Monday, June 13, 2011

funny synchronicity

Here’s a funny exchange via facebook between my self and Christopher Knowles. I happened on May 31st, just a few weeks ago. The book in question was talked about during our recent interview. Lemme add that Chris and I have gone back and forth on the issue of the perceived shallowness of the New Age.

Well, this book is way over the top. But the voice of Ida is just so folksy and sassy, that it really allowed me a "way into" these nutty views.

* * * * *

Christopher Knowles:
So for some strange reason I had to take my son somewhere today. So since I had to go way out of my way I stopped at the used book store. And what's waiting there for me? An unread copy of UFOs and the Psychic Factor by Ida Kannenberg...

Mike Clelland:
Get ready, this book is WONDERFUL! That sweet old grandmother has such a delightful take on this subject!

Christopher Knowles:
What are the odds?

(a little while later)

Christopher Knowles
OK, so I pick up this book, thinking "what's this all about, what's it got to tell me?" and open the book up at random as I do with new non-fiction books. I open the book up to page 103 and my eyes focus on the second paragraph...

Mike Clelland:
Ha-Ha! Seems "they" manipulated your path! I love this kind of stuff. Really and truly, it just slays me.

* * * * *

Now check out the funny part. Here’s the first two sentences on page 103 of that cool book, this is what the the second paragraph says:

An example of these mysteries may be that we want him to read a certain type of book. We manipulate his path and so that he stumbles over certain books, which he feels “inspired” to read.

Ida Kannenberg, contactee, psychic channel and author.


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That explains the lady's enigmatic smile ;)

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