Monday, August 1, 2011

Lucretia Heart chimes in!

Lucretia Heart chimes in about my recent interview on THE STENCH OF TRUTH podcast series. Read it HERE. This woman ain't shy, and I appreciate her candor and insights more than words can say. Right on for her!

Just a few posts ago, I (again) linked to her site. And again, she goes thru an interview and then adds her own editorializing. That time it was with John Mack (linked HERE).

Extra info added August 3rd 2011:
I posted a few comments on Lucretia's website, including the caffeine induced essay below. I liked the content of this comment, and I'm sharing it here.


I really like going down the speculative paths concerning the inter-dimensional ideas.

Mostly - I like collecting the overtly mysterious stories, stories like my own, with synchronicities, odd coincidences and high strangeness. I feel like we are the rats in the maze, and it's only rarely that we can get a glimpse upward at the scientist with his clipboard looking down.

My sense is that they can tweak us in ways that we can barely comprehend. Stuff can manifest in ways the mimic divine religious apparitions and ancient folklore. Or, it can present itself as something utterly absurd.

When I am confronted with these stories, I have to scratch my head and try and fit these nonsensical events into a hypothesis that involves metal space ships carrying little pilots and an agenda. Why oh why would that agenda be goading us with experiences of such weirdness and high strangeness?

Your (Lucretia Heart) story and speculation about the UFO landing aways from your house as an act of courtesy by the tall super-model blonds really helps me wrap my mind around the ultra weirdness. You propose that if they just emerged through an inter-dimensional doorway inside your house, their visits would be followed up by an onslaught of poltergeist activity. You speculate that if that door gets opened, weird stuff will enter your home, including orbs, synchronicities and all manner of high strangeness.

This makes so much sense to me, and it helps me to factor in the outlying data, the really weird stuff - the stuff I gravitate toward. The seductive stuff (at least for me).

So, if I go down this path, the visitors have their origins on some far off planet, and (sometimes) they travel on physical craft to get here, and (sometimes) they open up multi-dimensional doorways to enter our homes (sometimes) and as a by-product of their technology - all manner of weirdness follows through.

I speculate that SOME of that weirdness that slips through those open doors gets molded in a way that is relevant and meaningful to the victim. Instead of just a bunch of chaotic orbs and slamming doors, the events manifest as profound synchronicities that somehow mold themselves to match the psyche of the receiver.

Don't ask me HOW this happens, I just sense that it does.

This avenue of speculation allows me to join the ETH with the Ultra-Terrestrial Hypothesis in a way that is tidy enough for me to comprehend without giving myself an aneurism.

Hows that?
Mike C!


tinyjunco said...

Hi Mike! thank you for linking to Lucretia's excellent post on this topic. it DOES take extra care and back-and-forths to get at an honest rendition of these experiences. i really appreciate that you take the time and care to do your best to insure that this exchange can happen.

re: your theory, i suppose it's possible, and it has the attraction of fitting in with many of what people have noticed so far. but frankly i've become more and more wary of 'explanations' in this field as the years have gone by. we are just so ignorant about paranormal experiences and about the nature of our own world as well.

imagine a medeival peasant contemplating the average US middle class household - TV, refrigerators, microwave ovens, stereo remotes, heated mattress pads (the greatest invention EVER!!!) - how in the world will they figure out that these items all are powered by electricity? how can we explain electricity to them, and how it is used as a source of power? the peasant may fixate on the shininess of plastic, or the see-thruness of glass, or the shape of buttons as the 'key' that will explain how/what these objects do. but they'd be completely off the point.

so how do we know that the things we notice when in these spaces/times controlled by (possibly) the 'aliens' that what we are noticing is anything central the their lives or technologies or their interactions with us? we could be focusing on all the 'wrong' stuff to answer those questions.

so i think it IS valuable to theorize and come up with scenarios and explanations. at the same time, i find it just as valuable to keep an open mind and acknowledge how little we really know and the likelihood that we are missing big, central parts of the equation.

just some thoughts, take care, steph

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

"imagine a medeival peasant contemplating the average US middle class household - TV, refrigerators, microwave ovens, stereo remotes, heated mattress pads (the greatest invention EVER!!!) - how in the world will they figure out that these items all are powered by electricity?"

