Monday, November 26, 2012

The Allagash incident and the artist's memories

I briefly met Chuck Foltz and Jim Weiner while at the 2008 Laughlin UFO conference.These are two out of the four men involved with the Allagash Abduction event from August of 1976. I sat with them at the Starbucks within the casino that hosted the 8-day congress, they were both completely sincere and they seemed uncomfortable within the circus atmosphere of the conference.

I won't try to re-tell their overall experience, it's far too complex. Like any story of this kind, its a tangle of divergent threads that creates an extremely intricate narrative. Raymond Fowler's book is an excellent documentation of what seems to have happened.

I missed their presentation, but I purchased a DVD copy of their talk and watched it when I got back home. I was quite impressed with their presentation, but one thing struck me as extremely odd.

Chuck (left) told of one event that took place in 1993 while visiting a Jack Weiner (Jim's twin brother) in Vermont. He was sleeping on a mattress in the living room when he sat bolt upright, and had no idea why he was awake. He saw a bright light streaming in through one of the windows. Then he saw (approximately) eight gray aliens standing outside the window looking in at him. His reaction was to lay down in bed an put the covers over his head.

To better understand my reaction requires that I share a series of visuals. The first two illustrations are from Chuck, the following two are my own.

Encounter in 1993. Why is there light from the south?

The group looks in my direction.

My initial sketch of my menory, 
this seems to recreate my waking to the bright light.

A sketch made in the summer of 2007, 
as a way for me to define the memory.

My experience from 1993 is described in detail HERE. There is a follow up post where I try to articulate the compulsive feelings of actually drawing the memory, it's posted HERE.

Below is a listing of similarities:
  • Like me, Chuck is also a skilled illustrator, and he drew two pictures of his memories.
  • Watching this presentation alone at my house was chilling. These two drawing, along with his re-telling, are quite close to my experience from the winter of 1993.
  • Both events took place in 1993.
  • Both our illustrations (a pair of them) seem very much the same. Even the way we did self portraits of our bald heads seems similar.
  • Both Chuck and myself woke for no reason, saw a bright light first, then saw a group of gray aliens out a window.
  • Both Chuck and myself had an odd reaction, to simply go back to sleep. .
  • My event took place in Maine, his took place in Vermont. 

The above video is from an episode of Unsolved Mysteries. This is rare bit of television. The re-telling is surprisingly faithful to the story and it doens't feel in anyway exploitative.


tinyjunco said...

hmm. i know i've 'told' you this before, but it belongs here too.

a year or so ago i went to a jeweler's i'd never been to before to get a new watch battery. yes, i have a very rough time wearing watches - they stop, speed up. slow down, or simply fall to pieces in a matter of weeks. This particular watch meshes well with me, so i wanted a new battery and strap for it.

i was carrying a Hynek book, which the jeweler immediately noticed. He said, "i saw them." and told me his story. When he was around 5 or 6, living in south america, one nite he awoke in his bed (i believe due to a lite, but i'm not sure. i should go by and see if he'll let me record his story). He was able to look out the window (at a courtyard?) from his bed. He saw a couple of small 'greys', but he said these ones were more of a marshamallow color. He was not afraid, but instead excited. However he knew 'it was time to go to sleep' so he lay his head down and did so.

If i recall correctly he still has telepathic communication of some sort with these beings. He is around our age, maybe a little older. take care, steph

Anonymous said...

Mike, It seems 'they' wanted you (and Chuck) to see them. Very frightening, even just reading about and looking at the illustrations.

The four men involved in the Allagash Abductions had so many synchronicities involving each other, even before they knew each other (excluding the identical Weiner twins).

Ray Fowler put together an amazing, exhaustive collection of their experiences, not excluding the odd outlier ones. A great book!

~ Susan

SteveW said...

Talk about coincidences - the last thing I watched last night before bed was a ufo documentary - the one presented by robert stack - on the allegash abduction - the first website I checked out today was this post!

So..I had to check back to your post to do a spellcheck on Allagash.. and now I realise I watched the same video you posted!
Damn it man..I've been toying with the notion of starting a blog just to get my own experiences out there.Is this a syncromystic nudge I wonder?

Anonymous said...

And the underlying question still remains, why were you at Starbucks?

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Anonymous:

My physical presence within the confines of a Starbucks franchise must be seen within the overall context of the conference.

Be aware, the entire event was staged within a Nevada Casino, and this environment is perhaps the single most soul obliterating confine created by man.

So, by comparison, the Starbucks (within the casino) could be seen as an oasis of sorts. The lesser of two evils is still evil, true enough. But, even a mediocre cup of coffee offers some solace to the wandering soul.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Very interesting correlations. Hopefully some day you might get to interview Chuck for the H E audio conversations.

At what time did he wake up? did he tell you?

>"yes, i have a very rough time wearing watches - they stop, speed up. slow down, or simply fall to pieces in a matter of weeks. This particular watch meshes well with me, so i wanted a new battery and strap for it."

I wish we could explore this subject further, because I'm beginning to suspect something similar happens with me.