Friday, February 8, 2013

1234 and 2001

1234 appears again in association with The Evolutionary Triad. 

I was scanning my hard drive looking for unusually large files and this jumped out at me. When I created The Evolutionary Triad post I created a file (named 2001 apes) where I could dump all the images. This file got buried in the mess of my computer. It was only just now that I found it.

The folder has 123.4 MB of data.

The Evolutionary Triad post has been generating a lot of weirdness. Besides getting a lot of hits it was written in a sort of synchronistic flurry.

More weirdness these numbers, 2001 and apes HERE and HERE!


Mr.Owl said...

Hey Mike,
A long time ago, my wife told me that as a little girl she was told that when you see 12:34 on a clock that you should make a wish. I've been doing just that ever since. I know it's corny but, as often as you seem to mention seeing it, maybe you should do the same! Then all your dreams could come true. Just a thought.

Lucretia Heart said...

Hey Mike!

I can't believe I never commented on the Evolutionary Triad post! SO many things you wrote about there are things I have noticed and speculated on myself! Ever since I was a kid, actually. I remember finding a controversial book in my dad's bookshelf called "The Naked Ape" by some guy in the 1970s about the whole idea that humans are hybrids of aliens and chimps (well, ancient proto-chimps, because they evolved too.) BOTH my parents believed this when I was growing up, and I had several discussions with them about the notion. Not surprising to me now, knowing they were both abductees. How many of us have these weird ideas -- that maybe aren't so strange when you think about our experiences?

The reason I wanted to call and chat with you (this week!) is because of several things that Gerick and I have been discussing lately. We both are having some oddly obsessive ideas about partial memories that touch on some of the topics you bring up in the Evolutionary Triad post, interestingly...

So-- call this another sync, because we're honing in on some very odd thoughts over here in Oregon.

Red Pill Junkie said...

123 MB?? just how many images did you keep in that folder? ;)

Red Pill Junkie said...

PS: I don't think Desmond Morris's book The Naked Ape was intended to popularize the Ancient Astronaut Theory.

Charles Frith said...

The new superwoo interview with Eve Lorgren is good if you haven't checked it.

Lucretia Heart said...

@ Red Pill Junkie--

I may be thinking of a similarly titled book, but not Desmond Morris'... The book I'm talking about definitely was about all these anomalies in human versus primate (and all mammal biology) that led him to believe in ancient astronaut theory. But I read it as a child/early teenager, so I can't recall the exact title. Sorry about the mix-up! =^P

I could swear it had "ape" in the title, and I've been doing internet searches for it to no avail...

Anyway, I know that several of the ideas brought up in this book were definitely bogus once DNA analysis and other sciences were able to delve into deeper knowledge, but all the same it was an interesting book as far as presenting the very concept using biology as its evidence for the alien + apes = humans thing.

Anonymous said...

it's the opposite .. Desmond M is a zoologist who looks at the Human Animal, as he calls us. He is a real evolutionist. No ancient astronauts in there.