Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kuba's Gallery of Aliens

a series of aliens illustrated by Kuba Szczepnski

Kuba Szczepański is an 18 year old young man living in Poland. He's been posting an incredible volume of alien illustrations on his facebook page. I some links to these tidy drawings over a year ago. In that time I have followed his work, and he continues to add even more to his site. 

There are over 70 of Kuba's illustrations posted on a Picasa site, linked below (or HERE). This is just scratching the surface of what he's got loaded onto his Facebook page.
A direct link to a gallery of Kuba's illustrations

First - Click on the image above as a direct link to these illustrations.

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The thing that leaves me impressed about Kuba (seen at left) is just how many illustrations he's posted. I mean, there are a LOT of them! I am a professional illustrator so I feel like I have an insight into this process. There is something so tidy about his artwork, I am especially drawn to the sketches that show a series of beings all side by side, I just think these are wonderful. 

When I look at Kuba's drawings, I simply marvel at the mystery of the creative process. What is the source of his inspiration? It would be easy to dismiss this as just some curious obsession, but there is something so lively and playful within these pages. I can very much relate to that spark. I am more than a little bit envious of the youthful energy I see so clearly in his artwork.

I sent Kuba some questions over email. I did minimal editing to tidy up his English. 
Mike C: You turned 18 in July. You are very young to be so dedicated to the UFO phenomenon, what is your reason for your interest? 
Kuba: Okay. So when I was younger, I was liking science fictions films, especially when they had humanoids with strange features, later I realized that I had an interest in paranormal phenomena. I was watching programs like discovery science. There was series devoted for spirits and other paranormal things. But finally, a UFO series appeared. Flying saucers, different abductions, I became interested in it. I have always believed in extraterrestrial intelligent life. 

One day, when I was 7 or 8, me and my dad went to bookstore, finally I have found a book Alien Abductions by Philippa Wingate, it was cheap about 3 dollars (American). In that book were descriptions of eight famous UFO cases and several abductions. The book is illustrated and simple to understand. 

I have read about UFOs generally on-line, that was 2002 or 2003, but there was not much information yet. My Interest of UFOs disappeared slowly.

Later, I began to explore the ins and outs of Ufology again. That was 2008, I have never had any idea that there are such creatures as Reptilians or Insectoids (I thought this is just Sci-fi imagination). Early on, all I had known were just Grays or Chupacabras and also beings from famous cases like Pascagoula, Hopkinsville, etc. That was something new for me. I became interested in beings which occur in flying objects and channeling visions. I thought about drawing, why not draw them? So I had started scribbling. The drawings were very basic, I remember at first, I had drawn a normal Grey wearing blue suit, later the reptilian and mantis (I think It is in my first alien album in FB). It was something? 

I started to search in internet about CE III cases and drawings based on witnesses descriptions. Finally I had found a book cover By David Chace, A Visual Guide to Alien Beings. I had found David in the website called COUNTERPART, where he keeps his alien art. I said, I would like to do the same! 

When as young boy, I couldn’t speak well in English but somehow we understood each other. David told me, that I should start to draw. That’s why I created the facebook account, I did it for everybody who wants to see my doodles, I didn’t know that there are so many people who are interested in it. 

pencil on paper
I recognize many of your drawings from well known (and not so well known) cases. Are all your drawings based on reference from reports? Are some from your own imagination? 
I am trying to choose rather unusual beings from known or less known cases. Most of the drawings are just redrawn copies, because in order to avoid troubles with copyrights. I have done a lot of re-drawings to make better quality version. There are many low quality drawings on the internet so I wanted to make them better. I am drawing also for people which can’t see sketches of aliens, some access is limited because pictures are in books which are out of print, or cost too much or were printed in other countries. When I find something on the net, I trying to draw it.
Yes some of my drawings are based on my research and knowledge about ETs. 

Nobody really knows, how many witnesses of CE are telling the truth. So it’s unknown how many of my drawings are based on fact. It could be 90% or just 10%.
Have you ever seen a UFO? 
No I had (probably) never seen any weird Object. Unless I didn’t know that it’s a UFO, I could looking at the sky and confuse a UFO with normal star. Also, I have never been (consciously) abducted (however, maybe I don’t know about something and that was when I was sleeping, although I doubt in that).
Here in America, the study of UFOs is a "fringe" topic. Anyone with an interest in UFOs will get laughed at. What is the attitude in Poland? 
The UFO topic is laughed at in Poland, probably probably similar in each country. There are people which believe in extraterrestrial intelligence or not. Polish ufology had disappearing in 2005 when main UFO office in Poland released it’s last UFO magazine because there were not many people bought it. 

