Sunday, June 26, 2011

angel at the grocery store (audio)

This is an audio file I recorded over a year ago. I just found it on my desktop. It's just me reading a post titled Angel at the Grocery Store. It's under 4 minutes long, and it was the third thing I posted on this blog, and it one of the most heart-warming synchronicities I've ever experienced.

  Listen to this short little essay HERE  


About that Mexican cashier in the story. She said nothing at all, to me or to the customers ahead of me in the line. She simply smiled and pantomimed everything.

In this essay I said that the Mexican cashier was pretty. Well, let me clarify that. You know who she looked like?

If you were doing a movie about the birth of Christ, and you needed to cast a beautiful young woman to play the role of the Virgin Mary, this girl would be who you would hire. Yes, she looked like the incarnation of Mary, mother of Jesus.

It is as if I had come face to face with an archetype of a mystical kind of purity and sweetness. This silent cashier was the embodiment of a subtle kind of perfect beauty. I had never seen anyone that radiated something so kind and calm—except this silent cashier. The Blessed Virgin/Angel/Cashier I saw looked very much like the actress Catalina Sandino Moreno. The girl I saw was barely 20. 

Catalina Sandino Moreno


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

audio conversation with Brad Steiger (2011)

Author and researcher, Brad Steiger
Brad Steiger is one of the hard working giants in this field. I was delighted and honored to spend an hour listening to his deep voice on subjects that I find profoundly interesting. When you visit Brad and Sherry's web-site, be prepared because they have done a LOT of books and research.

  one-click audio download HERE  
one hour and five minutes

Brad and his wife, Sherry Hansen Steiger, just published a book titled Real Aliens, Space Beings and Creatures form Other Worlds.

Taken from first-person accounts and historical documents, this book chronicles a huge number of examples of alien encounters, conspiracy theories, and the influence of extraterrestrials on human events throughout history.

This interview is focused on only three chapters of the book; Contactees, Abductees and The Star People. The implications of these subjects is the stuff that absolutely fascinates me. It was a delight to get to ask Mr. Steiger for his insights on these mysterious topics.

Text added January 2014:

There is a follow up interview with Brad as a companion to his follow up book. These two interviews will play well side-by-side, creating (in a sort) a full two-hour interview. That interview is listed HERE.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Nick Redfern talks about the Men in Black (audio interview)

Nick Redfern is back!

This is his third visit, and he shares details and insights from his latest book, THE REAL MEN IN BLACK.

This is a look into the elusive stories of these denizens of the outer edge of an already strange phenomenon. Nick talks about the reports of MIBs throughout the modern era of the UFO phenomnenon, as well as recent tales from people who are presently experiencing high strangness.

One-click download HERE.
one hour / 41 minutes

Also in this podcast is a curious clip of Dan Aykroyd where he share his MIB experience and how it exactly coincides with the cancellation of his UFO documentary series OUT THERE.

In this book, Nick delves deep into the mysterious world of these mysterious operatives. He attempts uncover their origins and discusses classic cases, present day cases, previously unknown reports, secret government files, and the many theories that have been presented to explain this elusive mystery.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Interview with Dr. Colli on DREAMLAND, hosted by yours truly!

Whitley Strieber's DREAMLAND just posted an audio interview for their subscribers scection, featuring Dr. Janet Elizebeth Colli interviewed by me. This was a half hour long conversation where I share the story of the tent and Dr. Colli does her best to make some sense out of it. We also talk a bout the role of the shaman in our society. In a way, this is a follow up to the audio conversation I had with Dr. Colli earlier in the spring.

Dr. Janet Eliabthe Colli, a clinical therapyst who explores the subtal realms with people trying to make sense of the contact experience.

Below is an excerpt of the blurb from the UNKNOWN COUNTRY site:

A Close Encounter Witness Interviews a Psychologist (linked

Here, in a first on Unknowncountry or anywhere, a close encounter witness, Mike Clelland, talks frankly about his experiences, and the experience in general, with Janet Colli. So, if you've wondered how you might approach a psychologist with your story, listen and find out! You will also hear an absolutely riveting exchange between two very articulate people. This is the close encounter experience from deep within its hidden reality.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Image grab from the right sidebar, June 13th 2011.

As of today I have 123 people who are following this blog. This happened the same day I posted a synchronicitiy about that very number, a set of digits that seems to be invading my life.

another 12345 sychronicity

The frozen time-count on my humble DVD player

Here’s another 12345 bit of synchro-weirdness. The photo above is the time count on my DVD player, and no foolin’, the experience struck me as VERY strange.

On May 31, 2011 at 12:28 AM, I wrote an email to my psychic pal Anya Briggs. This letter has been edited slightly so that certian personal details remain private.