That comment brings back memories of a BBC show I used to watch,when growing up in Australia,called "Catweazle".To quote the Wikipedia site,
"The series featured Geoffrey Bayldon as the title character, an eccentric, disheveled and smelly (but lovable) old 11th century wizard who accidentally travels through time to the year 1969 and befriends a young red-headed boy, nicknamed Carrot (Robin Davies), who spends most of the rest of the series attempting to hide Catweazle from his father and farmhand Sam. Meanwhile Catweazle searches for a way to return to his own time whilst hiding out in 'Castle Saburac', a disused water tower, with his familiar, a toad called Touchwood.
The second series featured a 12-part riddle which Catweazle, once more transported to 1970s England, attempts to solve one clue per episode, with the solution (as he thinks) being revealed in the 13th.
Catweazle mistakes all modern technology for powerful magic (see also Clarke's third law), particularly 'elec-trickery' (electricity) and the 'telling bone'(telephone)".

Thanks for reminding me about this old TV series,I must try and get them on DVD.
You can read about all the episodes at this link;

And I see that the people at this site;

are trying to raise money to get a movie version made.I would love to see that one on the big screen.
It would be magic .-)

Anonymous said...

In the end, I think we have to remember (and I think both tinyjunco and Mike do!) that speculation is just a stretching of the mind to formulate what-ifs. We don't have the answers nor an easy way to test theories to even get closer to them.

All we have, for the most part, is personal experiences and some evidence that something real is happening and affecting physical reality. Beyond that-- the mysteries abound.

I don't often go into the speculation aspect of this, because so often it turns into uncivilized discourse of people rampaging about what they HAVE to believe is true, with often times a passion a little uncomfortably close to religious fervor. Most of the time this bores me and I move on, but every once in a while, I still get a burr up me bum and feel the need for a goodly rant!

But then its back to business!

Thanks to everyone for putting up with my not-so-shy (and sometimes not-so-diplomatic!) soap-box stomping. =^D

Red Pill Junkie said...

Ditto with the previous comments. Just because we find one particular explanation agreeable, doesn't mean is the right one —then again, if that theory allows some needed peace of mind, then I guess it might be for the best... just don't start complaining when the Trickster decides to throw it down the window ;)

I always come back to a very disturbing question: Are UFOs knowable? My reason answers YES, but that might just be a ruse to keep me on the journey.

"Thanks to everyone for putting up with my not-so-shy (and sometimes not-so-diplomatic!) soap-box stomping. =^D" Well, we all thought it was for the best to let you vent out some steam —or we'd live to regret it :P

tinyjunco said...

hi Lucretia! "...speculation is just a stretching of the mind to formulate what-ifs." very nicely put. and if we DON'T speculate, then we never generate new viewpoints for looking at the same material.

Mike, i have to say i so much appreciate the way you refuse to 'name' or 'label' your experiences - it keeps that open-endedness and flexibility really up front! which is very important, at least from where i sit.

again, quoting Lucretia:"We don't have the answers nor an easy way to test theories to even get closer to them."

here i'd like to interject a scooch (or is it scunch?) of hope. have either of you read Jacques Vallee's book "Confrontations"? in it he devotes considerable attention to trace cases (photographs, soil indentations, etc.). he subjects these traces to extensive physical analysis and does find some clues - mostly that these objects put out a heinous amount of energy (you would need a small power plant to generate what is documented in some cases) and weigh a ton. he travels to remotest Brazil to interview witnesses of ufo attacks, bringing back their accounts, the memories of the doctor who treated the victims, photos of the wounds. it is a great book to read to get an idea of what can be done with limited evidence if you have a scientific background and some $$$. there IS something there.

i've been poking around in this book recently, this morning i randomly flipped to the case of Dr. X (hit by a beam from a ufo, subsequently experienced physical healing, alternate landscapes, space/time travel, triangle periodically appearing on his and his infant son's abdomen.) Valle does a great job of presenting the stark physical traces while also treating the 'woowoo' aspects seriously.

i came across this passage:(over a year after the sighting, Mr. X hears a sound similar to that made by the ufo and feels compelled to drive to a certain spot, where he spies a strange man wearing business clothing and driving an up to date car)"...the man astonished Dr. X when he began the conversation by apologizing for the strange happenings around his home; in fact, since the sighting, Dr. X and his wife had reportedly been plagued by poltergeist activity and by unexplained disturbances in the electrical circuits."

there's a couple of other instances of places where it seems we could start to spot some patterns or get a handle on parameters, but enough typing for now! hope you both have a great day, steph