Monday, July 18, 2011

I get interviewed on the stench of truth

I did a two-hour audio interviw on the Stench-of-Truth podcast. The host was Ted Torbich, (seen at the left) and we covered an awful lot during our time. I spoke about a few of my own experiences, and also some of the curious stories I've heard as I venture along this path of self exploration.

One-click download HERE
2 full hours!

And, after we got done with the formal interviw, Ted and I kept at it for almost another full hour. That "appendix" to the other podcast will be posted (right here) soon!


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Mike,I was wondering if you have ever read Whitley Strieber's book "The Key".I haven't,but others that I respect,in my circle of bloggers have,and most of them give it varying degrees of credibility (although mainly high degrees at that).
For instance Marcus T Anthony, who's book "Sage of Synchronicity" I have read and recommend reading,and who is also someone who claims to have witnessed UFO's
on a number of occasions,did a 4-part review on his blog of it here;
I thought it would be great to hear you and Whitley discuss this book in an audio conversation on your blog...that's if you could get hold of him,of course.Also Dan Akaroyd's views on MIBs and UFO's would make quite a good conversation as well.
Something to mull over,anyway.
Another good conversation with Ted,too,by the way.Can't wait too hear the rest.

tinyjunco said...

hi Mike! i posted a comment to Dan Mitchell's 'Toward Terra Lucida' post, but it's not been approved yet. as soon as i listened to this podcast i thot i should post it here for you, too - i'd just read Lucretia Heart's post yesterday on the ruckus that can erupt around the area/time where 'spaceships' (in quotes fer sure!) land re:angelics vs. greys.

it's a list of a few references i've run across indicating that various indigenous cultures had very elaborate and important methods/rituals for maintaining a proper relationship between the mundane/solid earth/material world and the implicate order/manitoo/faerie/subtle realms.

i've felt strongly for many years that looking at current experiences from this angle may yield insightful and useful information about the relationship between 'here' and 'there' and how it may work. Ms. Heart's interaction with 'Ethan' and his comments (he's the one who said that's why they 'parked down the road' as i recall) strengthens my hunch.

Paul Devereux's work on the characteristics of various ancient sacred sites is very likely important in this arena as well. i'll re-paste my luminosity comment here when it pops up (if i remember to - thus this post, a 'fail-safe' as it were!)

have a great day! really interesting podcast Mike! steph

tinyjunco said...

here's the comment from Luminosity: "I've found references in a very few books to indigenous cultures that maintained the relationship between the material world and the subtle realm which generates the material world which you describe.

in "Pocahontas: Medicine Woman, Entrepreneur, Diplomat, Spy" by Paula Gunn Allen the author talks a lot about the way indigenous peoples would communicate with the manitoo or implicate order thru ritual and dreaming-together. there was a big show on PBS decades ago about the Kogi, who maintain a similar relationship to this day. here's a podcast from Paratopia discussing the Kogi:

in the book "1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus" by Charles C. Mann there is a brief discussion of "wak'a" - "...places in the landscape charged with spiritual power. Many of these were stones, some carved in elaborate representations, perhaps of the areas they influenced." p. 73. i haven't been able to find any more info on these stones, but they sound as if they are communication nodes or portals between the material earth and the subtle earth of which the material earth is a projection/reflection. if i come across a big chunk of free time, i'll type some of this info from the book into the computer (but my mom is recuperating from salmonella, so this may not occur anytime soon!). i feel you would find even these small discussions very interesting in view of your experiences."

& Dan Mitchell's response: "Steph,

Thank you for bringing up a point I forget to bring up in this post and the one that followed. It is not just human imagination that is the gateway to these realms, there are places and objects that seem to have the same function--particularly "ritually charged objects". When I posted the article on Montauk and saw that building with my own eyes, there was little doubt that there was indeed some type of portal at work in that area. Please feel free to send along the info. I'd certainly be interested in reading it.



Red Pill Junkie said...

Mike, when you mention this theory of our friend Lucretia's that the Nordics refrain from landing too close in order not to permit the intrusion of some unwanted energy of entity into her home, I wanted to bring to your attention the webcomic Trying Human.

I've been following it for a while, and I like it for many reasons —it's got loads of eye candy for starters— not the least because the author seems to be very well versed in Abduction and UFO lore.

Anyways, in one of the chapters of this comic there's something about paranormal intrusions through portals that you might find interesting. And also, the actual heroine of the webcomic kinda looks like someone you know ;)

@ Brizdaz:

I've read The Key, and I highly recommend it. Not because I believe or disbelieve that the aforementioned encounter between Whitley and this mysterious individual ever took place (I left that for you to decide) but because there's a whole lot of good philosophical stuff and Universal Truths to be harvested.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Thanks for the tip RPJ.
"The Key" is now on my to buy list.

Cheers / Daz