On May 31, 2011 at 12:28 AM, I wrote an email:

Anya B,

I just watched the DVD titled CATFISH. It's a documentary, and it might be fake, and it deals with an artist who falls for a girl on facebook.

There is a lot to the story, but it ends up that this girl is a fake person, who doesn't exist.

Now, the DVD culminates with a loving picture of the fake woman, a still photo from a fake facebook page, and right at that moment my DVD seizes up. The number on the time count is 1:23:45.

I back up, and try again, and the DVD freezes up at the same count. I actually video taped this happening.

Now - I have become facebook friends with a mysterious girl, I don't wanna use her name in this post. I've been worried about her because she has been "hinting" about certain drama in her life, and it might be part of the phenomenon that is the focus of this blog.

Now, the fake character in the movie has the SAME NAME as my mysterious friend! It was a close up on her face when the time counter was stuck at 1-2-3-4-5!

-- More weirdness --

I'll add that I was just about to send her an email ... when the 12345 thing came on my DVD player...

Mike C!

On May 31, 2011, at 1:23 AM, Anya Briggs replies:

!!!! That is TRIPPY. Wowsers. I don't know what to make of it but my guides are saying parallel universes and timelines play a role in this! Jesus!


Please note that Anya replies at 1:23 AM. Also, please note the post below where the facebook syyncronicity also takes place on May 31st.

Anya Briggs, contactee, psychic and channel.

funny synchronicity

Here’s a funny exchange via facebook between my self and Christopher Knowles. I happened on May 31st, just a few weeks ago. The book in question was talked about during our recent interview. Lemme add that Chris and I have gone back and forth on the issue of the perceived shallowness of the New Age.

Well, this book is way over the top. But the voice of Ida is just so folksy and sassy, that it really allowed me a "way into" these nutty views.

* * * * *

Christopher Knowles:
So for some strange reason I had to take my son somewhere today. So since I had to go way out of my way I stopped at the used book store. And what's waiting there for me? An unread copy of UFOs and the Psychic Factor by Ida Kannenberg...

Mike Clelland:
Get ready, this book is WONDERFUL! That sweet old grandmother has such a delightful take on this subject!

Christopher Knowles:
What are the odds?

(a little while later)

Christopher Knowles
OK, so I pick up this book, thinking "what's this all about, what's it got to tell me?" and open the book up at random as I do with new non-fiction books. I open the book up to page 103 and my eyes focus on the second paragraph...

Mike Clelland:
Ha-Ha! Seems "they" manipulated your path! I love this kind of stuff. Really and truly, it just slays me.

* * * * *

Now check out the funny part. Here’s the first two sentences on page 103 of that cool book, this is what the the second paragraph says:

An example of these mysteries may be that we want him to read a certain type of book. We manipulate his path and so that he stumbles over certain books, which he feels “inspired” to read.

Ida Kannenberg, contactee, psychic channel and author.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

UFOs get mentioned in MAD MEN

The restaurant sequence.

I had a curious thing happen over the winter, it happened while watching the episodic television drama MAD MEN. (Episode title THE GOOD NEWS)

At about the 12 minute mark the characters are having dinner in a small dimly lit restaurant, it features Don Draper and a women from California. As I watched I had the strangest sort of day dream, what if I was in that restaurant, sitting at the table with those fictional people. I wanted to ask these fake TV characters their views about the UFO phenomenon.

This episode takes place in 1965 and the world hadn't been quite as saturated on the topic. I sat there watching, and this narrative played out in my head. I would ask them questions in the hopes of getting some different perspective on this stuff.

This was really odd. I've watched a lot of movies and TV in my life, and that feeling of wanting to enter the fictional scene and ask questions simply doesn't happen. But it did that night, and it was decidedly unusual.

The next scene was them driving home from the restaurant. This is followed by a curious scene that takes place the next morning in the full light of day. Don Draper is seen painting the wall (in his underwear) at the women's house. She sits on the couch and they talk.

Then, at the 21:20 time count the women says something that gets my attention.

Women: "I've seen UFOs."

Don: "You saw a UFO?"

Woman: "Does that scare you? The idea of another civilization on another planet smart enough to find a way to get here."

Don: "It doesn't scare me, but the odds are against it."

Woman: "Well I saw something once, and I'm telling you, it knocked me sideways. I started thinking of everything I was sure was true, and how flimsy it all might be."

Don: "You don't need to see a UFO to know that. That's not a great way to think about things."
So, I had a curious thought where I projected my self into a TV drama. I wanted to ask the characters their views on UFOs, and within minutes I get their answer. I'm not sure what it means, but lemme tell you, it felt strange.

Note that the woman says: "I've seen UFOs" Plural!

