Thursday, September 8, 2011

Various owl stories

Below is a series of five stories. I wrote these in a diary form over the last few years, but I haven't posted them. I'm including them here simply as a way to catalog 'em as part of my experiences.

In June of this year (2011) I was driving on a dirt road in late afternoon with my friend Erika. It was late afternoon on a lovely sunny day and we were in a forested area near my home known as Darby Canyon. We were driving slow because the road was bumpy, and we watched an owl swoop down in front of our window.

This was odd because it was fully daylight. Please note, the owl crossed our path.

I saw two owls in what was probably the summer of 2005. I was hiking alone in a beautiful part of the Tetons (pretty much the exact same spot as noted in THIS blog post). I was planning to spend the night out and i was enjoying the twilight on the trail. I noticed two owls that were perched in the trees above me, as I hiked past them they flew along to the next tree as if they were curious about me. This went on for about 15 minutes or so, where they would land on a branch, watch me pass, and then fly to another tree further along the trail, criss-crossing my path as I walked.

The experience was positively mystical. As best as I can remember, these were small (immature) Barred owls.

This happened in the pre-dawn on Christmas day, 2010. I was driving to the Idaho falls airport to visit my parents on the east coast. During the lonely drive I saw two owls in my headlights. Neither crossed my path, and both flew off from posts on the side of the road as my car passed them. The first one looked absolutely enormous.

In the summer of 1996 I was driving at night with a friend Peter. I had just picked him up at the Jackson Hole airport and we were driving at night to a camping spot in Grand Teton National Park. During the drive on the lonely road, a huge owl crossed our path, flashing frighteningly close to our windshield. I note this rather mundane sighting here because this was an extremely emotional time in my life, having just experienced the death of someone close to me.

In February of 2009 I went to a UFO conference in Laughlin Nevada, and sat in on the abductee support group, there were about 20 or so of us in the room. During the two hour session, one guy sat silently for almost the entire time, but near the end he raised his hand and cautiously asked: "Has anyone here had any experiences with owls?"

And he nearly jolted out of his chair when EVERYBODY in the room raised their hand.

He told a story of being alone in a car, and driving down a dark country road at night, on edge of the road was a giant owl, over five feet tall. He slowed the car, rolled the window down and stopped directly next to the owl. He said he got a very weird vibe, like the owl was angry and wanted him to leave and they guy drove off feeling confused and scared. Later he went to photograph an owl nest in a beautiful canyon near home, and when he saw the "real" owl in it's nest, he immediately thought, "I don't think that was an owl I saw that night."

He eventually tried to use hypnosis to try to retrieve a more detailed memory, and all he came up with was that the giant owl on the side of the road was wearing boots!

I'm cautious to read too much into this story, but it seems to be some sort of screen memory, a reoccurring pattern in abduction reports. The implication that some sort of deceptive projection was beamed into his mind making him think that the thing he saw on the side of the road was an owl - when it was actually - who knows?

There are abductions researchers who would conclude that the owl was instead a gray alien with big eyes, and they might even be right, but I am cautious to make that leap.

Great Gray Owl in full cammo.

In October of 2009 I went to a conference put on by Whitley Strieber in a retreat center in Joshua Tree California. It was set to begin and there were a few people out sitting around at tables in front of the doors of the building with the lecture hall. There was going to be an informal introduction of the speakers that evening and the actual conference lectures were set to begin the following morning. The retreat center was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, so it was pretty impressive. There lecture hall was on a hill, with a set of stairs leading down and a long promenade stretching out beyond that. 

As we all waited, I spoke with a few of the attendees. At one point as twilight approached, I looked down from the seating area out across that promenade, and an owl flew from left to right - crossing my path.

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Red Pill Junkie said...

Your owl encounters seem to be of a different kind from the one experienced by that man. For starters, you seem to be quite comfortable near them.