that it could be fruitful to try to find the correspondences between these various systems of vocabulary, and present them to experiencers to get their input on them. Do any of these ideas/concepts seem to resonate with what they experienced or not?

A big part of the trouble, INHO, is that western english language has no concepts/vocabulary for discussing the things that happen in paranormal experiences. This Super Woo podcast was a great example - Ms. Longren and the one host could barely agree on the definition of the soul! If you can't agree on terms you can't get any farther, i say why not see if some of these well established areas could help us develop useful terms so we could get a little farther. steph

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to all:

First, I don't think any two people can agree on the definition of the soul. But I get what you are saying.

The main reason I posted this was that Eve was speaking about her own experiences (or at least acknowledging them) and this is something she hasn't done before. Or, if she has she was VERY hesitant.

She is a very interesting researcher. There is some stuff on her site about Carlado Melonga (sp?) and it seems pretty interesting. Basically, he has studied and closely followed the standard abduction lore just a little deeper than what most researchers will attempt. (I suspect he is an abductee himself, just a guess)

Is he correct? Who knows, but it's interesting.

George Kavassilas (the host) seems to paint everything with the braud brush of spiritual ascension. That's okay, I am aware he's doing it and I can listen and drink it in knowing he's doing that.

I thought the discussion was on a more personal level, and that hits home for me.

Mike C!

tinyjunco said...

Hi Mike!

"First, I don't think any two people can agree on the definition of the soul."

i completely agree with you that from our cultural perspective that is totally the case. But other cultures and spiritual/esoteric systems have specific definitions which hundreds of thousand/millions of people have agreed upon for hundreds of years - Huna and Haitian Voodoun, for example. I do not argue that we should just adopt these definitions. But taking a deeper, comparative look at some of these systems and how they might align with paranormal/encounters experiences has the possibility of moving us further along than "well, everyone has their own view". IMO.

And you were very clear in your intro to this podcast that you were most interested in Ms. Lorgen's accounts of her personal experiences. But it's a long podcast, and it was so difficult for me to follow a lot of the conversation that i ended up missing those parts :( Which is esp. frustrating as first-hand witness testimony is what most interests me as well.

& Thank You for the lead on the Italian guy on her site. Happy sunday - looks like we're getting some sunny weather before the next alaskan system, so have fun! steph

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I would have enjoyed hearing more from Eve Lorgen in this interview. But, the host George Kavassilas seem to go off on tangents as he would interject into her comments.
He lost me with the galactic council and also his claim of meeting with the late Karla Turner (in the ethereal realm or something like that). Yes, it's Kavassilas' program and he can say what he wants, but it's off-putting at least to me.

~ Susan