Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Exegesis: Synchronicity, Semiotics and All-Seeing Eyes

Jack Kirby taps into some mythic weirdness

This morning, Christopher Knowles posted a really beautiful essay on his blog THE SECRET SUN. Here's what he says:
Synchronicity is a wonderful and powerful thing. If you work with it, it works with you.

Working with Synchronicity requires a high degree of rigor and discernment, of separating the big fish from the guppies. But eventually you will reach a genuine shift in consciousness – you will realize that mind is not brain, as Jeff Kripal says, and that there are forces at work that utterly mock our reductionist models of consensus reality.

The most powerful synchronicities in my life are mine alone. Explaining them is usually difficult, often impossible. It took me a long time to separate signal from noise, genuine sync from simple coincidence (which is often fun, but not nearly as utilitarian). So I don't bother trying to explain them to the uninitiated. And I really recommend that you do the same. Rigorous analysis gives you all the confidence you need; you don't have to seek validation from other sources.
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Trish said...

I don't think there's any such thing as simple coincidence. Synchronicity - meaningful coincidence - either exists or it doesn't. Unless it's locked in Schroedinger's box, in which case it is both a wave and a particle, straddling two realities/dimensions at once. And if that's the case, then it's up to use to focus on bring the wave into physical reality s a particle.

Anonymous said...

Here's a synchronicity for you. I've just been listening to Mike's interview with David Weatherly, at the same time I was surfing the web looking for screenplays to download. I was on this movie script site - and I clicked on a link called "Classic Movie Scripts" which linked to a site called -
At that moment Mike was telling a story about his cat behaving oddly while he was watching a movie called the Hustler with Paul Newman. At the exact same time the webpage I had clicked loaded up and there was a picture of Paul Newman staring back at me!
These things happen to me every now and again, if you want to hear my 11:11 story its an absolute classic, it makes this little tale pale in comparison!


Mike Clelland! said...

Gavin, Please tell the 11:11 story!

- and -

As you were writng your comment (I looked at the time stamp above), i was writing about David Weatherly!

Mike C!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, ha-ha, that's weird timing!

My 11.11 story:

I had heard about the 11:11 phenomenon about two years ago and found it very interesting, so I was intrigued to say the least. Then one night (well, morning) I was sound asleep, and in the dream-scape I found myself in a Diner with a pretty girl. The staff were closing up for the day and had already tidied the diner, and retreated into the kitchen, which left me and the girl alone in the large diner.
I happened to look to my right and saw an old radio alarm clock sitting on one of the tables. I can't recall what time it was displaying, but just looking at it made me think of the concept of time, and then I remembered the 11:11 phenomenon. So I turned to the girl and asked, "have you heard about the whole 11:11 thing?" She said no, so I explained how multitudes of people across the world had reported seeing 11:11 every time they happened to glance at a clock.
The dream ended; I woke up, reached down and picked my phone off the floor to see if I had any new messages; and what do you know - the huge numbers on my homescreen clock - 11:11 - were large as life, staring me in the face!!
Needless to say, for my first time experiencing the phenomenon I was pretty blown away.
It then continued to happen quite a lot when I checked the time, whether on my phone, laptop, or watch, it was frequently 11:11. It got a bit ridiculous - one time when I was walking out of the living room I happened to glance at the TV, a tennis match was on and they cut to the scoreboard; I can't remember whether it was a tiebreaker with each player having 11 points or if the time on the scoreboard said 11:11, but it was one of the two. By this stage it was happening so much I was getting a bit passé about it all.
I told a friend about it about a year ago and it then started to happen to him, interestingly from then onwards there were several text messages he sent me where the time of sending was 11:11. I asked if he did this on purpose and he said he hadn't even noticed it.
I'll leave you with this one which I made a diary note of:

Was reading Carlos Casteneda - Seperate Reality and on page 62 it said "Two days later, on November 11, I smoked don Juan's mixture again". This made me think of the approaching 11/11/11 date and I wondered exactly how many days it would be until then, and then I looked at the clock on the computer screen - it said 11:11"



Mike Clelland! said...

I live on longitude 111.111

Anonymous said...


What can it all mean?