Thursday, June 16, 2011

Interview with Dr. Colli on DREAMLAND, hosted by yours truly!

Whitley Strieber's DREAMLAND just posted an audio interview for their subscribers scection, featuring Dr. Janet Elizebeth Colli interviewed by me. This was a half hour long conversation where I share the story of the tent and Dr. Colli does her best to make some sense out of it. We also talk a bout the role of the shaman in our society. In a way, this is a follow up to the audio conversation I had with Dr. Colli earlier in the spring.

Dr. Janet Eliabthe Colli, a clinical therapyst who explores the subtal realms with people trying to make sense of the contact experience.

Below is an excerpt of the blurb from the UNKNOWN COUNTRY site:

A Close Encounter Witness Interviews a Psychologist (linked

Here, in a first on Unknowncountry or anywhere, a close encounter witness, Mike Clelland, talks frankly about his experiences, and the experience in general, with Janet Colli. So, if you've wondered how you might approach a psychologist with your story, listen and find out! You will also hear an absolutely riveting exchange between two very articulate people. This is the close encounter experience from deep within its hidden reality.


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Congratulations Mike.It's a shame that I'm not a subscriber to Whitley's program,I would have liked to hear it.
Looks like you've found your calling doing these interviews...well one of your callings,anyway.
I liked the last interview you did with her.

Cheers /Daz

Lesley said...