There are just esoteric magazines, where there is only one UFO case every month for this while. Main polish ufologists had emigrated from this country. In Poland there are only 3 ufological groups (as I know), and known ufoligsts work alone. 
Why do you post your illustrations on-line? 
As I said, I am doing it for free, I don’t want to earn money for this. My payment is that people comes to me and view my sketches. I would like to gather everything and make free database or ebook for every who is interested. But for now it is just only my idea. For this while I have dozen of pages with chosen CE III in Polish language. Maybe when I finish school, I will do it. For now I haven’t got much time, study and different things, You know. 
Beyond facebook, do you have a website? 
At this moment I only have a blog, which I have started not so long ago in Polish. I am going to make a website with my drawings and descriptions, but for now this facebook account is the only place where everybody can see my drawings now.

a typical series of alien beings 

Please note: I (MC!) added tone to one of Kuba's illustration above, this is the very top drawing. 


Red Pill Junkie said...

Ah! to be 18 again... ;)

I like Kuba's drawings. They show a passion about the subject, which counters the argument that only old people are keeping an interest in UFOs, because they are the only ones who show up in the conferences.

--Oops! Sorry, Mike :P

Hey, I'm a middle-aged guy too. And yet during Paradigm symposium there was an energy of vitality circulating among all the attendees.

Kuba's drawings also dispute the skeptoid argument that people are only reporting the typical 'Communion' gray entity, when in reality there's a diversity in the features reported by witnesses and abductees.

I'm looking forward to seeing the progress of this promising young artist :)

Anonymous said...

I recognize several of these drawings as my own illustrations. I also recognize works from other people whom I know. I don't understand why credit is not given to the artists who drew these images. I for one don't like to see work displayed without credit given to the artist. I am uncomfortable in seeing my own work displayed in this way.

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to COnnor:

I understand how you could feel that way. My reason for posting this was more that I found Kuba's illustrations very encouraging. I do not see them as exploitation.

I am a professional illustrator and I have seen my artwork used in other situations that I didn't know about ahead of time.

Mike C

Dahami said...

One of the problems with drawing aliens is that there is only so much information available about exactly what the aliens looked like in each case. Often an artist will have to redraw or reinterpret someone else's drawing in his own style. This is particularly true when there is only a single drawing showing an alien from a particular angle, or where the description of the alien is not very detailed. When I started out drawing aliens back in the nineties this was an issue I had to deal with. Many of my early drawings were inspired by images shown on the TV program "Sightings", or in the UFO literature. It was by studying and redrawing these images that I trained myself to draw aliens. It is done with respect to the original artists and the experiencers in each case, and with the intent of being as accurate as possible given the limited information available.

When I see drawings by others that were inspired by my artworks, I usually feel flattered. It lets me know I've had an influence, and have helped to get the message out about the alien encounter phenomenon. Many depictions of aliens are only available through obscure or hard to find publications. I appreciate the work Kuba is doing to help bring this information to a wider audience. This is research, and very important research. It is not exploiting someone else's work for financial gain. It is always done with respect for the original artists and witnesses.

Mike Clelland! said...

This morning, after publishing this post, I received a private email from a person who said they had seen beings similar to what Kuba had drawn.

To me, this is an indication that this kind of work is important.

This may validate an experience.

Mike C

Red Pill Junkie said...

What I like about these ideas, is that it reminds me of how the Renaissance artists tried to interpret the accounts of the 1st European explorers to the New World and other previously uncharted regions. You see how inevitably they had to resort to what they were familiar with, in order to step into the unfamiliar.

Just imagine how difficult it would have been to describe a giraffe for the 1st time!

Abductees and UFO witnesses are the Magellans of the XXIst century ;)

Lucretia Heart said...

Can't help but notice the hybrid guy with the blunt cut black wig!

If this is a copy of a drawing someone else did, then it shows another example of that pageboy or Egyptian wig part of a seeming uniform I've noted before.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

elsie conner or rather linda murphy really? Always blaming others for her problems - if you don't want it on the internet you shouldn't put it there in the first place

Anonymous said...

heard about her -- linda murphy, elsie conner, john rodney, fafar - what other names she publishes under no one will ever know - just don't publish her 'art' - she'll freak out and sick (sic! lol) her attorney on you - keeping on smoking Linda - pretty soon your brain will be mush, which will be an improvement.