Any UFO investigator would ask why has she seen more than one. The implication would be that she  might be an abductee?

The 1966 publication of John G. Fuller's The Interrupted Journey matches the time line of this episode. This was the story of Betty and Barny Hill's abduction account, the first such book in any popular form. The title of the episode, THE GOOD NEWS, is often used as a synonym for the New Testament and the teachings of Jesus.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

triangle+scar+left+arm searched on-line

Close up of a tiny set of three dots on my left arm. This curious scar has been there since I was in elementary school and it's faded in a way that the lower left dot is barely visible anymore..

There is a curious statistic on my side-bar. If you scroll down and look at the application titled MOST READ POSTS ON THIS SITE, EVER. The majority are audio interviews with popular authors, but there is one that seems out of place. It’s a post I did last summer titled: Tiny dots on my left arm. (linked HERE)

Why is that post so popular? It’s baffled me, until this morning.

I just recently looked at my stat-counter and found where I could check “Keyword Analysis” and found that the fourth most common way people arrive at my site is by searching out this phrase: “triangle scar left arm”

The implication is that people (from around the world) are using google as a tool to search out an answer about triangle scars on their left arms. Since last summer I’ve received a handful of comments (and emails) where people will say that they have the exact same scar, or something very similar.

The fact that this somewhat obscure post is so popular seems to indicate that there is a very pattern of people out there with odd triangle scars on their left arms, and they are seeking answers. The implications of this is extremely curious, at least to me.

A photoshop recreation that matches the memory form my youth. This shows the curious symmetry and definition of the dots. 3/8 of an in is pretty much 1 centimeter.

Friday, June 10, 2011

the golden agate

This morning I received an email from a woman named Nancy. She shared a few synchronicities, but I found one of them was particularly interesting. The text below is edited slightly.

The AGATE was given its name by Theophrastus, a Greek philosopher and naturalist, who discovered the stone along the shore line of the river Achates.

Dear Mike,

I’ve just discovered your very interesting podcast and yesterday listened to your 2010 interview with Gibbs Williams. I’m prompted to write you....

...I’ll share what happened just yesterday. I was walking my daily 5 miles on the beach, looking for agates and pretty rocks as usual, listening to the Gibbs’ interview. A part of my mind was observing that while there were many tourists enjoying the beach, they had left lots of agates for me to discover.

Still listening to you and Gibbs, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be ironic if I missed a huge beautiful agate because I’m looking straight ahead instead of to the left…” So I turned my head, and there, just a few feet away from me, was the largest (perhaps 5”) golden agate (my favorite) that I’ve ever found. Talk about synchronicity! I’m listening to you talk about synchronicities and at the same time, experiencing one of my own most meaningful ever.

I followed Gibbs’ suggestion to try to find the meaning and didn’t have much trouble doing so. My current “issue” or theme is trying to make sense of all the recent information on ufos, alien abductions, other realities, etc. and reconcile those ideas with my own beliefs. I associate golden agates with beauty, gifts from God/cosmic consciousness/universal forces, etc. and often find a special agate when I’ve been puzzling over something metaphysical. For me, this was a sign that I’m on the right path and eased my mind about “rushing” to figure all of this out.

Thank you for sharing your personal search with those of us on the same quest.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

audio conversation with Joe Montaldo

Joe is one intense dude!

Get ready, this is a whirlwind interview. This guy has a way of stating some pretty hard to grasp stuff and then just rolling on to the next thing. I needed to jump in a bunch of times and get him to clarify where he got that info. I felt like I played a good role during this interview, because I got Joe to share some pretty impressive findings. I asked a lot of questions, and Joe was super enthusiastic with his answers.

Audio links posted in two parts for easier downloading:
Part ONE / 1 hour and 31 minutes
Part TWO / 1 hour and 18 minutes

Joe Montaldo has been doing UFO research for almost 30 years. He's Co-Founder, International Director and Spokesperson for I.C.A.R. the International Community for Alien Research. The organization's main focus is on Alien Abductions and the Alien Agenda. I.C.A.R. claims to have investigated over 5000 cases of Alien contact and abductions.

He is also the host of the on-line radio program, UFO Undercover, with a focus on the alien abduction phenomenon.

Just so y'know, I wrote a blog posting back in March (linked HERE) where I kind of editorialized on Joe's web presence. Please know, I like this guy and I pay attention when he talks. I've been listening closely to his on-line interviews, and they can be fascinating and informative.

Joe has a way of stating things as fact, with such absolute certainty, that leaves me hankering for the back-story for each of his claims. And, I gotta say, this long interview was satisfying for me because I could ask the questions I needed to ask to help me better understand the rich tapestry of his research and conclusions.