Wednesday, September 7, 2011

secretaries to the “insiders”

Here's a curious pattern.

1. According to Leo Sprinkle, he worked as a therapist with a woman who claimed the alien abduction experience. She was also an assistant to Carl Sagen. She stated that Dr. Sagen had a lot more knowledge about the UFO phenomenon than he was letting on. The implication was that Dr. Sagan was being purposely deceptive when he was playing the role of public sceptic about the UFOs.

2. Werner von Braun, the former Nazi scientist that was at the helm of NASA during the Apollo years. In the final years of his life he had an assistant named Carol Rosen. She now claims direct contact with alien beings, and she is speaking out about her experiences.

3. Anne Eller claims to be an alien abductee, and she was a secretary for Allen J. Hynek during the final years of his life. Mrs. Eller stated that when Dr. Hynek was near his death, he communicated to her that he had a lot more information than he was letting on. She wrote a book about her experiences titled DRAGON IN THE SKY. After his death she claims she contacted the spirit of Dr. Hynek thru a medium, and she received the message that he was a "double agent" during his time as a UFO researcher.

4. A lesser example: There is a series of immensely popular channeled book titled CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD, authored by Neale Donald Walsch. He had a secretary that claims on-going UFO contact. Her name is Lisette Larkins, and she has written a series of books. One of them, TALKING TO EXTRATERRESTRIALS has a lot of channeled material.

Can anyone think of any other similar examples?

I'm left thinking that ANYONE with an important insider role would probably have an alien abductee as their secretary!


Mark said...

If I'm remembering correctly from one of his books, Whitley Strieber's wife Anne had an episode of several hours of missing time that hypnosis wasn't able to break.

While I wouldn't consider her a secretary, she must play a big role in support of Whitley's books.

Red Pill Junkie said...

In his book Contactees, Nick Redfern tells the tale of Marion Shaw, a woman now in his 80s, who tells fascinating tales about the days when she worked at the Pentagon as a secretary with a high-security clearance. Tales of military paranoia induced by the fears of human-looking extraterrestrials infiltrating the highest echelons of the government; something worthy of a Twilight Zone episode no doubt.

In the end, why should we be surprised? the very word 'secretary' derives from secret. The true role of a secretary lies not in using a typewriter (in decades past) or a word processor, but in handling the secrets of powerful men.

Maybe that's the reason so many executives end up having affairs with their female staffers --they are already accustomed to make them privy to intimate things not even their spouses are allowed to know ;)

Anonymous said...

David Jacobs transcription assistant/secretary/gal friday and client - 'Elizabeth' is an abductee. When her blogspot had all its entries (before the 'Emma Woods' scandal broke big in Ufology and 'Emma' suspected 'Elizabeth' was sending her threatening IMs impersonating hybrids), she claimed a gaggle of hybrid interference that occured daily and nightly.

'Elizabeth' also claimed to have seen Jacobs on board a spacecraft, zonked out on a table, unclothed, being examined by aliens. What a sight that must have been. ;-)

~ Susan Brown